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Finding the BDSM Escorts in Shenzhen

Shenzhen as one of the biggest cities in China has a large number of expats who grew up in a different culture from Chinese culture. They are more open in sex and consider BDSM is acceptable. However, in China where sexuality remains mostly an unspoken and mysterious topic, BDSM is totally strange to most people. Hence, it is fact that finding BDSM service in Shenzhen, even in China,  is not as easy as other western countries. Restricted by Chinese culture, few parlors provide BDSM tools and which also results in the rare BDSM providers in Shenzhen.  Continue reading


Thai Aroma Massage in the Long Island Massage and Spa

thumb (1)Long Island Massage and Spa has three branches in Beijing. It is a top grade club which combines Chinese Spa, Thai Spa and leisure massage together. With natural decoration and tranquil environment, it ensure you to enjoy the massage in peace. Now, it is providing the Thai aroma massage with a  group purchasing price of 158 RMB (original price is 298 RMB). You can group purchase it on Continue reading


Relaxing Yourselves at No.9 Spa Club

It is a good news that now you only need to spend 199 RMB on group purchasing and can enjoy a sauna package which is worth 241 RMB in No.9 Spa Club. From Sunday to Thursday, you do not need to make an appointment. Both bus and subway can send you directly there. Delicious food and considerate service are waiting for you!

Group Purchasing on:

About No.9 Spa Club:

thumbFounded in 2009, No.9 Spa Club is located in the central business area of Guangzhou. It is situated on the 4th-7th floor of Zhong Tai International Plaza and cover an area of near 50 thousand square meters in total. As one of the largest spa leisure club in Guangzhou, No.9 Spa Club combines spa healthcare, aroma spa, dining, beautify, hotel rooms, entertainment area and large-scale children park etc.  It is a good place for relaxation of your mind and body.

What can you enjoy in No.9 Spa Club:

1. 24-hour neat sauna (ticket can be used only from Sunday to Thursday)

2. Luxury Buffet

3. Free ice-cream, fruits and drinks

4. 24-hour available soups and noodles

5. Functional Spa massage pools, dry steaming, wet steaming and showering

6. Luxury resting rooms, outer space sleep warehouse

7. Luxury Cinema (14:00-2:00)

8. Children Park

9. Multi-functional Gym

10. Free WIFI

11. 10% discount of service fee

Purchasing Notification:

1. Ticket Valid Time: 2014-03-01 to 2014-12-31

2. Each ticket only can be used by one person once

3. Only people with ID cards are allowed to get in.

4. Buffet available time: 7:00-10:30,11:30-14:00,17:30-21:30

Night Snack time: 23:00- next morning 02:00 (From Sunday to Thursday),23:00- next morning       03:00(Friday to Saturday) .

5. Ticket is valid within 24 hours after you verified it.

6. Free Bath robe, towel, bath dew, shampoo and lockers are available, but disposable clothes are not included in the ticket so you need to pay extra money for them.


Delicious Food


thumb (1)




Spa Area





Entertainment Area



Children Park



Football Bar




Group Buying of Regency Taipan Massage & Spa with Affordable Price

Regency Taipan Massage & Spa is now offering a massage package (which is worth 268RMB) with an affordable price 145 RMB on the Internet. If you are in need a high-quality massage in a peaceful environment, you should not miss this chance to enjoy the professional massage in Regency Taipan Massage & Spa with a low price.

Introduction of Beijing Regency Taipan Massage & Spa:

Regency Taipan Massage & Spa is a professional foot massage and Spa parlor opened by Macau Regency Group in Beijing. Its massage concept is to allow people who live in the busy cities to absorb the energy of nature in a quiet environment. Regency Taipan Massage & Spa allows its clients to forget the hustle and bustle, cleans their body and mind, lets them experience the health from inside to outside. The massage will be done in an elegant and fragrant private space where consumers can enjoy the massage and soft music at the same time. Besides, fruits and food in Regency Taipan Massage & Spa are all for free.

