An Upcoming Theme Park Resort –Shanghai Disney Resort

Basic Information of Shanghai Disneyland Park:

Chinese Name:上海迪士尼乐园(Shanghai Dishini Leyuan)

English Name: Shanghai Disneyland Park

Area: 3.9 million square meters

The Date to Build: On April 8, 2011

The Date to open: On December 15, 2015


The Price of Shanghai Disneyland Resort:

In April 2012, the people who are familiar with this restore said, Shanghai Disney tickets initially priced at 300RMB, but this price actually have not been confirmed by the relevant departments

The geography of Shanghai Disneyland Resort:

Shanghai Disneyland is located in Chuansha Town, Pudong new area, Shanghai, China, the first phase covers an area of 390 hectares, including an area of 91 hectares of Disneyland park, theme hotel which provide 1220 rooms, retail catering entertainment, artificial lake and parking facilities, etc.


The Main Introduction of Shanghai Disneyland Resort

The Shanghai Disney Resort would be the first Disney park in China, the other being the existing Hong Kong Disneyland, this is a Magic Kingdom-style park which include the Shanghai Disneyland Park, two themed hotels, recreational facilities, a lake and associated parking and transportation hubs, this large theme park marks the start that new sectors are being opened up to a whole new level. Shanghai Disneyland will have significant impact on economic and social development of the Yantze River Delta Region, optimizing tourism layout in the Region, improving capacity of modern service industry and facilitating development of the Yantze River Delta Region into a world-class urban agglomerate with strong global competitiveness.

The Main Features of Shanghai Disneyland Resort


1. Most BeautifulArtificial Lake

When the people have not entered the Shanghai Disneyland, they may be attracted by a pool. Shanghai Disneyland project specially built an area of 400000 square meters of artificial lake, perhaps this is one of the largest waterscape platform in the history of Disney. It is said that it will operate boat business there in the future; the visitors can watch the Disney romantic fireworks on the water.

2. Highest Castle in Shanghai Disneyland Restore

Maybe the most impress sive picture is towering stands in the sight of the princess castle. According to the introduction from the Disney President: each Disneyland will have a fairy tale castle as a landmark, but Shanghai’s castle will be the highest of all the Disney World, on the other hand, the castle in Shanghai Disneyland Resort will also set up large numbers of tourists interactive activities and performance.

3. The Chinese Botanical Garden

Shanghai Disneyland is a theme park has the “magic kingdom” style. In the Center of theme park covers an area of about 46000 square meters of a beautiful garden, the idea is derived from the Chinese elements, when designing the Shanghai Disneyland restore, the designer think the Chinese garden style should be applicable for Chinese tourists, According to introduction, in the garden there is a lot of green landscape and water, there’s also very rich entertainment elements.

4. Digital Paradise

Shanghai Disneyland could see the world’s most cutting-edge technology for tourists with maximum convenience, there are also some very exciting high-tech facilities in the park, and basically every place, every corner you can see.





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