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Top Rated Girlfriendly Hotels in Dubai

If you travel to Dubai with your girlfriend or wife and you want to be with her in one room, the accommodations over night will be a problem.  Please do not assume you can bring your girlfriend though the lobby and back to your hotel room. That’s impossible if your hotel is not girl-friendly. The purpose of this article is to tell you which star hotels in Dubai you can be with girls in Dubai in the hotel for the night. Here, we are going to introduce some top-rated GF hotels briefly. Also, in the end, there will be some tips of finding girls in Dubai.  Continue reading


Dubai Guidance

You should probably read the guidance before traveling to Dubai since the UAE is a Muslim country. The weather, environment and modern facilities here might make you believe that the contemporary and posh city is more like the Miami in the Middle East, but please keep in mind that the inhabitants here are of religious beliefs.

When going to a new country, you have to know who are the inhabitants here and respect their culture. Different from Saudi, the UAE has chosen to loose its borderline, tolerating entertainment, leisure and products such as nightclub, sex, alcohol, and even pork. All these things are available in the country not because the inhabitants here are totally cool with them, they are not restricted because they make a greater stability and make the life of those expats who are not Muslims a little bit easier. As long as they are within a certain limit and do no bother the life of families and Muslims, those entertainments, leisure and products are available. Another reason is that the existence of these can prevent the development of the black market for alcohol, pork and others.

You might have read about people hanging out to have fun or seen some locals sitting in a bar and ordering alcohol, and think it is agreed by others. The truth is they are just a minority in the city. Most educated Muslims here really don’t appreciate or just hate people being drunk in the street, girls wearing revealing clothes and other behaviors. Do not try to challenge them by going to far, because some may tolerate your behaviors while some may not. Make a dramatic scene and you could end up in jail. Once a man was drunk and he was rude to the taxi driver. Guess what, the driver drove him directly to the police station. Most of the locals here have a tendency of tolerating many behaviors, but don’t mistaken the kindness as weakness.

Following are some tips for you to keep in mind.

1. Stay discreet while hanging out. If you are in a wrong place at a wrong time talking badly to a wrong person, it could end up pretty bad.

2. Do not get drunk!

3. Do not criticize Islam, Allah or the Sheikh.

If you follow these tips and have respect for the place you are in, you will have a wonderful causal day.

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Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai

83Address: 1  Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai
Tel: +9714 8888888
Burj Khalifa Tower, also known as the Burj Dubai, is a skyscraper situated in Dubai. As the tallest man-made structure in the world, the Burj Khalifa Tower is about 829.8 meters tall with 169 floors. Owning to the brilliance of chief architect, Adrian Smith, and chief structural engineer, Bill Baker, the construction of the Burj Khalifa Tower started on 21 September in 2004 and completed on 1 October in 2009. The Tower was officially opened on 4 January in 2010.

160 upwards: Mechanical

156-159: Communication and broadcast centre
The 4 floors are leased to broadcast and telecom companies.

155: Mechanical

139-154: Corporate Suites
The top three floors of the Corporate Suites stands a single office.

136-138: Mechanical

125-135: Corporate Suites

124: At The Top
Tel: +9714 8888124
Opening hour: 10am-1am
emaar ATT10093_tcm62-25714At the Top is the place where you can enjoy the greatest of Dubai. The multi-media presentation during your journey will tell you the history Dubai as well as the story of the story of Burj Khalifa. The high-speed elevator will take you from the ground level of The Dubai Mall to the Level 124 with the speed of 10 meters per second. You can enjoy the remarkable views of the city, desert and ocean at the At the Top. At night, you will be charmed by the sparkling lights and stars. Souvenirs are available at the Level 124 or the ground level of The Dubai Mall.

123: Sky Lobby
The Sky Lobby on Level 123 is the entry of the Corporate Suites. Enjoying an impeccable view of the city, the lobby also houses the Corporate Club, a first-class business lounge in the Burj Khalifa Tower. Only renters of the Corporate Suite and their guests have access to the Sky Lobby.

at.mosphere122: At.mosphere
Reservation: +971 4 888 3444
Opened on January 23, 2011, the At.mosphere on Level 122 of the Burj Khalifa Tower occupies an total area of 1,030 square meters, overlooking the great view of Arabian Gulf as well as Downtown Dubai. As the holder of the highest restaurant in Guinness World Record, the At.mosphere presents the finest and the most luxurious dining and lounge experience around the world. Featuring Mahogany walls, Adam Tihany, light-tan-color limestone and hand tufted carpets, the At.mosphere creates an unparalleled environment for dining experience or relaxation. The exclusive menu here will satisfy you taste bud.   

corperative_副本111-121: Corporate Suites
Occupying 37 floors in the Burj Khalifa Tower, the Corporate Suites is an ultimate business destination. Equipped with the most advanced digital telecommunications services, each suite features innovative technology.

