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Traditional Chinese Massage Treatment at Zhi Kang Healthcare Massage Center

Zhi Kang Healthcare Massage Center(click here and you will get the contact information and detailed address) now gives you a special offer to enjoy yourself to the fullest with their professional massage treatments  which only cost you 58RMB. It presents clean environment and great services for a relaxing enjoyment.


Here is the Group Purchasing Link:

Group Purchase Details:
Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage 68RMB/60mins
Traditional Chinese Medicine Hot Compress 38RMB
Physical Therapy 48RMB

Service Time: from 2014-03-18 to 2014-09-30

Appointment: You should make an appointment 1 hour in advance and show your coupon number, remebering to telling the staff your password during the consumption.

Notes: Male and female are both welcome, and one coupon can be used by one person once. It is not allowed to be used with other coupons.

Pictures of this massage parlor






Zhi Kang Healthcare Massage Center specializes in therapy of treating sub-health with specific ways to examine body pains professioanlly. Some traditional therapies such as acupuncture and moxibustion, cupping and micropuncture are skillfully utilized, combining with traditional technique to give you a relief.


Great Value at Jing Ting Blind Health Massage

Jing Ting Blind Health Massage (click here and you will get the contact information and detailed address) offers a great value which only cost 59RMB, and you have a chance to experience their relaxing full body and foot massage sessions with professional therapists taking away your stress.

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Here is the Group Purchasing Link:

Group Purchase Details:

You can choose from the following contents
A: Full body massage/foot massage(60mins,59RMB)
B: Essential oil foot massage(60mins, 60RMB)
C: Full body massage+ foot massage(120mins, 112RMB)

Purchase Notes:

Service Time: from 2013-09-28 to 2014-09-28

Reservation: You should make an appointment at least one day in advance

Notice for use: One customer is allowed to use the coupon one time

Note: You have access to use free WIFI and parking, barley tea is available. However, it is not shared with other promotional offers. And pls raise it if you need group purchase invoice.

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Massage Parlor Introduction:

Jing Ting Blind Health Massage was founded in February, 2007, it aims to offer affordable massage services to the public in its clean and comfortable environment. You are welcomed to enjoy their professional massage treatments which have great help to sooth your mind& body.


The Special Massage Treatment at Guo Shi Healthcare Massage Center with Reasonable Price

You are invited to Guo Shi Healthcare Massage Center(click here and you will get the contact information and detailed address) for their special massage treatment which is a great value now, you can get relaxing massage services here with only 78RMB, and it is definitely a tranquil place to make you released and melt away your stress from daily work.

Here is the Group Purchasing Link:


Group Purchase Details:

Service time: from 2014-02-13 to 2014-05-13

Booking informations: You are required to make an appointment at least one day in advance.

Usage Rules: One coupon is available to be used by one person one time and the longest experience time is 1.2 hours. Men and women are both welcome, shower is concluded, technicians are randomly assigned.


Your coupon, ID card should be showed when you arrive, and it is not allowed to be used with other coupons. If you want a group purchase invoice, pls raise it.

Product Presentation

Guo Shi Healthcare Massage Center is able to improve the health condition by relieving your body pains from the stressful work and daily lives. Now, relaxing and comfortable massage treatments are presenting for you with reasonable price that you just need to pay 78RMB to have a deep sense of relaxation here.

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Enjoy the Relaxing Massage Service at Ganzhi Blindman Massage via Group Purchasing

Massage Parlor: Ganzhi Blindman Massage (click here and you will get the contact information and detailed address)

Ganzhi Blindman Massage is a famous massage chain with branches locating in business centers. It has been offering healthcare massage services with caring, warm and professional attitudes. Now, it has developed into a multifunctional leisure club with massage, Tuina, foot bath, beauty spa and sauna. It aims to provide job opportunities for blind person, hoping to lead them experience the true meaning of making work pay.


Here is the Group Purchasing Link:

Now, the special healthcare massage package only cost 49.9RM(the original price is 246RMB), it offers you a chance to experience the professional massage sessions, A-level service and is definitely a place to get you rejuvenated.

