10 Best Massage Parlors in Beijing

Living in Beijing, the fast-paced lifestyle usually make people tired. To relax your body and mind, massage is a good choice. There are uncountable massage parlors in Beijing, large or small. According to “dianping”( a famous review website in China), 10 massage parlors are recognized as the best in Beijing. Now, let’s have a look together.

1. Tian You Tang   天佑堂中式按摩

thumbConveniently located near the embassy district, Tian You Tang is easy to be found  and known for its Chinese medicine conditioning. Nice interior creates a cozy atmosphere for you to relax. As experts in Traditional Chinese Massage, the passionate and professional therapists know a lot about the acupuncture point. Per capital consumption is about 98RMB.

Address: R205, 2F Longbao Mansion, No.36 Maizidian Street,  Chaoyang District


Tel: 010-65082340 13718820520           电话:010-65082340 13718820520

2. Ubud Heaven 乌布天堂

1386902951718Located on the west side of Vantone Center, Ubud Heaven enjoys a good location. All the furnishings are attentively selected to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere for customers, it is also very romantic with superb comfortable massage beds decorated with Yarn tendril, coupled with soft lamplight, you will easily relax youself here. It specializes in various kinds of essential oil massage, spa treatment and massage services. Free fruits and tea are available.  Per capital consumption is around 300 RMB.

Address:Room B119, Block C, Chaowai SOHO,,  Chaoyang District


Tel: 010-59002900 18600270355          电话:010-59002900 18600270355

3. I SPA (Gulou Branch)   I SPA(鼓楼店)

1365042187604I Spa possesses 6 branch stores in Beijing. As one of the greatest Spas in the city, I Spa brings you unforgettable experience by offering great service, environment and technique. The aroma brought by the incense makes the parlor a comfortable place to stay. There are petals on the bed and cane chairs and potted plants in each room. The Thai therapists are very skillful and considerate. The red bean porridge served after the massage or spa treatment is very delicious. Per capital consumption is about 799 RMB.

Address: 1F, Gehua New Century Hotel, No.19 Gulou


Tel: 010-62026708                                              电话:010-62026708

4. I SPA (Sanlitun Branch)  泰美好spa (三里屯店)

1368601216779As the first I Spa store in Beijing, the I Spa(Sanlitun Branch) is situated on the 5th floor of the Taiyue Suites. The delicate and exotic Thai ambiance will come into your eyes once you get out of the elevator. The aromatherapy, hot stone therapy, oil massage, Thai massage, foot massage and spa therapies can help you reach your deepest relaxation. The professional technicians and their wonderful massage skills will relieve your stress and tiredness. Per capital consumption is about 574RMB.

Address: 5F, Bldg.2, Taiyue Suites, No.16 South of Sanlitun Road,  Chaoyang District


Tel: 010-65071517                                           电话:010-65071517

5. Liangzi Massage(Fangzhuang Branch)  良子健身(方庄店)

1369724664985The Liangzi Massage Fangzhuang Branch in Fengtai District is located underground. Featuring cozy and clean environment and professional and professional therapists, the place is luxurious leisure location. Services provided here include foot massage and other healthcare treatments. Free parking is available. Per capital consumption is about 123RMB. Group Purchase Package A : 108 RMB(worth 198 RMB). Package B: 208 RMB(worth 366 RMB).

Address:  No.28 Puhuangyu Road,  Fengtai District


Tel: 010-65522222                                            电话:010-65522222

6. Gin Spa (Sunny Shangdong Branch)   奇境主题养生馆(阳光上东店)

thumb (3)Gin Spa(Sunny Shangdong Branch) is conveniently situated in the Sunny Shangdong Community. The interior decoration is elegant and clean which may give you a warm and sweet feeling. Technicians here are young, professional and considerate. There is no sales promotion in the whole process of service. The spa rooms have various themes and all are equipped with TV. It will be an enjoyment to do the spa here. Group purchase package A: 118 RMB(worth 299 RMB). Package B: 178 RMB (worth 599 RMB).

Address: Building No.5 Sunny Shangdong, 6 East 4th Ring North Road,  Chaoyang District


Tel:  010-51307265/15010286928            电话: 010-51307265 15010286928

7. I SPA (Summer Palace Branch)  泰美好spa (颐和园店)

1368601011762Once you step in the I SPA(Summer Palace) in the Yu Yuan Hui Parlor, you will be surrounded by the tranquil atmosphere. The aroma of light fragrance in the air, the diming light and the soft music will ease your tense nerve. Inside the tastefully decorated venue, you can enjoy oil massage, meridian massage, body scrub, flower bath, aromatherapy, hot stone therapy, foot massage, full body massage, Thai massage and facial treatments. The skilled therapists are very professional. Per capital consumption is around 800 RMB. It’s a little expensive but you will find it’s worth it.

Address: B1,Yu Yuan Hui Parlor, Xiang Hong Qi Road.,  Haidian District


Tel: 010-62879868/62866666         电话:010-62879868/62866666

8. Jing Cheng Yi An Massage Center  京城易安推拿中心

thumbIt is located near the Jinbao Jingya Hotel in Dongcheng District. The rooms are well decorated in traditional Chinese style, and the environment is quiet and clean. Though the site is hard to find, but the service is very professional here. Technicians are experienced and friendly. They will check your tongue to know about your health situation and help you keep healthy via massage. Group purchase package: 99 RMB (worth 648 RMB).

Address: Building No.16, 6 Chaonei South Street, Dongcheng District


Tel: 010-59648997 18911881568         电话:010-59648997 18911881568

9. Dongfang Xin Guizu   东方新贵足

1374575193365The Dongfang Xin Guizu is located in the East of Tiantian Yugang. Featuring nice ambience, clean environment and professional therapists, the Dongfang Xin Guizu provides services such as foot massage, full body massage, foot bath and other healthcare treatments. Fruits and parking her are all for free. Per capital consumption is about RMB106.

Address: East of Tiantian Yugang, 6A, Fengti North Road,  Fengtai District


Tel: 010-63899211                     电话:010-63899211

10. Qing Hua Chi  清华池

1382671388398Qing Hua Chi was originally built in later period of Qing Dynasty and has a history of almost 100 years. It is one of the biggest foot massage center in Beijing and covers an area of near 10000 square meters. It is recognized by the public for its high massage skills and considerate service. If you want to pedicure or have a wonderful foot massage to relax after a bath, Qing Hua Chi is absolutely the first choice for you. PS: you need to make a reservation one day in advance.

Address:  17 Hufang Road,  Xicheng District


Tel: 010-63032224                     电话:010-63032224

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