109-110: Mechanical

77-108: Residential suites

76: Sky Lobby
The Sky Lobby features contemporary and advanced fitness facilities, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, Jacuzzis as well as a recreation room for gatherings and events. With the distinctive furnishing styles, the leisure center offers an unparallel experience. The Amenity Spa situated inside the Sky Lobby is a leisure venue for both men and women, housing swimming pool, massage rooms and rooms for exercise.

73-75: Mechanical

44-72: Residential suites

下载43: Sky Lobby
The Sky Lobby features contemporary and advanced fitness facilities, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, Jacuzzis as well as a recreation room for gatherings and events. With the distinctive furnishing styles, the leisure center offers an unparallel experience. The Amenity Spa situated inside the Sky Lobby is a leisure venue for both men and women, housing swimming pool, massage rooms and rooms for exercise.

40-42: Mechanical

38-39: Armani Hotel suites

residence_副本19-37: Residential suites
Housing 900 residential suites, the Residences at Burj Khalifa is the place where high living becomes a reality. With suites of studios, one- bedroom, two- bedroom, three- bedroom and four-bedroom, the Residences ranges from Level 19 to Level 37, Level 44 to Level 72, and Level 77 to Level 108. The amenities inside the residence create a stylish lifestyle experience. There are also a resident’s library, a cigar club, and Burj Khalifa Gourmet Market in the Residence.

17-18: Mechanical

armani suites_副本9-16: The Armani Residences
The Armani Residences is a luxurious residential place featuring high-quality interior decorations and well-designed accessories provided by Armani/Casa. All things in the 144 residences, the lighting, the texture of the fabric, the ceiling and the lamp, are designed to create a unparallel experience for your stay.

main-visual-page_retail_副本Concourse-1-8: The Armani Hotel
Tel: + 971 4 888 3888
Fax: +971 4 888 3777
Designed and developed by the World famous Italian fashion designer, Giorgio Armani, the Armani Hotel Dubai features its signature styles of elegance, simplicity, unique textures and sophisticated colors. Occupying the floors from concourse level to level 8, as well as levels 38 and 39, the Italian-style hotel houses Eramosa stone floors, zebrawood panels, custom-built furnishings and hotel amenities.

The 5-star hotel houses 160 guestrooms and suites, including 24 Armani Studio rooms, 54 Armani Classic rooms, 26 Armani Premiere rooms, 4 Armani Premiere rooms with Balcony, 26 Armani Suites, 2 Armani Suites with Balcony, 12 Armani Executive Suites, 3 Armani Ambassador Suites, 3 Armani Ambassador Suites with Balcony, 5 Armani Signature Suites and 1 Armani Dubai Suite.

The 7 dining options inside the hotel offers a wide selection of menus. The Armani/Ristorante serves stylish Italian dishes with the finest ingredient, delicate flavors and contemporary presentation. The Armani/Mediterraneo on the lobby level offers classic buffet. The Armani/Hashi on the Concourse level provides authentic Japanese dishes. The Armani/Deli presents the most exquisite pastries. The Armani/Amal on the third floor services exotic Indian cuisines. Refreshments and beverages are available at the Armani/Prive and Armani/Lounge.

armani4_副本One thing that can not be forgotten in the Armani Hotel is the Armani/SPA. Providing personalized services to every customer, the spa creates a sensory experience to meet the different needs of individuals. Guests can discuss their needs with Armani Lifestyle Manager. Featuring modern interior decorations and comforting objects, the Armani/SPA offers services such as facial rejuvenation, body warp, deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, and other deep relaxing services. Appointments are required.
Tel: +971 4888 3888
Opening hour: 9am-9pm

B1-B2: Parking, Mechanical


Shopping in Dubai

Dubai Mall
Address: Sheikh Zayed Road, Downtown Dubai
Tel: +9714 362 7500
Opening hours: Sun-Wed: 10am-10pm; Thu-Sat: 10am-12pm

