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Newbie’s Guide to Mongering in Hong Kong.

If you’re new here, please read this before asking questions.

If you’re new here, please read this before asking questions.

If you don’t know where any areas mentioned are, look at a map instead of posting here. It’s really not that hard and you’ll learn something.

If you still have questions, check other threads first, there’s a damn lot of useful information already posted.

For everyone, please also note the date of this post and know that, over weeks, months and years, situations can change, but we’ll try to update that over time if there’s anything major to report.

So then, let’s get started.

1. The Websites.

As of this writing, 4 sites are still in operation:

Man169 also has a whole lot of “karaoke nightclubs” listed (aka Chinese hostess clubs), in addition to sauna and massage parlours, and if I understand correctly, even lists the girls you can get at the Mongkok brothels(!), and also covers Macau and Shenzhen, not to mention Dongguan and other areas of China, not just HK. You can even find sauna coupons to print out, although you’ll probably get a bit lost on that site without some Chinese literacy.

Q: Is the girl in the photo the same girl at the place?

A: Almost always yes. It’s possible her adverts run longer than her visa, though not common.

Q: Are the pictures photoshopped?

A: There’s always the chance. It’s my personal opinion that if the girl’s age is not stated, it’s more likely she’s older and either using outdated photos or doctored images. Just my opinion, mind you.

Q: What does “hotel reservation” mean?

A: If you look through enough threads, it becomes abundantly clear that it’s got two possible definitions: 1)You are sent to a hotel where she awaits you. 2)She comes to yours. Call the number and see for yourself. Never done this myself but it seems enough of the pimps speak sufficiently comprehensible English to negotiate a deal.

Q: Does the girl speak English?

A: Expect her not to unless stated otherwise.

Q: Does that mean I’ll have great difficulty dealing with her?

A: She’s there to be fucked, she knows you’re there to fuck her. Work it out yourself.

Q: Is it legal? Can I get “caught”?

A: 100%, therefore no.

Q: 161 has no more English search, so what’s the Chinese equivalent for…?

A: Thanks to teltel for originally posting this (and I’ve added a bit to it):

Make Love 做愛

Blow Job 吹蕭

Hand Job 出火

69-ing 69互舐

Relaxing massage 舒服保健

2nd Shot (Price Negotiable) Q(另議)

BM 夾腸仔 (body massage -although I thought this was tittyfuck?)

Mouth Cum 口爆

Face Cum 顏射

Wet BJ 水中蕭

Anal 後花園

Ass licking 毒龍鑽

Ice fire BJ 吞精 or 冰火

Buffet Sex / Multi Q 限時任做

Stay Overnight 過夜

SM 性虐

Uniform 制服誘惑

No sexual services 色情免問 (ie. massage only)

Open 24 hrs/day 24小時開工

Appointment 預約

Minutes 分鐘

PD stands for physically disabled (as in they will accept physically disabled customers).

Q: Does she really do what she advertizes?

A: Work it out with her before. Print things out and ask. Put in numbers on your phone for price. Point to your watch/the clock for time, etc. Use your brain a bit.

Q: Will the girl steal my money when I’m in the shower or otherwise not looking?

A: Don’t walk around with huge amounts of cash, or hide it well, or just be careful. Possible? Yes. Likelihood: very very low, even though it has been reported here.

Q: What about overnight?

A: Standard is 2 shots. Try to negotiate for 3 if you want, but you won’t necessarily get it.

As a bonus, look for the magazine “One Night Stand” (photo attached). It used to have coupons for Macanese & local saunas with listings of some of the website girls (sometimes even revealing a previously-hidden face). Now it actually has $30 off coupons for the girls! Check the back pages and any one with that [憑券 30] on it, which is most of them, will earn you a discount.

You can also find all manner of girls on Craigslist –pros, amateurs looking for extra cash, “working holiday” girls, massage centres with outcall girls, and so on.

While I always hope people look for themselves, try the Beauty and Theraputic listings for starters.

2. Brothels

Mostly along Portland/Shanghai/Reclamation streets in Mongkok. Look for the neon pink lights. You will find a few along the Eastern front of Ladies’ Market too and some others up closer to Prince Edward area. Standard price all in all is $3xx. Expect ~$350 for a local/mainlander, a bit less for a Malay or Indo, and $700+ for a Russian. The $220/260/300 signs you see from the outside are just for the girl and don’t include the room rental. It’s a scam –deal with it or go somewhere else.

What are they like? From my own experience the rooms are clean and okay actually. Beds were springy –tiled floors, no roaches running around, decent shower by local standards. Service is shower, fuck, shower and goodbye. BBBJ? Depends on the girl I guess. Never tried negotiating myself, just took it when it was offered. One guy I introduced to the area years ago wanted the same girl twice in a row, and the second time she let him go bareback inside. Not recommended obviously, but anything’s possible I suppose. Expect it to be CBJ and CFS to be safe.

