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Victoria Zhu is part-time blogger who enjoys writing articles about various citylife. As an English major, she graduated from Guangxi Teachers Education University, focusing on English and American culture. At the same time, she like researching about Chinese culture thus in her blogs all kinds of interesting and amazing culture shock could be found.

Good Places to Spend Weekends in and around Laowaijie (The Foreigner’s Street)

Hongmei Pedestrian Street has recently been renamed Laowaijie 101 (Foreigner’s Street 101). This 500 meters long street is an entertainment landmark on Hongmei Road. You can find special flavor restaurants of more than 10 countries in this street. Laowaijie adopts the design of European amorous feelings. A beautiful winding road with luxuriantly green trees. Modern sculpture, fountain, small hill falls are standing at corners of the street. Walking in the street, shop signs of various languages make you feel like being in a small United Nations. Shanghai cuisine, Northwest cuisine and Japanese, Thai, Indian, Spanish, Mexican cuisines are all waiting for your visit. Continue reading


Some Unique Bars in Shanghai – Good Places to Visit after Work

In Shanghai, this bustling and prosperous city, a variety of unique bars increase happiness and excitement to city life. If you didn’t hang out and find them, you many have been wandering among the several. Here is going to introduce some unique bars in shanghai. They would be good place for relaxation and entertainment after a day’s tiring work. Continue reading


Dance Clubs inside Fuxing Park

The historical changes of Fuxing Park show the history of Shanghai. Its original name was Gujiazhai Park when a Gu family opened it over 100 years ago. It was renamed the French park when the French bought it to station its army in 1900. After WW II, Japanese took over the French concession; the park’s name became Daxing Park. Its name was finally changed to Fuxing Park after Chinese won the Anti-Japanese War in 1945. Continue reading


Enjoy Wine and Cocktail on Julu Road

Julu Road is a fresh rising bar street in Shanghai. Different from pompous nobility in other bar streets, its combination of western design features brings a comfortable and leisure ambiance. Bars along the road stand one after another behind chinars, sleeping quietly in the street. So you’d better visit there when you wake up at night. Julu Road is a street escape from the noisy city, but famous bars and European style architecture complex bring reputation to this road. Having a relaxing drink and date in this street, you will find yourself as in a wonderland. Walking along the road, a variety of droplights create a mysterious atmosphere. Foreign customers are in the majority. Continue reading


Famous Bars on Maoming South Road

6Oriented south and north, located in the original Shanghai French Concession, Maoming South Road is a road with abundant historical background. People can appreciate careful architectural style along the road, attractive green, and even a little sophisticated chic entrance door light.


7The most famous Maoming Road Bar Street refers to the part from Fuxing Road to Yongjia Road among which cafes and bars placed closely side by side. For most people, charm of this street appears at night. When nigh falls, bar lights twinkle on both sides. With gentle Jazz music, the road seems to bring you to another space. Here you can fully enjoy mystery and excitement of the night. Midnight unveils a heaven of young people. Speaking English would match the road more, since it’s one of foreigners’ gather places in Shanghai. Continue reading


Exciting Nightlife in Houhai Bar Street

Surrounded by Shichahai Lake and Beijing Hutong, Houhai Bar Street is where traditional Chinese and western culture clash can be seen. When the first bar began its business at a Siheyuan in 2000, there are only a dozen of bars in Houhai area. Now it has become a hot spot attracts local people and visitors from various countries. No matter walking along lakeside, shopping in market, riding tricycle in Hutong, or drinking in a stylish and lively bar, you will get excited in this street at night.
Continue reading


Where to Watch Sports in Shanghai

Are you worried about missing big games in Shanghai? Whether it’s the NFL, the Ashes, the State of Origin, the English Premier League, NBA basketball, or the Hong Kong Sevens, you can watch it in Shanghai’s sports bars. Shanghai has many sports bar with big TV screens live broadcasting exciting sports events. You can watch it with a group of friends and sports fans at one of these bars, where you can laugh and drink in great sports atmosphere. Here is a list of some most rewarding sports bars in Shanghai. Continue reading


Fascinating Discos and Dance Clubs in Shanghai

As a city that never sleeps, Shanghai is one of China’s greatest cities with lots of exciting and luxurious discos and dance clubs to visit. There will never be a shortage of nightclubs to party at in Shanghai. Drinks, local snacks and great music are all available in these clubs. Fascinating nightlife gives this city a reputation of “Oriental Paris”. Whatever you are looking for in nightclubs, one of these dance clubs can provide that for you. Here has listed some of the top choices for a great night out. Continue reading


Kenko Reflexology & Spa

Kenko Reflexology & Spa has been a distinctive and unique brand over the years in Singapore. In order to stand out from fierce competition, Kenko has always aimed to be the most innovative and attractive wellness spa in Singapore. Being innovative, Kenko further enhanced their business by introducing fish spa services in year 2008 which has been welcomed by both local and foreign visitors. Here is going to introduce some outlets of Kenko Reflexology & Spa in Singapore. Continue reading


Relaxing Fish Spas in Singapore

The Garra Rufa is also called a doctor fish and Spa fish. By eating dead skin cells that exist, then your feet will be cleaner. Fish spa brings many benefits, such as improving blood circulation and skin health, providing relaxing foot massage. Seeing the fish suck the dead skin and create a feeling of relaxation must be a unique and comfortable experience for everyone. Here is going to introduce some good fish spas in Singapore. Continue reading