Dubai MallThe Dubai Mall is an integration of shopping, dining and entertainment. Featuring over 1200 stores, an Olympic-size ice rink, a huge aquarium, indoor theme parks and 160 food outlets, the biggest mall in Dubai is also a world famous attraction. The 4 story mall houses European and international labels, leading a modern shopping experience. High-end brands are on Fashion Ave, furnished with marble floors and silver resting divans. High-street products are available on the first floor. Sportswear is near the ice rink. Guests can also enjoy the 4 story waterfall at night.
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Top 10 Arabic Restaurants in Dubai

Address: Grand Hyatt Dubai, Oud Metha, Dubai
Tel: +971 4 3171234
Opening hour: 7:30pm-3am
Per capital consumption: 233 AED

AwtarLocated in the Grand Hyatt Hotel, the Awtar, as a Arabic Lebanese restaurant, serves authentic Lebanese menu featuring a wide selection of hot and cold mezze and main entrees, grill items as well as the most amazing desserts. What makes the Awtar pricier is its dramatic interior, considerate service and impeccable menu. Nightly entertainment inside the intimate and tent-ceiling setting includes live band performance, singer and belly dancer.

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Best spas in Dubai

Ever wonder about where to get a relaxing and rejuvenating experience in Dubai. With so much stress and tensions in the daily life, it is necessary for people to make out one way to get self-relief. Spas in Dubai providing therapeutic treatments such as Indian, Thai, Swedish, Balinese, Russian massages are the right places to go. Offering comforting treatments, the following spas will ease your stress. Continue reading


Spas in Dubai International Airport

Dubai is perhaps the most modern city in the UAE, or even the world. Everyday, there are thousand people coming and leaving the city for visiting or business. The airport becomes the busiest area in the city. While you are waiting for your flight or you are simply just tired, these are some massage places in Dubai where you can go to at the airport terminals to help you get relax. Continue reading


Best Bars in Dubai

Address: End of the Marina walkway, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4 406 8741
Opening hour: Tue-Thu: 6pm-2am; Fri-Sat: 4pm-2am

Located in the end of a pier, the 360° enjoys superb panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf, Dubai coastline as well as the dazzling and iconic Burj Al Arab. This ultimate Dubai nightlife spot is ideal for sundowners. Bathing in the desert sunset, relaxing in the cozy sofas, sipping drinks while meeting new people, the chic and sophisticated venue is a must-go, no matter you are a resident or a visitor. The big names here include Hernan Cattaneo, Spirit Catcher and Milton Jackson. Themed nights are held from time to time. Make sure you name are on the entrance list at the weekends.

Sky View Bar_副本Sky View Bar
Address: 27th Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4 301 7600
Opening hour: 7pm-2am

Located on the 27th Floor of the iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, the Sky View Bar is about 200 feet above sea level. Featuring a creative list of drinks ranging from modern day classics and innovative classics, the place has attracted many glamorous crowds. Signature tipples include Red Dawn, Honey Flute and Alchemist. Surrounded by the floor to ceiling windows, you can enjoy the panoramic views while sipping drinks. Offering personalized services, the staffs are very attentive and considerate. Reservations are required.

Trader Vic's_副本Trader Vic’s Mai-Tai Lounge
Address: Al Fattan Towers, 1st Floor, Jumeirah Walk, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4 399 8993
Opening hour: 4pm-2am

Having been in the business for several years, the look of the Trader Vic’s Mai-Tai Lounge hasn’t change a bit. Inside the place are Polynesian décors encompassing the palm trees and patterned fabrics. Most of the dishes here are cooked in Trader Vic’ signature wood-fired Chinese oven. The flavor is so great that almost every branch has a room dedicated to the oven. Recommended drinks are the rum and pineapple-based Mai-Tai and the none-alcoholic Coral Reef. Enjoy the atmosphere while the live band giving Polynesian taste performance.

Address: Mall of Emirates, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4 341 2575

Après is an Alpine Ski-lodge Chic bar inspired by the fun and atmosphere of European ski resorts. As the only ski-lodge themed bar in the emirate, Après serves contemporary European menu as well as some top tipples and signature cocktails in Dubai. The cool place with the views of the ski slopes and the sophisticated ambiance is popular among the loyal regulars as well as curious newcomers.

cirque le soir_副本Cirque Le Soir
Address: Fairmont Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971561154507
Opening hour: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 10:30pm-3am

After sweeping across London in 2009, the Cirque Le Soir has come to Dubai on November 2011. Setting in a stunning location, the Fairmont Dubai, the Cirque Le Soir creates an adventurous scene and playful clubbing experience for party lovers in the Middle East. The circus-themed club has attracted celebrities such as Nicole Scherzinger, Lady Gaga, Usher and Scarlett Johansson and more. Featuring black, gilt and crimson décors, magnificent chandeliers and curtains, and big-top dancing space, the edgy club presents live performance such as scantily clad stilt walkers, contortionists, tattooed dancers, jugglers, drummers, freak shows, burlesque dancers, sword swallowers, fire eaters, aerial stunts and general visual dazzle. The designer of Cirque Le Soir, Stephane Dupoux, is also the creative brains behind Buddha Bar in New York, and Cocoon in London. Situated in the former location of 400 Club at the Fairmont, the Cirque Le Soir is close to the Cavalli.