How it works: Go upstairs and tell the papasan what you want. Later a girl will knock at your door. Accept or decline, and repeat until you either get bored & leave or find one you like, or get too horny and desperate. You always pay on your way out so they don’t “have you” once you’re in. They are all triads too so if you want to fuck with them and not pay once the deed is done, do so at your own risk.

I spoke to a pimp a few days ago and he was telling me 30 minutes. I think he was BSing me as I used to get 45 min. even when business was a lot better. Try your luck negotiating on that one I say. Business really has taken a big hit over the last several years so you actually see touts on the street these days which never used to be the case, not to mention fewer buildings around, so I’d try to use that situation to your advantage if possible if I were you.

These places are illegal but don’t get checked too often and hardly ever raided. Even if the cops do come around when you’re inside the likelihood of anything actually happening to you is pretty minimal. A couple friends of mine got caught not long ago, even one with no ID on him, and they didn’t care one bit.

Oriental Guest House.

Read my thread here:

Basically a $200 knock-and-shop. Girls come & go regularly, quantity of selection isn’t great these days, mostly late 20’s~30 something. Just turn up, have a look, and fuck any of them you like for the stated price. Shower/fuck/shower wham bam thank you ma’am, between around 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m./midnight. At the bottom of Woosung Street & Jordan Road (3/F).

If you fancy a really cheap shag in a dirty little place, head to Jordan, North of Jordan Road, around Ning Po, Woosung, Temple, Kansu, Shanghai, Battery and such streets, and you will see mostly older women and some men sitting on a stool next to a staircase. $100~$120. Girls will usually be Thai, could be Chinese, never heard of anything else. They are right dingy holes, but it might be to your liking if nasty is your thing.

3. Wanchai

Full of discos decorated with the flesh of young female Indonesians & Filipinas. I have also found Thais, Mongolians & Colombians, however expect it to be overwhelmingly the first two mentioned. This isn’t Nana Plaza.

Most girls are pros looking to make silly money. You’re an absolute fool if you pay it. They will usually start at $1000/$1500/$2000 overnight and less but still too much for short-time. Bargain them down. Most are desperate enough that they will take a lower, or even significantly lower, offer.

Any bar with girls in skirts outside are best avoided like the plague, unless you enjoy having your wallet emptied in a matter of minutes with virtually no gratification. This isn’t Philippines with all sorts of insanity for a bargain –these are just stuck-up girls looking for money, and a sucker easily separated from it.

Is that all Wanchai has? Certainly not.

This is also where you find the local maids looking to unwind for a bit, so depending on the day there are plenty of either regular girls out for a bit of fun, or maids looking to make extra money. Wednesday is lady’s night = bustling. Sunday is the day most maids have off and it will be quite busy mid-late afternoon.

Other than that it’s one of the few areas in HK any Western guy can go for a bit of a night out, whether you’re hunting twat in the discos or just want some English around you in the bars. Some clubs are hotter than others but try anywhere on any given night as you just never know what you might find, whether you’re looking for pro, amateur, or think you’re up to picking up a horny maid.

If the US Navy is in town, expect the happy hour drinks to disappear.

Finally, and I have to re-iterate this, DO NOT pay over the top for the working girls there. Every time someone does it makes the girls that much more resolute that they should hold out for their lofty prices which nobody in his right mind should pay. Bargaining may seem a waste of time if you’re fairly wealthy, but you’re still pissing in everyone else’s drinking water so to speak, rendering it harder for others to get them down to the prices we all used to and still ought to be enjoying. There are plenty of others willing to take less if you can be less desperate/horny/proud.

I could write a good bit more on Wanchai but it is just a newbie guide, so let’s stop here. Speaking of paying too much though…..

4. Street Action

A dying breed of sorts over here from what I see, so let’s do this quickly.

While not the traditional type of SW, you can find working girls around the fountain area in East Tsim Sha Tsui once it gets dark. Unlike other girls, they will expect you to be a tourist with a hotel room to fuck in, so they provide no premises. Price will usually start kind of high although I have been offered all the way down to $400 and $300. Just act disinterested as usual and maybe start to walk away. They are mainland girls, 20’s~30’s, and there’s a mamasan around speaking English, but a few girls speak it themselves.

Jordan: North of Jordan Road, around Ning Po, Woosung, Temple, Kansu, Shanghai, Battery and such streets you will find some girls at all different hours of the day and night. Numbers are minimal these days. Now I have had to eat my own words here, but most, not all, just most of them are getting to be older and not so nice. Recently I have found some very tasty 20 somethings. Finding those diamonds in the rough is more of an exercise in time these days, but if you’re not in a hurry then have a look. They are all mainland girls/women.

