A Guide to Popular Bars in Hangzhou

In the Summer evening, ask some friends to go to bar together, drinking some beer, listening to jazz, shaking body with music, enjoy the beautiful night! There are many bars in Hangzhou, and today I will recommend some bars that I think be popular in the local.

HOD Bar(HOD 酒吧)

Located in the Lingyin road, HOD bar is a place gathering many people from fashion field, media, hod_副本clothing. With the European and American country style decoration, natural environment, there are many professional elites coming here. The audio equipment is good and the singers sing well. Because the venue is very spacious, there are many people every night.

Add: 2 Lingyin Road, Westlake District

地址: 杭州西湖区灵隐路2号


Business Hours: noon-2:00

Per Capita Consumption: 87 RMB

Maya Bar(玛雅酒吧)

Situated in Shuguang road, right across from Huanglong Stadium, it is popular with expats. Different 玛雅from other bars in Hangzhou, Maya bar is smack and has more sophisticated and artistic air. It has two floors and always full of people. At Maya Bar, you can find a great selection of English language magazines and peruse them in a quiet and cozy room with a beer in hand and a friend to share the joke with.

Add: 94 Baishaquan, Shuguang Road, Across from Huanglong Stadium, Hangzhou


Phone: 0571-87997628

Business Hours: noon – 02:00

Per Capita Consumption: 58 RMB

Reggae Bar (黑根酒吧)

With beats, grooves and flashing neon lights, Reggae bar is popular with people. The DJs are 黑根_副本different Chinese DJs yelling over loops of house music, they make Reggae bar a Hangzhou fixyure. The music can drive people’s state of mind. The decoration is distinctive, long wooden tables and round chairs and stepped lovers’ seats. The price is cheap and is suitable for students.

Add: 94 Baishaquan, Shuguang Road, across from Huanglong Stadium

地址: 杭州市曙光路白沙泉94号

Phone: 0517-86575749

Business Hours: 18:00-very late

Per Capita Conusumption: 49 RMB

Jz Club(黄楼酒吧)

Built near the lake, comfortable environment, this small European style building is famous in the HL_副本local. There are many foreigners here, both the guests and the band. Live Jazz is so exciting that tipsy mood is welled up slowly with the teh rhythm. This best thing is that sitting in the sofa near the corner with girl friends, chatting, listening to music , drinking a cup of cocktail.

Add: 6 Liuying Road, Shangcheng District

地址: 杭州上城区柳营路6号

Phone: 0571-87028298

Business Hours: noon- 2:00

Per Capita Consumption: 90 RMB.



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