A Guidance of Brothels in Dubai

Dubai, as a international city in the middle east, welcomes uncountable expats each year. With more and more visitors coming to Dubai, the prostitution in Dubai grows rapidly each year. Undoubtedly, there are saturated with brothels in this city. It is ironic that even though the prostitution is illegal on paper in Dubai, the enforcers often turn their eyes away from it anytime they see it.

It is not difficult to find a brothel in Dubai, but you are not recommended to go there as that  are illegal. You may find that there are lots of reports of Dubai brothels raid by the police(though they close eyes to prostitution most time).  We write this guide as we hope this article can alarm those who want to avoid places saturated with prostitutes. We are not promoting prostitution and provide a resource for others to come to my website and find out where they can go to find one.

Places loaded with prostitutes( or Brothels in other words)

1. The Hyatt Regency

hyatt-regency-dubaiCompared with other hotels in Dubai, The Hyatt Regency is relatively cheaper due to its location. However, it is also a hotel saturated with prostitutes. The nightclub of this hotel is full of working girls who have registered at the hotel reception and will be sent to their clients’ rooms once they are chosen. The lobby looks more like a red light district in the evening.

Address:  Al Khaleej Road, Dubai

2. St. George Hotel

st-george-hotelWhen you are having meals in the Tivoli Restaurant / Bar of this hotel,  the working girls will come to you (if you are a man), talk with you and finally ask if you want to have sex with them. If you agree, they will come with you to your rooms. Though the  hotel manager know they are prostitutes, he will not say a word. Also, some prostitutes will knock at your doors and ask you if want sex. Prostitution has become one part of this hotel’s daily scene.

Address:  Sikkat Al Khail St -Al Ras Rd, Dubai

3. Cyclone Club

Cyclone ClubIt was a world class night club which used to entertain tourists from all walk of life, also one of the most famous places (or brothels) where prostitutes hang out each night in Dubai. When you walk in this club, one side is all blonde Russian hookers and the other is all Asian hookers. You only need to order a bottle of drinks and the working girls will approach you and negotiate with you about the “business”.

Address: Al Nasr Leisureland, Oud Metha, Dubai

4. Rattle Snake Club

Rattle Snake ClubIt is one of the well-known bars in Dubai, conveniently located in the Metropolitan Hotel. There are more than 100 prostitutes from different countries playing their trades each night.  If you make a deal between them, they will go to your rooms with you immediately. It is more like a brothel than a bar.

Address: Sheikh Zayed Road, Interchange 2,  Metropolitan Hotel

5. The Red Square Club

redsquareAs one of well-known brothels in Dubai, it is located in the Moscow Hotel. It has performances each day and when the night curtain falls, there will be full of prostitutes from various countries. Most of them are young Russian girls who are glad make a deal with you and have fun together.

Address: Moscow Hotel, Al Maktoum Road, Deira, Dubai

Of course, there are many other brothels in Dubai and we would not introduce them in detail. We hope you can think carefully before getting involved with anything that has to do with the Dubai prostitutes.

1. Imperial Suites

2. The Al Nasr Square area

3. Rumours at the Ramada Hotel

4. Sea View Hotel is a A big Filipino hang out

5. The Regal Plaza Hotel

6. Radison SAS

By the way, keep in mind that to have sex with someone you are not married to is an offense.

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