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Finding Beijing Escorts through Wechat(weixin) and Momo

imagesWeChat, also known as Weixin meaning “micromessage” in Chinese,  is a foreigner-friendly  chat application released by Tencent. Like Wechat, Momo is also a chat application used in China but not as popular as Wechat. It is estimated that about 85% – 90% of the people in Beijing are using Wechat or Weixin. One of the big parts of its success of it is that WeChat allows users to communicate in small, private circles of friends, as well as send text messages and voice messages for free. For the time being, a large number of China-based expats used Wechat to find Beijing Escort nearby.  If you have no idea about the usage of Wechat or Momo, you can read the article “How to Use WeChat (Weixin) Correctly”  and “Using Momo to Meet the Friendly Chinese Girl“ first.

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How to Find Iranian Massage in Dubai

The Relationship between Iran and the United Arab Emirates is deeply historic and can date back to the centuries prior to the establishment of modern-day Emirates. Nowadays, a large amount of Iranian contribute to the residents of Dubai. Many Iranian girl in Dubai choose to be escorts and massage girls. Therefore, you can enjoy the awesome massage services provided by the Iranian girls. This article aims to recommending a few Iranian massage girls and massage agencies in DubaiContinue reading


Enjoying the Wonderful Filipino Massage in Dubai

Dubai is home to the largest population of Filipinos in the United Arab Emirates. There are more than 700,000 Philippinese living in the UAE,  and of which 450,000 living in Dubai.  The number of Filipinos contributes to 21.3% of the population of Dubai. A Large number of Philippine girls choose to be massage girls or escorts in Dubai.  Hence, it will not be a difficult thing if you want to enjoy the Filipino massage in Dubai. The purpose of this article is to recommend some Filipino massage girls, massage boys, massage places and even the  Filipine shemale in Dubai.  Continue reading


Recommendation of Beijing Independent Escort Girls

In spite of the fact that Escort agencies can provide girls according to your needs, they charge you more than independent escort girls as you need to pay the agency fee which is rolled into the price. However, there is also a risk that you may get an independent escort girl who you do not like at all. If you want to find a good independent escort girl in Beijing, we are happy  here to recommend several girls who enjoy good reputation in Beijing.  Continue reading


The Websites Where You Can Get Sex Service Info After the Smash of

After the smash of on 5th December 2013, the sex service info of mainland China and Hong Kong were no longer available. However, its English forum and Chinese forum of Hong Kong are still running. If you can read Chinese, you can find the ads of working girls here in its Chinese forum. Nevertheless, if you want to know about more info of Hong Kong sex service, we are glad here to recommend some websites.  Continue reading


Hong Kong Largest Porn Website Smashed by the Police

1386296675_pim8xs5th December 2013, Hong Kong police smashed the largest porn website “”. During this action, 114 people were arrested, including 6 key members and 78 sex workers.

“” was controlled by a man nicknamed “King of Porn Website”. He controlled more than 500 prostitutes, helped prostitutes take pornographic photos and put them on the Internet. These photos were released in the south-eastern Asia and Taiwan to attract johns. Each year, “King of Porn Website” can earn more than 60 million HKD for advertisement fees from these prostitutes.  Continue reading


Several Well-known Beijing Escort Agencies

It is necessary to decide whether you need an independent escort or an escort from escort agency. If you have no idea, here are some facts which may help you make your decision.

1. Agency service is not more expensive than independent escort service, sometime even cheaper. When you know about the price of escort market, you will find it’s true.

2. Most independent escorts do not use real pictures. A large group of people firmly consider independent escort use real pics while the fact is they are wrong.  Beijing escort girls do not use their real photo to do this business due to Chinese tradition.

3. Most independent escort girl has a boss. In other words, these “independent escort girls” are another form of agency. Hence, you are just cheating yourself if you consider you have found an independent escort.

4. An agency allows you to apply for the claim when the service is terrible while you may find the independent escort nowhere after her service.

5. Finally, an agency is aimed to doing the long-term business, so they will try their best to offer the best service and earn a good reputation while an independent escort may not.

Now, if you have decided to choose an escort agency in Beijing, we are glad here to recommend several well-known Beijing escort agencies.

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Leisure Clubs Conceal Erotic Services in Shajing

The erotic services of all kinds are banned by explicit order in any leisure or entertainment places. However, one insider revealed that some leisure clubs in Shajing offer HJ( handjob) to guests openly. One journalist investigated in secret today.

Today (21st September 2013), the journalist came to the Taoyuan Spa Club located near the Shajing Civil Square. The manager told journalist they could not provide special services now as their “superior departments” manage them strictly but they are able to play the “edge ball”.  Continue reading


A Guidance of Brothels in Dubai

Dubai, as a international city in the middle east, welcomes uncountable expats each year. With more and more visitors coming to Dubai, the prostitution in Dubai grows rapidly each year. Undoubtedly, there are saturated with brothels in this city. It is ironic that even though the prostitution is illegal on paper in Dubai, the enforcers often turn their eyes away from it anytime they see it.

It is not difficult to find a brothel in Dubai, but you are not recommended to go there as that  are illegal. You may find that there are lots of reports of Dubai brothels raid by the police(though they close eyes to prostitution most time).  We write this guide as we hope this article can alarm those who want to avoid places saturated with prostitutes. We are not promoting prostitution and provide a resource for others to come to my website and find out where they can go to find one. Continue reading


Beijing Family-style Silk Foot Clubhouse

In Beijing, you may find there are many silk foot clubhouse ads without exact location. These are the family-style silk foot clubhouses. If you want to know their detail location, you need to make a phone call or e-mail them etc. Before you go there, you have to make an appointment.

You may ask why don’t  they leave an exact address? Do they forget? Of course not. The reason is simple, most of these family-style silk foot clubhouses offer not only massage but also special services. If they leave their exact address, there is a high probability they will be raided by the police and charged with prostitution which is illegal in China. If you are interested in these family-style silk foot clubhouses in Beijing, we’d like to make the recommendation.  Continue reading