Group Purchasing Details:
Either-or Packages
A(60mins): Aromatherapy Milk Foot Bath(40mins)+ Special Cervical Vertebra Massage(20mins)
B(60mins): Full Body Massage(30mins)+ Cervical Vertebra Massage(10mins)+ Shoulder Massage(10mins)+ Head Massage(10mins)

Useful Informations:
Service Time: From 2014-0402 to 2014-07-31 and you should come before 16:00.
Booking Time:At least 4hours in advance
Usage Rules: It should be used by one person, and is not allowed to be used with other coupons. If you need the coupon invoice, please raise it up.

Service Informations:

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Group Purchasing at Ci Yun Tang

Massage Parlor: Ci Yun Tang(click here and you will get the contact information and detailed address)

Here is the Group Purchasing Link:


Detailed Information:

Ci Yun Tang has a special offer for you to enjoy professional massage therapies which only costs 49RMB

Group Purchase Details:
-Choosing one from the following three
Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture massage
Full body healthcare relieve massage
Medicinal liquor Tuina

-Free gift
Bloodletting puncture and cupping therapy
Full body cupping
Meridian scrapping
Lamp physical therapy
A cup of scented tea

1.The validity of the coupon: 2014/03/13-2014/09/19
2.Service time of the coupon: 9am-12pm
3.Making an appointment at least one day in advance to guarantee the service quality.
4.Not allowed to share with other coupon
5.Unlimited purchase per person, but only one coupon can be used once.
6.No invisible service.
7.Free WIFI is available.

-Soothing channels and collaterals, bringing you a pure pleasure from body to soul.
-The healthcare therapies will be performed under accurate manipulation.
-A-level caring service are guaranteed.




Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture massage




Bloodletting puncture and cupping therapy



Ci Yun Tang is a professional massage parlor approved by the government, run by an experienced Tuina Therapist. It sticks to pare down to the essence but concentrate on crucial points to improve body function by combining with secret prescription. It is a great place to make you relaxed with the elegant decoration and accurate massage manipulation.



Erotic Massage at A Clinical Research Center in Beijing

In the disguise of professional therapy, a Clinical Research Center of TCM in Beijing recruit students via mass texting and online ads to offer pornographic services. It flaunted that it was legal and suitable for single& couples massage. On March 17 Mr. Li received a message called, the man on the phone claimed that he was working at Beijing Kangzhongle Traditional Chinese Clinical Research Institute which specialized in prostate healthcare massage. And they promise to give you the enjoyment of unexpected. Mr. Li decided to take a look as he was a little uncomfortable these days. It was located in Jiahuiyuan Apartment, Huao Center, covering an area of over hundreds of square meters. After stepping in, two female therapists wearing white coats showing him into a room with shower on the 2nd floor. And the directly let take off her clothes. The picture blow shows the two women claimed to be nurses introducing treatments and charges.


Then a female therapist led Mr.Li to the bath room and showered him. He was told to lie on the bed, and they started to massage him on his back and ass. “It was nothing special except naked touch, and seemed just like Spa.” Said Mr .Li. But he felt nervous in the following moment as those two therapists proceeded to touch his private parts. But they said it had great impacts to health with patented technique. And they continually seducing him that they could do further services which just needed Several hundred RMB for bonus. It costed him 1600RMB in total, and he believed it was a pornographic service without asking him what symptom he got.

This place had been investigated by the police last year, and now they established a working group decide to reinvestigate it.



Enjoy the Special Services from Milf Ladies in Singapore

Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore, is a sovereign city-state and island country in Southeast Asia. It is famous for the world-class living environment, with her landscape populated by high-rise buildings and gardens, which attract millions of tourists from all over the world every year. A vibrant multicultural experience is waiting for you to explore here, besides that, more colorful entertainment is expecting your discovery.

If you are staying in Singapore and want to experience the real sex game, don’t be hesitate to find a milf to sooth your mind and body. Milf, also known as “Mother I’d Like to Fuck” is a spoken language used to describe a mature lady, mostly 30s, still maintaining seductive figures and keeps her charms. She got the skills to catch a man’s heart and can take the control on bed very well.  A milf holds the decent personalities such as caring, experienced, tender and more, she can be your nice audient or a passionate sexual provider. Here I would be pleased to to give you a list about some talented milf ladies in Singapore, hoping a sweet experience which would add much fun for you.

