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Alessandra is a blogger and part-time writer. Graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University with a major in English, she adores foreign cultures and literature. Having the passion for cuisine, music and fashion, she has published many blog articles with favorable comments.

Dubai Metro

dubai-metro-map_副本The Dubai metro is convenient to both citizens and travelers. It is cost effective, easy and a fun way to travel. The train can be mainly divided into 3 classes, which is the Gold Class, also known as the first class, the Women and Children class, and the Silver Class, also known as the economy class. The trains usually run from 6am-11pm, Saturday to Thursday, and from 2pm-12pm on Fridays.

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Beijing Metro

Beijing Metro is the first metro in China. It was planned in 1953 and put into use on October 1 in 1969. With 17 Metro Lines, the Beijing Metro is the busiest urban rail transit system(RTS) in China.

Metro Line 1
Beijing Metro Line 1 is mainly located under the Chang’an Street, connecting some important business circles such as Xidan, Wangfujing, Dong Dan, CBD, etc.

Date of operation: October 1, 1969
Total length: 31.04km
Stations: 23
Stops: Apple Yard(苹果园) – Old Town(古城) – Bajiao Amusement Park(八角游乐园) – Babaoshan(八宝山) – Yuquan Road(玉泉路) – Wukesong(五棵松) – Wanshou Road(万寿路) – Gongzhufen(公主坟)[transfer station of Line 10] – Military Museum(军事博物馆) – Muxidi(木樨地) – South Lishi Road(南礼士路) – Fuxingmen(复兴门)[transfer station of Line 2] – Xidan(西单)[transfer station of Line 4] – Tiananmen West(天安门西) – Tiananmen East(天安门东) – Wangfujing(王府井) – Dongdan(东单)[transfer station of Line 5] – Jianguomen(建国门)[transfer station of Line 2] – Yong’anli(永安里) – Guomao(国贸)[transfer station of Line 10] – Dawang Road(大望路) – Sihui(四惠)[ transfer station of Batong Line] – Sihui East(四惠东)[transfer station of Batong Line].
Service hour:
Apple Yard(苹果园)→Sihui East(四惠东): 5:10am-10:55pm
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Shopping Paradise for Students

五道口Wu Dao Kou(五道口)

Address: 1-4F, B Jinma Mansion, 38 Xueqing Road, Haidian District
Address in Chinese: 海淀区学清路38号金码大厦B座1-4楼
Tel: 010-82838028
Opening Time: 9:30am-7:30pm
Transportation: 355, 392, 398, 419, 425, 438, 466, 478, 484, 490, 609, 617, 628, 630, 632, 635, 691, 693, 753, 85, 913

The Wu Dao Kou is located at the intersection of the Qinghua East Road, near the Wudaokou Cinema. The environment of the 4-story building has been changed a lot. Most of the cloth here are of Korean style. If you are a big fan of Japanese or Korean style, this is the right place to be. The quality of the cloths here are mainly okay, but the price is pretty high. Remember to bargain hard. Continue reading


Fun Time in DIY Shops

玛雅西点DIY店Maya Bakery DIY(玛雅西点DIY店)
Address: R.610, Olga International Apartment, 26 Dongzhimenwai Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Address in Chinese: 北京市东城区东直门外大街26号奥加国际公寓610室
Tel: 010-87725737
Opening hour: 10am-5pm
Per capital consumption: RMB179

The Maya Bakery DIY is close to the New East Road in Dongcheng District. Located in a fancy apartment, the place features warm environment, which is very homey. If you don’t know the way after getting off the elevator, just follow the smell. The owner will teach you step by step patiently. People in the house, friends or strangers, get along very well, creating a very harmonious atmosphere. With refined choice of materials as well as personal choice of ingredients, no wonder the cake is delicious. Definitely worth the dime. Reservation is recommended. No credit card is available. Continue reading


Online Hotel Reservation

No matter you are travelling for business or vacation, you’ll be looking for a place to stay, and probably, it is unavoidable to stay at a hotel. In order to save some money, online hotel reservation is an ideal option for most people. This article will analyze some domestic and foreign online hotel booking sites.

The is a global hotel booking site which involves 19,392 hotels. There are many guests’ reviews and the price is cheap. But the 10% service fee is required in the total price, which makes it not that much cheap. So please notice this when comparing prices. Continue reading