A Report about the ‘Red-light district’ on Seoul

Anma (Seoul)
These are KMPs. Except on steroids. Here’s a typical experience, you are greeted by multiple waiters (all young guys in their teens or 20′s) and then greeted by a madam. She gives you a “menu” of services and asks what type of course you want (one girl, two girls, so on). Then she asks you what kind of girl(s) you want. Then you wash up in a locker room packed with old Korean men here for the same reason you are. Put your stuff in a locker, don a robe and wear a bracelet with your locker key. Then you’re led out. If it’s busy, and you’re drunk, which most of these men are, they put you in a room that you can sleep for a little bit.

Now these places are in high-rises with multiple floors. On each floor are multiple rooms that each contain a girl, bedroom, and a table shower. The girls here will give you those soapy body table showers where they rub all over your body, just like you see in Japanese pornos. Then they will lick the shit out of your asshole and suck your dick before putting on a condom. I have been to multilpe anma’s multilpe times and never was granted BBFS. There was one instance where a girl let me shoot my load into her mouth. Once you’re done, you can go downstairs and get free drinks, snacks, and food in a bar. Like I said, these are KMPs… On steroids. Price varies, but you’re looking at $220 typically. There are deals, like for $300, you get two girls back to back.

Pros: Service Oriented. Rimming. Completely luxurious.
Cons: The girls. I saw at least four girls and none were that attractive. If you ask for a sexy girl, you get a tall girl. If you ask for a cute girl, you get a short girl. That’s pretty much the extent of it. No BBFS.

Would I recommend? Just for the experience… But not for the girls… But I do wonder if girls from Korean Delight and Asian Golden Flowers came from here? Just because of their propensity for rimming. Too bad I never saw their caliber.

Red Light Districts (Seoul)
Ah, the original… Generally, girls stand behind glass windows and call out for you to come and fuck them. So here are my experiences…

588: The biggest and most notorious one. Supposed to be the best. My experience was different. I went to a “B” row shop after the mamasan offered to let me fuck a girl for $40. Didn’t really like any of the girls she showed me, and the mamasan tried to manhandle me into staying. Anyway, I got out of there and started strolling the streets. Girls would just tap on the window to try to get my attention, some just ignored me outright. Bitches. Did not see that many hot girls. I saw one, asked her how much. She said $100. I asked her about a condom, and she said she required one. I passed. Saw a second girl I liked with a pretty face. $70. Condom? She smiled and told me to come in. When she stripped, I was disappointed in her body as us KMPers are spoiled by Korean girls with bombshell bodies (albeit older). Still, she gave me a good time and I creamed my load in her pussy.

Miari: This place does not have glass windows. Instead, just shop where mamasans try to get you to come in. I walked into the very first one, hoping it’d be the best one, but who knows. I was seated in a room on the floor with a table and a karaoke machine. I heard guys and girls singing in next door rooms. I got a lineup… The girls were all young, but sort of thick looking. Not fat, but thicker than what I’d expect from Koreans. Picked one with a very pretty face. I asked about condoms to the mamasan, and she said do whatever I want. Had a beer (provided) with some snacks and the girl said let’s go upstairs. I guess she just wanted to hurry up and get it over with. We went upstairs and her body was actually pretty nice and natural. Like a nice Hispanic style body, including nice boobs. Fucked her bareback and creamed her pussy as well.

Cheonho: This one actually turned out to be my preferred choice in Seoul, but I did waste my time on a couple of girls. This place has girls calling out to you from their window panes. The first two girls I fucked sucked. $70 each, but the service was so mechanical and kind of like the “hurry up, superman” type you sometimes encounter at the KMP. Not to mention the girls were busted and older, at least late 30s for sure. First girl required a condom, second girl didn’t, but I didn’t really get off on either. Approached a couple prettier girls. Asked about a condom, they said I needed one. Approached a mamasan and asked about a condom. She looked back at a girl that was pretty enough and asked if it was OK. The girl nodded. She was pretty, typical Korean body with no real curves, but not bad at all. Creamed her pussy and she was very nice. Another mamasan approached me. I looked behind her and saw a girl with a small and very pretty face. Long black hair. I asked about a condom and the mamasan just said to cum outside. So I fucked her and came outside. She had a boob job but she had a pear-shaped body. Hard to judge these girls’ bodies.

Then I got to the “A” row, I guess. Two shops, directly across from each other. One shop has girls dressed in black, one shop dressed in white. I went to the white one three times. First time was a sweet girl with typical Korean body. Creamed her pussy. Second time was an older girl with dyed hair. Not the hottest, but I just liked her unique look. She didn’t want to do it without a condom, so I asked for another girl, and she relented. Creamed her pussy. Third girl had a very pretty face and a typical Korean girl. Fucked her bareback but at her request, came on her belly. I liked the last one best, in both attitude and looks (sans body).

Pros: You can pick what girl you want. BBFS is common. Cost is cheap.
Cons: You really can’t tell the height or bodies of these girls since they’re all on two-foot tall heels and their bodies… Most don’t wear a bikini, so you really don’t know what you’re going to get. Also, for the cost, just realize you’re not going to get GFE attitude. BBBJ and BBFS, yeah, but not the attitude. It’s going to be in and out in 15 minutes. of course you can pay more for more time.

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