Beginners guide to spa/massage in china

This guide is intended for those who are new to the scene in china. To help you identify which establishments have extra offerings and which ones don’t, what you may get (or may not get) in these places, and the expected cost. I’m by no means a veteran, only sharing my experience and hopefully these will be helpful. Of course I appreciate comments and corrections.

Coverage: this guide covers middle to high class massage/spa places in tier 1 cities in china. Not the quick whack at bbs. Mainly talking about Beijing and Shanghai.

When I first started my number one concern was where to find these places where you can get a nice relaxing massage and a release. Here’s a checklist you can use.

Does the entrance face a big busy street? Usually the place you are looking for is on a small street, and will not be too revealing to the public. They usually have signs pointing to it from the outside.

Upon entering, check the receptionist. A pretty girl may not be much of an indication, but if she’s wearing low cut or heels or stockings then you have good chance. If you see a guy sitting there, then 95% it’s a veggie place.

Look at the menu. This will be the biggest hint on what this place will offer you. Look to see if there’s a huge spread in price difference, and the name of the service. Foot massage will cost you under 100 for like a 90min session. See if there are ones with interesting names and a much higher cost, eg, special massage, royal treatment, emperors love. These will usually be 200+ and depending on the interior decoration of the place, nicer places can go up to like 500. Anything more than 500 I wouldn’t recommend. You will probably not get fs at these places anyways so it’ll be a waste of money.

This is a good turn around point for you, if you see a guy receptionist and the most expensive ones are say Chinese massage for 149, then it’s time to leave.

Once you get into the room. Usually you will be randomly assigned a masseuse. If you don’t like her you can ask to switch. Just say ‘hwan’ with some hand gestures should do. Oh if shes wearing some conservative clothing then you are guaranteed a veggie massage. Most places should have showers, you can shower first and then change into their disposable boxer (some places may charge 5rmb for this).

Then going through the routines. She will usually give a bit of tease when you are lying on your stomach. Flip, hj. If there are time leftover, she’ll give you some more massage. During this whole process, you can harrase her by touching. Some may be more restrictive than others. How far you can get is highly ymmv. Go one step at a time, and if she makes her statement fingering or fs is not allowed, it’s better to respect that. If your massage is really cheap, say under 200rmb for 2hours, you may be expected to tip her for the extras. (Depends on the location, prices vary) Don’t tip more than 100rmb!

On a side note, if the place offers Groupon, then prob it’s a veggie joint.

Well, I typed all that on my boring plane ride. Hopefully that wasn’t too boring for you, and maybe someone new to this can pick up a few pointers

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