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English Speaking Independent Escort in Shenzhen

Famous for its enjoyable entertainments, especially nightlife, Shenzhen has become a city full of p622-1adventures and is definitely ideal for those who are seeking for a real pleasure from body to soul. While you are cruising here, you will find abundant escort girls in Shenzhen wherever in massage parlors, KTVs, streets and websites. However, there is one problem that shouldn’t be ignored, that is the language barrier. As most of escort girls in Shenzhen are Chinese, and a large proportion of them haven’t received high education. Finding an escort who can speak fluent English is a little bit difficult.

An English speaking independent escort can give you a great companion and leave you satisfaction. Chinese escort girls are gentle, caring and have passionate attitude hidden under the innocent beauty without a shadow of doubt, you can explore yourself and will be surprised by sure. Once the girl has English capability, even not so practiced, you can have a simple communication, which will directly lead the sexual experience without any obstacles.

imagesWith the rapid development of network, you don’t need to monger in a specific venue for some  erotic entertainments any more, also because of the raids a while ago, girls are gradually moving their business to websites, which is much more safer and convenient. Here is a website introducing Shenzhen Escort girls and intuitively showing all types of girls offering various services, incall or outcall, independent or agency, whatever you want, it will satisfy you.

After you have searched the results of English speaking girls, you may decide to choose an independent or agency girl. A agency girl will bring a lot of convenience but cost more, however, an independent girl is cheaper in a general way, and you need to make an appointment in advance personally, and independent girls can arrange their time freely, they will bring happiness for you with all they have. Overall, an independent will add much fun for your sexual experience as they are caring, passionate and warm.

When you are in Shenzhen looking for some extra fun, don’t be hesitated to find an English speaking independent escort girl who can not only be you sweet partner, but also a translator to fulfill your loneliness and lead you experience some memorable time.


Korean Escorts Offering Home Service in Dubai

Dubai is an undoubtedly wonderful city with much fun for you to explore. Locating on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai makes a name of itself for amazing scenery which has been attracting thousands of tourists every year. If you are going to experience some adventure with extra fun, it is your ideal place. Escort girls from all over the world are gathering here waiting to serve you. They will give you incredible sensual service to make you relaxed and for a romantic date. Overall, you will find your girl for a pleasantly enjoyable companionship in Dubai.


Owing a huge and various sex industry, Dubai is a magical city gathered many races, and Koreans account for a certain proportion. Some of them have settled here and some go there for a short stay to seek for some fun. Different from Western escort girls, most Korean girls are slender with great curves, so if you are tired of busty girls, why don’t you find some curvy Korean girls and have some memorable time together.

It is known to all that Korean girls are pretty, tender and easy-going. They usually offer high quality escort services with heart and caring attitude to totally sooth their clients’ mind. But you don’t need to worry as they have wild parts which has been hidden under their innocent appearance, and as escorts, they will never hesitate to lead you experience the most passionate sensual session.


And where can you find Korean escorts in Dubai? As quite a number of Korean escorts are staying in Dubai, it will not be a problem to find one that you are fond of. There are many escort agencies offering Korean girls in Dubai, independent girls are not a few. If you don’t want to bother, you can find an escort agency which is quite various on the web. You only need to make a phone call and they will arrange the meeting for you. In that case, you need to pay more. Finding an independent escort is a much more reasonable way and you will be guaranteed to have an enjoyable companionship. You may check Dubai Escortfind which provides you with a full list of Korean escorts who offer home service to satisfy you to the fullest.  You can make an appointment in advance and then all you need to do is enjoying.

Whether you are visiting Dubai for a tour or business trip, a Korean escort will make your stay splendid with their pleasantly charming personality and warming attitude.


20 Million Accounts of Wechat Have Been Closed

Not long after the massive raid  ”Thunder Strike” on massage parlors offering special services, another campaign operation which is targeting on messaging app industry has been carrying out recently to lock accounts that are spreading improper information about terrorism, pornography and fraud. The authorities even claimed to hold service providers responsible if they do not fulfill their duty.


And Wechat, also known as Weixin,  as the most popular messaging app in China, actively responds to the “Thunder Strike’ in order to create a “healthy cyberspace”, started from June 9 and till now, it has shut down 20 million accounts which are involved with prostitution. Wechat claimed that the cleaning up directing at official accounts is aiming to improve the user experience by protecting them from spam information and other accounts’ harassment.

Though prostitution is illegal in China, it widely exists in MPs, saunas, KTVs and other venues. After the crackdown time, escort girls have largely moved their business from those places to social medias, and Wechat attracts a large number of accounts to offer some erotic services, mostly because of its private messaging and payment services. After becoming the center of it, prostitution fraud via Wechat emerges in endlessly.


