Beijing Family-style Silk Foot Clubhouse

In Beijing, you may find there are many silk foot clubhouse ads without exact location. These are the family-style silk foot clubhouses. If you want to know their detail location, you need to make a phone call or e-mail them etc. Before you go there, you have to make an appointment.

You may ask why don’t  they leave an exact address? Do they forget? Of course not. The reason is simple, most of these family-style silk foot clubhouses offer not only massage but also special services. If they leave their exact address, there is a high probability they will be raided by the police and charged with prostitution which is illegal in China. If you are interested in these family-style silk foot clubhouses in Beijing, we’d like to make the recommendation. 

1. Mengsha Club House (北京梦莎丝足会所)

1379919762792Featuring refined interior that remind you of a private club, the Mangsha Club provides high quality massage services such as oil massage, silk-stocking massage, costumes, happy ending massage and other massage services. The beautiful girls here are professional and they will massage you with their legs and feet during a silk-stocking massage, which will make you very comfortable. Prices here range from 300RMB to 1000RMB. Both incall and outcall services are available.


2. Ya Xin Ge(雅馨阁)

2013-11-25-23-11-11mqmYNbYa Xin Ge is a silk foot clubhouse located in Chaoyang District in Beijing. It has 5 young beautiful girls who are skillful and friendly. They learn the skills from Japan. Ya Xin Ge opens from 10 a.m to next morning 2 a.m each day. The silk foot packages contains many exciting services to meet various desires. If you are a silk stocking lover, Ya Xin Ge will be a good choice for you.

Phone: 13126702670

QQ: 1480944498

3. Ai Sha (爱莎)

1386822854692Ai Sha is located in Chaoyang District. Considering the safety, its exact location is not available here and you need to call them to get. The environment of Ai Sha is clean and cosy. It is a family-style massage place which offers various excellent services to help you relieve you stress. The girls there are all young, beautiful and skillful. You can enjoy the Nuru Massage, Thai Bath Massage and other services according to your neeeds. The rate ranges from 1298 RMB to 1698 RMB.


4. Lixiangyuan Silk Foot Health Club (丽香源丝足养生) 

1370485112137This Spa club is a man health club, li xiang yuan SPA health club is a private club which can fully relax your mind, it has perfect facilities, the environment is quiet and tastefully laid out and pleasant, there are beautiful youth technician. From the hustle and bustle of the city here, and let you have a family of illicit close space, this is a beautiful and sweet SPA health club, it can give you the exhaustion of body and mind. The top service from Lixiangyuan SPA health club allows you to truly realize the value of experience. They will be consistent with a superb service and passion which can make you spirit, and go back satisfied.

Phone: 010-52478685

5. Si Yan Silk Foot Health Club 

1383787752941Si Yan Silk Foot Health Club is located near the Shuangjing MRT station where the traffic is convenient. The club has elegant environment and a group of professional technicians who are beautiful and skillful. They offer several packages like: silk stocking package and King Bath Package. The rate ranges from 1298 RMB to 1698 RMB. For the detail info, you need to call them on person also you have to be able to speak Chinese.

phone: 15711466045

Most family-style silk foot clubhouse will not reply to you if you send them text messages. Hence, you are recommended to make the phone call. BTW, when they ask where you get the info of them, you can tell them it’s on the website.

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