Bars and Cafes on Hengshan Road

Hengshan Road, formerly known as Avenue Petain, is a 203-kilometer-long street in the former French Concession of Shanghai. It is bordered in the South by Xujiahui and Huaihai Road in the North. It features in plane tree on street sides and different styles of European architectures, adding a strong exotic flavor.

Since the 1990s, many of the mansions along the road have been converted into bars, night clubs, and restaurants, and is one of Shanghai’s more vibrant nightlife districts and popular particularly among expatriates. Various kinds of bars and cafes attract huge people coming to have some relaxing time.


The Park Tavern thumb (1)_副本

Address: 804 Hengshan Road(near Tianping Road), Xuhui District


Tel: 021-54659312

Description: The Park Tavern is an American bar in a western-style house, sharing cozy atmosphere. The open-air seats give you the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air, creating a free environment. Most of the customers are foreigners, they provide a huge translucent screen to play live sports games, which has attracted vast fans. Dark beer is really worth a try, and snacks are all delicious.

Zapata’s Mexican Cantina1378281038656

Address: 5 Hengshan RD, Shanghai, Xuhui District


Tel: 021-64334104 64746166

Description: As one of Shanghai’s most popular bars, Zapata’s holds court over the entire Hengshan Lu nightlife scene from their outdoor terrace and multiple venue complex. With its wild theme parties and accessible music play list, Zapata’s aims to provide a spring break experience where everyday is a party! Mexican snacks are good, and you can have a full range of drink choices here. If you’re looking for a fun night with friends, and some good people watching (or meeting) this is a great spot.


Address: Basement, 10 Hengshan Lu, Xuhui District

地址; 徐汇区衡山路10号

Tel: 6433-5023

Description: Mural Bar is a mainstay on the Shanghai nightlife scene and a great destination for international music. It brings the ancient Chinese culture into a modern bar by fusing its interior, its murals and its buddha status. The bar does not only provide you with a unique environment, but entertainment with renowned live brands, renowned DJs, theme parties, fun gigs and other exciting performance. As one of the hot spots in the Shanghai party scene, Mural is the perfect venue to hold functions of all sorts.

West Side 西界酒吧thumb (2)

Address: 237 Hengshan Road, Xuhui District


Tel: 021-64724327

Description: As an old and famous bar in Hengshan Road, it has been attracting a number of people with its irresistible charm. The decoration is fashionable, hoping to make the whole environment more enjoyable. The live band is amazing, singers have their own features. The atmosphere is quite cozy, having a glass of Whisky and enjoy your relaxing time here is a good choice.

PHEBE 3D CLUB (Oudeng Shop)  菲芘酒吧(欧登店)thumb (3)

Address: 1/F, Oudeng Mansion, 10 Hengsahn Road, Xuhui District


Tel: 021-65559998

Description: It is a popular bar in Hengshan Road. It features in fairy tale styled decoration mixed some modern items with red and black pendant lamps, bringing you to the world of Alice in Wonderland. The light is very cool as well as the music. It is crowded all the time concludes lots of foreigners. The atmosphere is very high and exciting, and you can totally release yourselves here.

I Darts Shanghaithumb (11)

Address: 191 Hengsahn Road, Xuhui District


Tel: 021-64678191

Description: I Darts Shanghai is a dart-themed bar, giving you an opportunity to play dart to the fullest. It has modern decoration and cozy environment, making it a good place to relax yourselves. The shop manager will teach you how to play, and many fans will come to play together, sharing their experiences. You can have a wide range of drinks here with reasonable price.


Somewhere 秘境咖啡馆thumb (6)

Address: 1/F, 235 Hengshan Road, Xuhui District


Tel: 021-64189198

Description:The decoration is definitely the bright spot of Somewhere. Walking across the vintage aisle, the colorful interior optionally decorated by licence plate, European postcard, bottles and glass bulb will make you impressive. The whole decoration has a strong art and literature feeling, trying to make your stay here more cozy and comfortable. Besides, you should not miss the food here, The French blue ribbon dessert teacher will provide you with the upscale enjoyment for your taste buds.

Hengshan Coffe Shop 衡山咖啡馆2_副本

Address:838 Hengshan Road( inside Hengshan Cinema), Xuhui District


Description: Hengshan Coffee Shop is the fisrt opened one after the Cultrual revolution in Shanghai in 1985.It keeps the Old Shanghai flavor, keeping you away from the outside noises. It is not only a coffee shop, but also the witness to history. There are only black coffee and White coffee here, the price is the cheapest in Shanghai, only cost 10 and 12 rmb. It is a good place to aftertaste the prosperity of the past.

The Cottage Café 老麦咖啡馆thumb (1)

Address: 25 Taojiang Road(crossing of Baoqing Road and Taojiang Road,near Hengshan Road)


Tel: 021-64660753

Description:The stylish café is hidden in the garage of a garden house, the first sight is out of the ordinary with the green wooden windows and door. It makes you feel the petty bourgeoisie everywhere. The decoration inside is elaborately and delicately, a bookshelf was just put near the door full of Chinese and English books. The coffee fragrance and soft music mixed together, bring you a cozy environment for both gustation and auditory enjoyment.

Keven Cafe Restaurant 凯文咖啡西餐厅thumb (6)

Address: 525 Hengshan Road, Xuhui District


Tel: 021-64335564

Description: Keven is an authentic café restaurant in Hengshan Road. It is clean and romantic, enjoying a cup of coffee here is really relaxing. The use of white and red tablecloth brings you with a strong nostalgia feeling. The quiet atmosphere attracts a lot of foreign customers. The serve kinds of coffee and snacks with good tastes. You can have a cozy time sitting on the open-air seat to enjoy the sycamore tree on street sides.


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