Chen Ling

This is Chen Ling, a busty slutty milf who’s holding much mature charms. She is a sexy lady with great curves for you to play with. She is hot in bed and has an open mind that is always ready to serve you with all her passion. She has silky creamy skin for you feel, and you won’t be disappointed at all. Sensual& relaxing services are guaranteed, you are invited here to enjoy the special erotic services such as ass rimming, CIM, BBBJ and her extreme seductive kissing.



Rain is a sexy milf, 32 years old who used to be a stripper in Canada, which made her figure extreme seductive and know how to please you very well, She is so glad to perform for you and lead you into a crazy& exciting world of much fun. She is ready to offer you the special services with her sweet and caring service attitude, and she promises it will be a total value and you won’t be disappointed.



Peggy, a 33-year-old mature lady like a housewife who stays next door, she is your best mind comfort. She is an expert with much experienced and know how to light you up, making you happy is always her service core and she will strive to awaken you deepest desires. She is easy-going to talk to and play with.  You will get a satisfied release for sure.


Da Yu

Da Yu who has the typical Korean milf looks, she is a mature and experienced lady with natural soft B cup breasts. She will offer you a wonderful chance to make you released which you will never be disappointed. You will have a full satisfaction from her as she is open-minded and appreciate wild games that are able to excite you and lead you into a crazy world.

da yu

CoCo & Ella

CoCo and Ella are here to offer you the best Lesbian service in Singapore. They are both experienced ladies with curves for you to play with. They are always passionate for what they are doing and willing to please you with amazing lesbian performance. You are invited to have a deep complete session here, it’s their pleasure to excite you until you cum. Fresh&  incredible fun are waiting for you.

1394152231468 (2)_副本


Some Escort Girls offering BBBJ in Singapore

BBBJ, also known as Bare Back Blow Job or Blow Job without condom, is  an oral sex which involves the stimulation of a person by another person using the mouth (including the lips, tongue or teeth) or throat in order to get the sexual satisfaction, and the whole experience has no measures of protection. However, BBBJ do have some risks for participators in a sex experience, and you should pay special attention on hygiene and the physical condition of your girl.

Whether you are a resident or tourist in Singapore, besides its  wonderful scenery, you should not miss the charming escort girls who are glad to accompany you and add much fun to your whole experience. In the following, I am going to list some amazing girls who can lead you experience what truly BBBJ is and leave you with smiles.


Vicky is a 21-year-old independent and pretty woman who has 100% real beauty. She has fair and smooth skin, natural and fit body which will catch your eyes all the first sight. She is ready to melt away your heart with the decent sweet smile and service attitude. She will never hesitate to pamer you with her perfect boobs, she is also open-minded to BBBJ and is ready to serve you with all her passion.



Nana is a tall& slim  escort girl with stunning beauty to light you up. Her natural D cup breasts are the weapon to conquer you, and you will be totally seduced if you try her sensual boobs massage. As a tall girl with slender waist for you to hold and long sexy legs to feel, she will definitely be your sweet and erotic companion to offer you the best sexual experience, she is easy-going, chatty and independent, and is able to offer you amazing BBBJ service that you will never forget.



Dolly is a 25-year-old plump girl with soft round boobs for you to play with. She advocates cheap and budget CIM which is guaranteed to make you cum, she is a seductive angel with innocent face, but she will show you her wild side on bed to give you a real and exciting sex experience. meticulous are the core of my service, and you won’t miss her BBBJ with much passion to play with.



Chanel is absolutely a charming girl and she is here to bring happiness and satisfaction to you. She is an out-going, optimistic and kind girl. She has good figure and white skin. She is definitely a treasure waiting for you to explore. You are invited to have some exciting moments with this amazing girl in her clean room, she is open minded to kinds of adult entertainment such as BBBJ, COB, CIM and more.



Wiki is a 23-year-old girl with lovely and young body, waiting for your appreciation. She will pamper you by making good use of her sexy body. She will let you experience a most attractive sexy body and most relaxing services. She is good at shower before and after. My passionate tongue will offer you fantastic French kissing. Her BBBJ is deep throat with good suction. You can meet together and your dream will come true for sure. It is a truly heaven and you won’t be disappointed.


