An Guidance for Massages in Dagu Lu

Dagu Lu, situating on the junction of Jingan and Huangpu District., is a mixture of modernn and local style.  It is a short but delicate road.  The convenient transportation make it a good choice for relaxation. Dozens of  buses and  metro stations are in and around Dagu Lu, which means that you can easily find this place.  You can take 974, 20, 104, 112 bus and so on, as well as many special railway lines.

As there are many western residents, the west side of Dagu Lu is full of western restaurants, DVD shops, as well as massage parlors. If you are having fun in Shanghai, Dagu Lu is definitely in your spots list, and the massage parlor in this road will be a good choice for you to refresh yourselves and enjoy local culture. These massage places have different features, prices, but shares professional skills. You may find it hard to choose one, so in the following part, I would like to make a detailed introdution to you.

Fino Massage Fino 保健按摩1366179166366_副本

Address: No.486, Dagu road, Jingan District


Tel: (021)6359-1155

Features: Innovative principle of healthcare, upscale environment and enjoyment with reasonable price.

Recommendable services: aromatherapy foot massage, traditional chinese meridian massage, points massage, healthcare massage

Description:Fino massage is one of the best massage places you can have a try, there are light music, babbling brooks, natural fragrance, let you in this quite different environment to enjoy something, fino has received the guidance from the Japan and domestic famous aromatic massage experts, it has the domestic first-class skills of aromatic therapy massage and adhering to the culture of traditional Chinese medicine and also combined with modern science and technology innovation which can develop their own unique massage idea.

Congen Massage Healthcare Club(Dagu Lu)康骏会馆(大沽路店)thumb_副本

Address: 436 Dagu Lu, Jingan District


Tel: 86 21 6340 1161

Features: utilization of modern enterprise management mode,strict training for massage therapists, reasonable price.

Recommendable services: full body points massage, healthcare foot massage, full body essential oil massage

Description: Congen shares a very quiet environment, a strong flavor of Thai-styled decorations. The lobby is antique, part of tea asile is made by wood floor and riverstones. Compartments are equipped with adjustable  lamplights, with music and aromatherapy, creating a cozy atmosphere. It dedicated to develop and expand traditional chinese medicine culture. They provide three-star, five-star and seven-star massage therapists. Free fruits and snacks are of good tastes.

Damo Reflexology 达摩动馆 x1362553644426.jpg.pagespeed.ic.8e1_V6rJiV_副本

Address: 432 Dagu Lu,Jingan District


Tel: 86 21 6375 1008

Features: Cozy environment, professional massage and reasonable price

Recommendable services: full body essential oil massage, foot massage, foot oil massage

Description:  The decorations here resemble other Dagu Lu joints: lounge chairs, ottomans and wall-mounted TVs , full of solemn feelings.All the places on the block tend to open at 11 a.m., but Damo gets bonus points for welcoming customers at 10 a.m. Quiet and comfortable environment will make your massage experience more relaxed.

Taipan Massage 东方大班1362552795232_副本

Address: 370 Dagu Lu, Jingan District


Tel: 86 21 6340 0366

Features: fancy decorations, warm services, free seasonal fruits and fresh juices.

Recommendable Services: full body massage, spa

Description: Featuring in East-European furnishings, Taipan massage is a romantic place full of lavender agrance, the lamplights are dark, making the environment very cozy and comfortable. It provides professional massage therapists with great skills. Free food from Pujing Tea Cafe are available with quite good tastes. The price is a little bit experience.

Bamboo Massage(Dagu Lu) 康友四季保健会所(大沽店)1368754174644_副本

Address: 508 Dagu Lu, Jingan District


Tel: 021-33662778

Features: traditional chinese medicine theory, strict management, enjoyable services

Recommendable services: milk foot massage, traditional chinese foot massage

Description: Founded in 2001, Bamboo Massage is a traditional massage center on the basis of chinese medicine theory, combining the management of modern enterprise. Comparing to a massage parlor, it is more like an organized enterprise with many functional departments. It is a massage center with brimming classic style, the old-timy decorations will attracts you immediately. The staffs are so warm and kind, you will feel welcomed and ease. The massage rooms are equipped with telivisions.

Skin City 5.5 城市五.五1362557544848_副本

Address: 476 Dagu Lu,Jingan District


Tel: 86 21 6340 1235

Features: advanced facilities, enjoyable services

Recommendable Services: facial, deep tissue massage

Description: For visitors pining for a beloved masseuse back in New York or London, here’s a body shop with Manhattan service and Mayfair standards. True to the name, “SkinCity” is better known for its attention to epidermis than deep tissue — it’s one of the only places in town to practice microdermabrasion — and its facialists have waiting lists. The massages are deeply gratifying.

Peony Aroma 牡丹芳香会所1364532970882_副本

Address: 426 Dagu Lu,  Jingan District

地址: 上海市静安区426号

Tel: 86 21 5666 1776

Features: exquisite decorations, classic atmosphere

Recommendable services:fragrance body care, facial, foot care

Description: It was decorated according to the geomancy principle of “man is an integral part of nature”, circuitous spatial arrangment adds a kind of mistery to this place, as well as the feeling of peace and comfort. Strategically placed green plants will bring you back to nature. Lattice Windows and doors plus the floral draperies make it full of historical beauty. Immersing in  such an acient fluttering atmosphere, it’s really a upscale enjoyable.

Sunny Massage 晴之语1364527678688_副本

Address: 500 Dagu Lu, Jiangan District

地址: 上海市静安区大沽路500号

Tel: 021-63400636

Features: strong exotic feeling, clean and comfortable environment, reasonable price

Recommendable services: foot bath, foot massage

Description: The decorations inside are specially selected, very upscale. Many Southeast Asian furnishings are there to create an exotic feeling. The bath room is clean, they thoughtfully provide one-off cushion on it. Each massage room is equipped with shower. With warm services and professional massage therapists, it is a good place to enjoy yourselves. Traditional shanghai snacks are free to eat.

Qi Xue Tong Mai Club 气血通脉馆1374469446816_副本

Address: 388-1, Dagu Road,  Jingan District

地址: 上海市静安区大沽路388-1号

Tel: 021-68876868

Features: good massage skills, wonderful environment, affordable price, exquisite decorations

Recommendable services: healthcare massage, points massage, traditional chinese massage

Description: Qi Xue Tong Mai Club is located in West Nanjing road, it is decorated very nice and more delicate, There are pure fresh and comfortable environment, warm and thoughtful service which will  never make you feel distant. The antique decorations are really attractive. There are also several professional massage therapists in this massage shop, the price is not very high, the professional skill of the massage therapists is not very unified, so every time you will have new feelings, so it is really a clean and reasonable massage place.

Subconscious Day Spa 桑格水疗会所x1364456793752.jpg.pagespeed.ic.2yfpCaYz3i_副本

Address: 458 Dagu Lu, jingan District

地址: 上海市静安区大沽路458号

Tel: 021-63271193

Features: various service types, the concept of health

Recommendable services: Traditional chinese massage, Thai massage

Description: The goal of Subconscious Day Spa is to provide the true balance of body, mind, and soul by creating an organic environment and offering relaxing and rejuvenating services. They offer a broad range of therapeutic skin and body spa treatments that until now have only been available in five-star hotels and resorts worldwide. They also offer boutique-size yoga classes, reiki sessions and workshops. Designed as a sustainable eco-friendly spa, they seek to provide the ultimate benefits to their customers.



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