Be Careful about Escort Ads via E-mails

Anything involved with sexual contents have been blocked by TRA(Telecommunications Regulatory Authority)in Dubai, which switching this industry into social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube which give you an access to the detailed information about an escort girl in Dubai. Besides, those sexual workers also figures out a way to promote themselves via E-mail.


In fact, mass E-mails have been sent to local residents to spread word about the escort services. One of the escort group run by a lady named Ms Neesha expands itself by sending hundreds of E-mails with attachments of the girls and the services they provide. They usually leave you with a number of  XPRESS phone numbers, and you can call for some further information or just arrange the meeting directly.

What let the situation get worse is that many receivers will response and may gives those sexual workers an illusion to make them believe that it actually work.


However, it do has some negative sides to those who are not willing to see such kind of information and will undoubtedly puzzle them. It is highly possible that those sexual workers brought the E-mail database which gain the E-mails addresses and cause those spam mails.

Escort services hook up their potential clients by sending E-mails to the public at full blast attached with seductive postures and detailed services they offer to attract attentions. And in March 2011, XPRESS realized it and published about how they work to gain clients via E-mails, Facebook, Twitter and other social medias.

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