Shi Shi 

Shi Shi is a mature lady offering incall escort services in Singapore. She really love her job as a massage and escort girl and has been working as an escort girl for a period of time. She is skillful and experienced in pleasing you, you will definitely be crazy about her busty body and seductive services which have beed added with much sensual elements. She offer a full range of services conclude Catbath Before and After, Nipples/Balls Sucking, Light Massage, BBBJ, etc.



Compensated Fraud via Wechat

Three men were deceived via Wechat, two middle school students were included. Compensated1_副本 dating was used as a bait, the swindling group find their prey by sending beautiful girls’ pictures to attract men’s attention. Those two students was enticed to send them 100rmb and 650HK dollars, but failed to meet the girl. Another victim was a middle-aged bachelor who send 1000rmb via alipay, he did not perceive until the requirement for extra 3000rmb came. Two of the victims publicized this fraud to stop men getting tricked again.

The involved student, surnamed Zheng, realized he was tricked and he decided to disguise himself as a whoremaster to draw her out. They made a bargain in 600HKD, but she never showed up. Zheng threatened to call the police, but she saied she was forced and then disappeared again.

0224-00176-022p4g4_副本The other victim surnamed Chen, after the payment of 1000rmb, he asked directly for a sex trade, but she didn’t showed up, and ask for another 3000rmb for cash deposit, when he found out it was a trap, he went to alipay for help.


Where to find the BDSM Service in Guangzhou

What is BDSM?

BDSM is a sexual activity for Bondage, Discipline, Dominance/submission, and Sadomasochism. In short, it is used as an umbrella term for a consenting adult relationship that has some inherent inequality. For example, in a Dominant/submissive relationship, the Dominant person control the submissive person. Those participators gain mutual sexual stimulation& satisfaction from those games.

Is BDSM safe to play?下载_副本

BDSM is wonderful fun and an over-the-top sexual experience for those who are engaged into it, however, if you care about your partner, you need to realize one very important thing about it. Even the simplest BDSM play can result in serious injury-SAFETY. BDSM definitely has a certain risk to play, and safety is what you should take as the top priority during your session. You should remember it is not real, and try to protect circulation to extremities.

Some websites to find BDSM service in Guangzhou

Escort Girls offering BDSM Services in Guangzhou

Are you worried about where to find a functional escort girl for some crazy moments together, those girls in the following are willing to invite you into extreme exciting journey to make your dirty dreams come true. They are well-trained and have open mind to offer you BDSM games, they enjoy leading and controlling you. 

Mistress Gi Gi

This is Mistress Gi Gi, she is a 26-year-old young charming provider with beautiful face and hot body. She offers mistress service in Guangzhou, she likes taking control and aims to lead you experience the exciting world of BDSM, domination is her favorite. She likes to control and train you to be her slave. She is the girl who will make your dirty desires come true.



Nini is 21 years old, standing 166 meters and weighing 50 kg. She is a real hot babe with 35 dd  soft boobs to play with. Her wild parts are hidden  under her innocent face, she is glad to be your companion to fulfill your loneliness. Her skin is extreme sooth and will surely sooth your mind and bring you a deep sense of relaxation. She is a lovely with open mind, she is able to give you kinds of adult fun, concluding BDSM, domination, toys, anal and more and more.


Mistress Yun

Mistress Yun is a 38-year-old experienced lady who knows ways to excite you. She is very mature and functional, her body has much curves to play with her, and she will never hesitate to show you the fun of BDSM and gradually lead you into it. She enjoys BDSM, toys and anal games, and she will put all her passion to make you engaged, promising to leave you good memories.



Kinji is a young girl, 23 years old, she got beautiful face and firm figure. Her sparking eyes will surely melt away your heart and make you immersed in the sexual games with her. She has open mind and adventurous spirits which make her a nice playmate, and she is able to offer you BDSM service to awaken your deepest and dark fantasies, she has sensual touch and positive attitude, promising to leading you into a real heaven of enjoyment.