Address: Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +9714 436 7700
Opening hour: 6pm-2:30am

Located on the 63rd floor of The Address Downtown Dubai, the Neos enjoys a spectacular view of the city, including the Dubai Mall and the stunning Dubai skyline. The sky lounge features artistic interior, impeccable drinks menu and rhythmic mixes from resident DJ. The crowds here are mixed and well-dressed, fitting the vibe. Providing international menu and a variety of tempting dishes, the food and drinks here are faultlessly executed, so are the prices. Unwind in the refined atmospheres and enjoy.

Zuma_副本Zuma Bar and Lounge
Address: Gate Village 06, DIFC, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4425 5660
Opening hour: Sat-Wed: 12am-1am; Thu-Fri: 12am-2am

Owning sister branches in London, Hong Kong and Istanbul, the Zuma is trendy Japanese bar situated in central DIFC. With luxurious and a little ostentatious decorations, excellent Japanese cuisine and refreshing spirits and cocktails, the Zuma fills its 300 plus seats at ease. Served in izakaya style, the Zen provides delicacies such as crispy fried squid with green chilli and lime, wagyu beef sushi with sevruga caviar, jumbo tiger prawn with yuzu pepper, etc. Non-alcoholic drinks are also available.

Buddha Bar_副本Buddha Bar
Address: Grosvenor House, Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE
Tel: + 971 43 998 888

The two-storied Buddha Bar is a Parisian restaurant-club located in Grosvenor House in central Dubai Marina. Inside the majestic establishment are plush carpets, eye-catching red and gold chandeliers as well as the Buddha statute in the center of the place. As one of the largest Buddha Bars, the place features large bay windows, presenting views of the marina. Blending flavors from Thailand, China and Japan, the food menu offers seasonal Arabic ingredients to go with foreign concept. Cocktails are excellent.

Jetty LoungeJetty Lounge
Address: One & Only Royal Mirage, Al Sufouh Road, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4 399 9999
Opening hour: 2pm-late

Opened in 2010, the Jetty Lounge is located in One & Only Royal Mirage. As one of Dubai’s most beloved outdoor lounge bars in Dubai, the Jetty Lounge enjoys a whitewashed Arabian architecture with contemporary interiors and minimalist outdoor terrace. The Saint Tropez-style bar serves a wide range of wine, champagne, cocktails and snacks such as Mediterranean mezzeh, quiches, Spanish ham and cheeses as well as amazing dips. By night, accompanied by the stunning skyline of Dubai, the Jetty becomes a paradise for singles.

Cavalli Club Dubai_副本Cavalli Club
Address: Fairmont Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +9714 332-9260
Opening hour: 8pm-3am

The Cavalli Club is created by Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli. Located in Fairmont Hotel, the Cavalli Club is a fabulous restaurant, lounge and club featuring animal-print furnishings, glittering crystal chandeliers, black quartz floor, Swarovski curtains and Cavalli’s logo. The three-story club houses lounges named after Leopard, Zebra and Roberto, living up to its creator’s name. As one of the classiest and most luxurious places in town, the Cavalli Club has attracted many Dubai elites. The boutique at the entrance offers accessories, jewelry, watches, designer tableware and Cavalli chocolates. With the DJ playing electro, house and hip-hop, this is the place you should never miss.


Famous Gay Bars in Beijing

Address: No.7 Gongtixilu Road
Address in Chinese: 朝阳区工体西路7号
Tel: 010 6552 8180
Opening hour: Sun-Thu: 8pm-2am; Fri-Sat: 8pm-late
Per capital consumption: RMB71

Destination is situated near the famous Sanlitun Bar Street area. There are a few gay-friendly restaurants around. As the most popular gay bar anf dance club in the city, the places houses some different bar areas and a dancing floor. Featuring stylish interior decorations, the Destination also own some cute staffs who speak English. ‘Bear Hunting’ is available on every 3rd Friday. Continue reading