8 Best KTVs in Shanghai

There are more and more people who are living in Shanghai like KTV. This activity has become one of key evening pastimes in Shanghai. If you are invited to the KTV parties by Chinese people, that is one way for people to show their ardor as a host. People in Shanghai regard KTV as a kind of good activity to get close relationships and nice thing at night. Most KTV places stay open very late and it’s not uncommon to head out singing at 3 a.m., after first soaking up some courage in a club. Actually, the music is a wonderful thing in the world, everyone can sing, even a blockhead and a madman. People not only like listen to the music they also like to sing songs. KTV parties provide them ideal rooms to unfold their voice and express emotion. In general, all KTV charge’s different rates is depending on the hour in the day and the size of the room, You might want to consider warming up your vocal chords early— prices are much cheaper in the morning. The most popular KTV in Shanghai are Haoledi and Cashbox. And there are also many other famous KTVs in this prosperous city—-Shanghai. The following are a list of some most famous KTVS, you can have a look.

1. Haoledi KTV:

好乐迪_副本It is founded in Taiwan in 1993 and entered the Shanghai market in 1998. It now has more than 30 branches in Shanghai and it has become a popular option with young people. It has eight kinds of rooms of different sizes and with different facilities – from the smallest Mini Box for two to three people to the Broadway/Grammy Box with bars and a dance floor which can hold a company department for its party night. Hao Le Di has varied of special balconies in live design and separated dance pools. Hao Le Di pays attention to make every persons singing there like a singer. You are not allowed to bring outside food and drinks in, but Haoledi does have its own supermarket that you can order from. Haoledi outlets are equipped with high-end and professional stereo equipment, allowing guests to adjust tones, microphone effects and create background sounds through the touch screen.

Address: 2 Shunchang Road; close to Xintiandi, the crossing of Taicang Rd & Haoshan Rd.Luwan District. Shanghai.

Tel: 021- 6311-5858

Website: www.haoledi.com

2. Party World:

Party World_副本Party World in Chinese is “Qian Gui”, which is also called cash box. Party World is a chain store and has many branches in Shanghai. It is well known for the shining and gorgeous upholstering. The complete establishments and good service are also the high light. The wonderful sound equipment can help you hiding inadequacy voice. Bathrooms are located in or next to the KTV rooms, which is convenient for those long sessions.  A buffet is also available. Prices are a little higher than other karaoke chains, but top-quality facilities and service still make it one of the best choices in the city. On average, Party World is more expensive than other KTV chains, but their sound system is a few notches above the rest. Average Spending: RMB85 per person

Address: Xujiahui Branch: 1F 580 Tianshi Bridge Road, Xuhui Area

Tel: 021-6374-1111

Website: www.cashboxparty.com

3. Fame KTV:

This KTV is considered as the Shanghai’s most luxurious KTV, Fame is one of the top karaoke Fame KTV_副本clubs in Asia. It opened in Shanghai’s high-end entertainment complex Xintiandi in 2010. It is unlike the Party Worlds of Shanghai, there will be no hour-long waiting lines here. Fame’s brochure describes the décor as “full of personalized and perverse yet mysterious.” Their smallest standard room can accommodate 8-10 people, and every private room in Fame features its own design and furnishings. With unique decoration, professional audio equipment that can create a concert effect and classy VIP service, Fame promises to drive the KIV manias crazy and make the party more fun. Due to its central location and fancy facilities, prices at Fame are relatively higher than other KTV venues in town. Average Spending: RMB278 per person

Address: 3/F, South Block, Xintiandi, 123 Xingye Rd

Tel: 6384-9995

4. V-Show KTV

V-Show opened its first outlet in Shanghai near the People’s Square and it has three branches in Huangpu, Hongkou and Xuhui districts. Decor V-Show KTV_副本featuring unique cartoon style and old Shanghai style in the hall leaves customers with a deep first impression. The newcomer has attracted lots of attention with its special theme boxes. The different theme will give guests a distinctive experience. Positioned as a high-end karaoke chain for young people, prices are in keeping with similar outlets. So, if you are bored with standard karaoke decor, V-Show will bring you an unforgettable visual impact.

Tel: 5425-7999

Website: www.jolly100.com


POP KTV_副本The waiting hall of this KTV is in a circle shape, and people can practice karaoke there, by this way persons can sweep the boringness during waiting period. POP KTV is a leading person of the modern. Spiritualism decoration such as the picturesque wall with lively color pieces, theme musical hall, film and TV star aisle. It was once awarded as the civilization amusement office in Shanghai.

Address: 5-6F Huangpu Shangsha, 168 Xizang Road South, Huangpu Area Shanghai

6. Langsha KTV

Langsha KTV_副本There are balconies divided into 3 levels including big, middle small. Standard and romantic ambience catches people”s willing. There are mini super markets in branches. Meal, wine and water service are also available.

Address: 3F Longcheng, 3655 Qizi Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

Website: http://www.langshaktv.com/

7. Shanghai Gecheng:

Shanghai Gecheng_副本Shanghai Gecheng has the craziest winding tunnels that twist and turn without end. The entire place is decked out in glass, black leather, and geometric lines to give a futuristic feel to your singing experience. If you’re lucky, you may be able to sing in a room equipped with a spinning disco ball and manually-controlled lighting effects. So-so sound system overall, but Shanghai Gecheng has a decent buffet. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to call ahead to book a room on weekends, especially if you’re going to the one in New Century Plaza at People’s Square.

Address: 2-11 in the new world, No. 68, Nanjing road, Huangpu district

Tel: (021)51520000

8. Jin Se Nian Dai KTV

Jin Se Nian Dai KTV_副本Jin Se Nian Dai located in the city center of Huaihai Road and Shaanxi Road is one of the best night clubs in Shanghai. If you are invited there for Karaoke, it indicates that you are taken as a noble guest. It is introduced and praised by the American magazine “Time”. Jin Se Nian Dai KTV holds 25 balconies and a large hall. And every room is overflowing the noble atmosphere. Three president balconies are warmly canonized by clients.

Address: 8F, 918 Huaihai Road, Luwan district, Shanghai.

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