Wechat has been used to post thoughts, chat with friends and browse news by countless users in China, which makes it an indispensable part of their lives. However, in consideration of security, Chinese government has a quite strict administration of networks, not all the news or your thoughts can be post. Wechat is not the only app that involved in the criticism of offering special services, but definitely the most popular one with 396 million monthly active users. Till now, 5% accounts have been shut down.

Although shutting down accounts seems detrimental to Wechat itself,  it actually impedes the commercial extensions to some extent. Challenging Chinese political censorship is a great risk.


Enjoying in Fu Yuan Tang with A Reasonable Price

Covering an area of over 2000 square meters, Fu Yuan Tang (click here and you will get the contact information and detailed address) invites you here to enjoy their relaxing massage package which only costs 68RMB, it is a  real tranquility with soothing massage and professional staffs to help restore your mind and body.

thumb (8)_副本

Here is the Group Purchasing Link:

Choose one from the following two options

A: Healthcare Tuina Package(60mins)

- Traditional Chinese Massage


- Gua Sha Treatment/Cupping/Essential Oils/Moxibustion

- Fruits/Tong Sui

- Free WIFI, Tea and Parking

B: Healthcare Foot Bath Package(70mins)

- Traditional Chinese Massage Bath

- Herbal Bag

- Gua Sha Treatment/Cupping/Essential Oils/Moxibustion

- Fruits/Tong Sui

- Free WIFI, Tea and Parking

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1: The treatments will be carried randomly by general therapists, senior therapists and VIP therapists.

2. You are welcome to conslult in the Traditional Chinese Health Center.

Purchase Notes:
Period of Validity: From 2013-10-23 to 2014-12-31(10:30-19:00), but 2014-1-28-2-4 are not available.

The coupon can not be shared with other promotional offers, and you should make an appointment at least 3 hours in advance. If you want group purchase invoice, please raise it.


Shenzhen Crackdown in Longhua Area

The Shenzhen police carried out the crackdown on prostitution in Longhua area on the early morning of 19th, May. It’s said that most of the places were hidden under massage parlors and night clubs, but some were moved to residential areas which caused much dissatisfaction from local residents and finally reported to the police.

69 people were arrested in this action, including staffs and some clients.  They occupied half of the basketball court when they were brought there. According to the research, many escort girls came from Dongguan. Due to the crackdown in Shenzhen, a growing number of escort girls have been moving their business to Dongguan since the first half of this year.


One journalist had a deep search of Longquan Huayuan Community.  As it is a little bit far away from the city center, there are few people in the daytime, but when the night falls, it will be much lively. It’s noticed that more than 10 escort girls offering special services in a small place hidden in an alley. They standing outside to attract clients. Once someone is interested in their services, they will show him to the secret place where is not easy to be found. There are many massage parlors offering special services in Longhua Road with girls sitting outside.

Wei Wei Leisure Club is located on 3-4/F of Yinglun Hotel on the Qingquan Road. When a customer walked into their secret room, the staff will introduce some erotic services for him. However, if you call the police to report it, usually nothing will happen.


Be Careful about Escort Ads via E-mails

Anything involved with sexual contents have been blocked by TRA(Telecommunications Regulatory Authority)in Dubai, which switching this industry into social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube which give you an access to the detailed information about an escort girl in Dubai. Besides, those sexual workers also figures out a way to promote themselves via E-mail.


In fact, mass E-mails have been sent to local residents to spread word about the escort services. One of the escort group run by a lady named Ms Neesha expands itself by sending hundreds of E-mails with attachments of the girls and the services they provide. They usually leave you with a number of  XPRESS phone numbers, and you can call for some further information or just arrange the meeting directly.

What let the situation get worse is that many receivers will response and may gives those sexual workers an illusion to make them believe that it actually work.


However, it do has some negative sides to those who are not willing to see such kind of information and will undoubtedly puzzle them. It is highly possible that those sexual workers brought the E-mail database which gain the E-mails addresses and cause those spam mails.

Escort services hook up their potential clients by sending E-mails to the public at full blast attached with seductive postures and detailed services they offer to attract attentions. And in March 2011, XPRESS realized it and published about how they work to gain clients via E-mails, Facebook, Twitter and other social medias.


How to open blocked sites in UAE(Dubai, Abu Dhabi)

Internet censorship is common in UAE filtering heavily in political area and selectively in security area. Examined by the TRA, also called Telecom Regulatory Authority who decides what is allowed and what is not in UAE. However, the censorship is less strict than China and Iran, and is mostly focusing on pornography, dating, gambling or things that against the moral values of the UAE, and all Israeli domains are banned as well. Nowadays, the censorship policy has been broadened, Twitter and Facebook were claimed out of the control on 07 June, 2012.

Nevertheless, quite a good deal of websites are blocked such as Wikipedia, skype and many other VOIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) websites, there still has a way to make it work via a VPN, which can simply access your private over Internet and just need a local IP. The following part of the article will introduce some great VPNS in details to help you surf the Internet on mobile devices.


