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应用中心截屏_2013-06-06T01-12-30.071ZThe founder of Ann Jema is JDAN MARY SAGUIN, a descendant of Arab royal family. He spent all his life researching on fragrant plants. 40 years ago, he worked with Annie, an expert in aromatherapy, herbal medicine and gynecology, and developed the traditional aromatherapy into Energy medicine, which has been passed on from generation to generation. The Ann Jema was founded in 1973, with its headquarter located in Albertville, the Holy Land of traditional aromatherapy.

Ann Jema swept the Mediterranean coast or even Europe in 1980.

In 2009, with the promotion of Miss Wang An’s courage, boldness and smart power, Ann Jema launched its first branch in China, leading the business with its unparalleled and excellent formulations, world’s leading medical testing equipment, and natural physical therapy techniques.

In the same year, Miss Wang An became the first Chinese entrepreneurs that owned European intellectual property rights fully.

For 42 years, with the concepts of worshipping the life energy as the origin of life, Ann Jema owned its independent lab and research center in top 5 hospitals in France, as well as over 300 experts from various professional fields. The Ann Jema now has branches institutes all over the world, and a large and rigorous partnership net with more than 1,000 members. As one of the world-famous medical care brands, the Ann Jema is no doubt a well-deserved pioneer and leader in new aromatherapy.

AnnJeMa Aromatherapy Health Sciences is part of the energy medicine areas. With original scientific approach in botanical extracts, it combines with the ancient nostrum of meridians, organs and orally consumed products from Arabian royal family. It takes care of the body mechanism cells and maintains the vitality of the body environment. At the same time, it repairs and regenerates the immune system, leaving no traces of past years.

Here are some of the most popular locations in Beijing.

Ann Jema Spa(Shuangjin)
This is a large scaled Spa in Chaoyang District, the environment is also very good, when you get off in Jiulong Mountain, walk about 100 meter, you can see this spa, when you step into this Spa, you will hear the relaxing music. At this time, the massage girls will take you to the hall with smile, there are comfortable sofas, soft light, elegant decoration in this spa, when you sit, you can temporarily forget the noise of life. Drinking a glass of lemonade will make you more comfortable. The massage therapist will understand you health situation at first. Their service is also very professional.

Ann Jema Spa(GuiDu Hotel)
The Annjema Spa is located at B1 of the Guidu Hotel. The tastefully decorated spa features professional therapists, providing a place for privacy, enhancement and well-being. Featuring soft light, classic decorations and comfortable services such as massage, beauty salon, body and facial treatments, the Ann Jema Spa can make you relax after a day of business, hard work or travelling.

Ann Jema Spa(Fangzhuang)
The Ann Jema Spa in Fangzhuang is located in the northwest area of Haidilao. The front is noticeable so the place is easy to find. The place houses refined and neat environment, professional therapists as well as private bathrooms. All the products here are created by Ann Jema Spa. Services available here include oil massage, back massage, hand massage, neck massage and other facial and spa treatments.

Ann Jema Spa(Zhongguancun)
The Ann Jema Spa Zhongguancun branch is close to the Woman and Children’s Hospital in Haidian District, which is easy to find. The place is quiet and beautiful and the therapists are professional. Services provided here include bathing, Lymphaticl drainage massage, facial treatments and spa packages. Appointment is required.

Ann Jema Spa(VIP Parlor)
The Ann Jema Spa, located in a villa in Daxing District, is close to the Nanzhongzhou Road. With refined environment, soft light, classic decorations and comfortable services, the place provides services such as massage, facial treatments, body treatments and spa packages. With the help of the professional therapists, you will reach your deep relaxation easily.

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