If you are interested in this Spa, Group Buying it now. Continue reading


Enjoying the Luxury Sauna with Cheap Price through Group Purchasing

Now, you get the chance to spend 108 RMB  and enjoy a luxury sauna which is worth 238 RMB. Big Wave Spa & Massage Lounge (Huaming Road) is now offering this Promotion Activity in Guangzhou. You only need to group buying on the Internet and then enjoy the luxury sauna in Big Wave.


What you can enjoy in Big Waves:

1. 24-hour net sauna (steaming + luxury bathing pool)

2. 24-hour luxury buffet (Exquisite dessert + various stir-fries, Japanese and Korean cuisine + nutrition pot, etc.)

3. Gorgeous resting area equipped with HD LCD TVs, HD Movie Theater

4. Free drinks and seasonal fruits

5. Free Wifi

6. Disposable toilet requisites and underwear

7.10% discount off for service fee

PS: the group buying tickets can not be used on Holidays and Festivals.

Buying the ticket on the Internet here: Continue reading


Using Social Media to Find Escorts in Guangzhou

If cragislist or backpage is still the only way you can find escorts in Guangzhou, then you are out. Nowadays, with the popularity of phone applications, more and more social media applications were created and used by young people. Wechat, Momo, iAround and QQ are all popular and frequently used by escorts all over China. That means there are more approaches to find an escort in Guangzhou. The best sites for locating available girls are Momo and iAround, but they almost always direct you to a WeChat or QQ account for details.  The Momo and iAround are used because of the distance feature, but soliciting accounts get banned quickly.  That’s why they direct you to WeChat or QQ (which don’t get banned as much). This article will make a brief introduction of these phone apps and some escort info in GuangzhouContinue reading


Massage Escort Scam in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is the third largest city in China, also a city where large amount of expats live. As a foreigner living in Guangzhou, it is necessary to be careful with the various kinds of scams, like nightclub/KTV scam, tea ceremony scam, English learning scam and massage escort scams etc. Hence, the aim of this article is to help everyone learn more about the massage escort scams when you are seeking for massage escorts in Guangzhou.  Continue reading


Where to Find English Speaking Escorts in Guangzhou

Guangzhou, as one of the biggest cities in China, welcomes thousands of foreigners each years. When they need an escort to accompany them, they usually find communication has become a big problem between them and the escorts in Guangzhou. That’s because most Guangzhou escorts are Chinese and cannot speak English so finding an English speaking Escort in Guangzhou become necessary for them. This article will give a brief guide to those expats who are looking for English speaking escorts.  Continue reading


Where to Find Sex in Guangzhou

It is all known that prostitution in China is illegal, and this oldest profession exists everywhere in China. A high proportion of prostitutes are migrant workers who travel from the countryside to big cities in search of work. Though inevitably some are forced into prostitution, most of them do so voluntarily

Guangzhou is the third largest city in China after Beijing and Shanghai. It is not surprising that you can find sex in Guangzhou easily. Massage parlors, saunas, bars/clubs, KTVs, street hookers, barbershops and outcall service/escort girls are all available for sex. However, after the prostitution crackdown on Dongguan, Guangzhou was affected as well. Many prostitution spots have stopped offering sex service in Guangzhou for the time being. Here, we are going to introduce “where you can find sex in Guangzhou”.  Continue reading


Anal Service Escorts in Guangzhou

Anal Service, also known as A level service, is a sexual activity involving the bottom. It is often referred to as the anal sex or rectal sex. It becomes common in the 21st century partly because the “blue movies”. According to a research carried out in 2009, nearly 30 percent of pornographic movies contained anal service/anal sex. In these movies, it is presented that both of two people are enjoyable and painless. However, that is not the case. Anal intercourse is often very painful for women, particularly the first few times.

Anal service/ anal sex is not popular among European women, not mention oriental ladies. Hence, the fact is that finding an escort offering anal service/A level service in Guangzhou cannot be an easy task.  Continue reading