Free VPNs:


Though entering into the market not for long, TorVPN greatly outstands itself for the avoidance of Internet fliters, anonymous on the Internet and high security of online security.

2. VPNBook

VPNBook was designed  latest technologies  to help bypass government censorship with quite good speeds, striving to offer you free and secure PPTP and OpenVPN service.

Paid VPNs:


Run its own data centers, VyprVPN offers you excellent speed between 160-bit to 256-bit without usage logs. Connect up to 2 devices at once is really amazing! And it will cost you $6.67 per month.


StrongVPN has been providing services for 19 years, and its huge success attributes to the good software and great speed, it charges you $7 per month and will not log any data.


PureVPN was founded a few years ago based in HK, it has excellent software and offers addresses in almost all countries. The price is 7.95 per month and is quite reasonable.

As Mentioned above, the TRA strictly crack down the Internet information involving sex, racism, hate crimes and terrorism, especially the escort websites, and after they realized that those sites will be directly accessible to the public, they blocked them. Once you want to view a sexual site in Dubai, the filtering software will start working and keep you free from this kind of information.


However, escorts are not completely disappear in Dubai as those agencies and girls have moved their business to Twitter and Facebook. Most girls skipped working in streets and just join the social networks to continue and expand their business.  But if there have any crimes involved in Facebook, the Electronic Crimes will get into investigation.  And content that is pornographic or contains nudity are forbidden in Facebook. But Twitter haven’t take any action to control the content.


Great Massage Treatments via Group Purchase at Heng De Tang Healthcare Massage Center

Heng De Tang Healthcare Massage Center (click here and you will get the contact information and detailed address)  hopes to give you a chance to get pampered and keep you away from the stressful life, now, you can have a great package with only 55RMB for a quick release.


Here is the Group Purchasing Link:

Group Purchase Details:

Traditional Chinese head/shoulder massage

Medicinal oils cupping/scrapping/traditional chinese acupuncture

Service time: from 2014-02-27-2014-05-05

Appointment: You just need to show your password without prior appointment.

Notes: One coupon is allowed to be used by one person once. You have the chance to enjoy shower, packing, WIFI for free. And it can’t be used with other coupons.








Tips in A Massage Parlor and other Happy Ending Places in South Korea

It is possibly that South Koreans may be very tense, but they are actually the most relaxed people in the world, especially for male. Besides the standard shiatsu massage, those South Korean massage parlors also offer happy endings which will be great pleasure for guys.


You can go directly to a massage parlor if you don’t have a budget problem. Those places are handy and have been booming for over a century. Prostitution is illegal but not compulsory there. It is very usual for businessmen to have the happy hour after a long day work with colleagues.

In order to solve this problem, a Special Law on Prostitution was passed in 2004 by the government. As more and more convictions happen these years which lead to a program known as “John School”, giving a chance for offenders learning the way to avoid criminal prosecution.

When you are in South Korean, you can get some extra services even in a karaoke bar, barbershop or restaurant.


And a barbershop will be a great place to get a quick release with a milf lady on a budget. You will identify these places with a swirling, red and white candy-striped pole, where you will see old women from 30-50 years old and cost about $60. If you are looking for some younger and more passionate girls, come to massage parlors.

It may cost over $100 in a massage parlor to melt away your tiredness, but there is a place called “doll house” where you just need to pay $20 for a total package concludes lube, streaming, hard-core, anime-style porn and the 60-minute rental of an inflated and rubber doll. And it will be a pure pleasure without drinks, small talks nor tips. For now, it is legal.

Once you decide to hang out in a barbershop or a karaoke bar, you should be specially cautious. South Koreans are tought non-existent sex education, so condom is not frequently used which leads to a relatively high possiblity for infecting herps and HIV. So, it is crucial to make sure it a safe sex experience with protection.


Enjoy the Massage Services at Yilin Blind Massage via Group Purchase

Yilin Blind Massage(Zhangyang Road)(click here and you will get the contact information and detailed address) gives you the access to enjoy their pleasantly relaxing massage services with caring attitude to help you get a quick release.

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Here is the Group Purchasing Link:

Group Purchase Details:

Full body massage/foot massage(60mins-78RMB)

Purchase Notes:
Service time: from 2014-03-19 to 2014-06-16

Notice for use: Female and male are both welcome, and one coupon is allowed to be used by one person without prior appointment

Tips: It is not shared with other promotional offers. And pls raise it if you need group purchase invoice.

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Yilin Blind Massage was founded in 1998, and has expanded into 8 branches in Gubei, Xuhui, Pudong, Zhangyang Road, Luwan, Changning, Changshou and Hongkou areas. As one of the earliest established and largest massage parlors in Shanghai, it aims to offer you A level blind massage services with their warm and caring services.