Service is shower/fuck/shower. You follow her (not right behind, in case cops are around) up to her place which is not the nicest of places. One building has much more decent flats, just not such decent girls hanging around downstairs…

If you search the forums you can find an old thread I posted on this subject for more details and better directions.

Yau Ma Tei: If you continue north past the junkie park towards the end of Temple Street you can still find some SW’s in that little semi-run-down section of YMT.

Price for the last two areas is $200. Never pay more. Re-read that last paragraph on Wanchai for exactly why.

Sham Shui Po: I must be looking in the wrong area(s) at the wrong times, as a policeman friend of mine assures me there remains street action there. If anyone knows, fill us in on it please! Said friend is away for a while so I’m not sure when I’ll see him again.

Wanchai: You might get something out of a girl between bars, but as a newbie it might not be the best place for you to begin.

5. Saunas

Easily the most famous on this BBS would be K-Pressure. Read more here. You should know what a sauna is: selection of girls (usually touted as higher-quality, and I might have difficulty disagreeing with that from a purely physical standpoint), shower before & after, massage unless you decline, whatever service up to and including FS that you want to pay for, and enough time to do the deed. Depending on where you go drinks/food may be included. Never been myself but K-pressure almost always gets good reviews by members here either for girls or service or both. Located at the bottom of Woosung Street & Jordan Road (1/F). Total damage is $490 all inclusive, and if you give $500, you won’t get change.

Another locally famous one would be 37 Dundas, which is the address actually. Google maps or will sort you out. Fewer good reviews here but still mostly positive.

I’m not really a sauna guy so I can’t recommend them personally. There are lots around to try, such as Jordan Sauna, Kings Sauna, Yuk Chiu Lau Sauna, Regency Spa, Empire Sauna, Temple Street Sauna, Noble Sauna, etc. etc. Things will be cheaper in Kowloon where you can get FS as cheap as $500, well cheap compared to around double that on HK Island.

6. Bars

As English-speakers, we’re not too welcome in a lot of places, or would just be ignored. If you speak Canto it opens doors of all sorts. Assuming you don’t, which would be most of you, where can we drink?…..

1)Knutsford Terrace. Semi-upscale street of mostly bars & restaurants. Check some of the upstairs places too (where you’ll also find clubs), not just what’s at ground level. Some places along there are Chinese although you’ll hear more English than anything else. Not really a young man’s crowd at street level.

2)Ashley Road, TST. There are several small bars & pubs where English again is more likely the dominant language. Not really enough places to be a bustling area as there are so many restaurants around and not enough bars.

3)Wanchai. We’ve covered that.

4)Lan Kwai Fong. Better chance of meeting locals here, apart from Westerners/girls on holiday, apart from some pinay hookers and whatnot. Personally I think it’s full of middle class Chinese who think they’re God’s gift to the expat community and Western dorks who believe their own praise, but other than Wanchai, is probably your best bet for picking up. I’ve done it without trying too hard, though eventually got fed up of the crowd and lost interest, so I can’t tell you which places are all the rage at the moment. Perhaps a bit opinionated, not that I really care.

5)If you want to try the bars along Hart & Pratt Avenues in TST, go ahead, although again they are mostly Chinese and more designed around that idea of going with the group, leaving with the group. One point I found interesting about this area is that on weekends I see around 90% of people leaving the bars just as sober as when the entered, the focus being more on being seen there (if you follow pointless 20-something thinking). I’ve seen a lot more craziness & inebriated folk mid-week.

6)There are other clubs around SoHo, just don’t ask me to be in-depth about them because I can’t be anymore. Been too long.

7. Hostess Clubs

Now there are Chinese ones all over the place except this being a newbie’s guide I will direct you to the big ones in East TST, such as Club New Paris and Big Boss, which you’ll find around the fountain. They have different prices for different times of the day. Basically you pay to have girls drink with you, and you’re paying for the booze. Private rooms available, karaoke too of course. The girls are HK, mainland, Russian, etc. All are available for takeout for more money than just about anywhere else in HK. Club Big Boss is kind of worth going to just to see the decadent luxury of the place. Anyway these are more the places to go if you’re happy to spend over a grand just farting around drinking with girls and even more to shag them.

Finally, there are other prostitution hotspots in HK such as Yuen Long, and I’m sure there’s more to be discovered, but this should get any of you unfamiliar with HK fairly well sorted out. Remember that it’s a beginner’s guide! Search the forums if you want some more in-depth info. This guide mightn’t be perfect or eloquent or anything but at least it’s something. Very happily accepting anything that warrants inclusion of course, so feel free to contribute.

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