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Beijing is the capital of China and it is also the political, educational and cultural centre of the whole China, as the result, this capital city has attracted a lot of people from all over the world to have a visit every year, on the other hand, Beijing had been becoming a main field of sex trade in China, you may find that there are more and more prostitutes in this beautiful city, yet it is everywhere, maybe you can find it in some bars, massage parlors and in some street in the red light district, a high proportion of these sex workers are migrant workers who come from the countryside to Beijing in making much money.


Girls Provide Street Sex Service in Beijing


In Beijing, you may see some women who are heavy made-up, trotting on high heels, while waving you to come over for a quickie, they are the streetwalker who stand on the streets to provide some special sex service, you can find that there are more than 20 street prostitutes in every street in some red light districts of Beijing, are willing to sell some love for the night with you, the prices is not expensive, it almost start at RMB 100 to RMB 300, but you can always negotiate it down, the full service is about 250rmb, when you make sure the price, the woman will take you to her small room where you can get the sex service, if you feel her service was OK, you can give her a tip, they will be very happy for that.

Looking for Sex in Some Sauna Centers in Beijing


In Beijing, you will find that most of the Chinese hotels will have some type of massage or sauna place down in the basement, and almost all of these places will perform extra services. These services will range from a hand job to full services, depending on the place and the girl. There are several saunas in Beijing and this can be a nice alternative if you cannot bring a girl back to your hotel. Some of these sauna girl can speak English, sometimes they don’t. for the price, that’s just depending on what type of massage you choose, the general price is from 500 RMB to 1000 RMB, If full sex is not on the menu, but the girl will do it, she will ask you for the extra money, there are many sauna centers in Beijing where you can get the sex service such as Hannashan International Hot Spring Hotel, Regongguan Sauna.

Finding the Cheap Sex Trade in Barbershops (BBS) in Beijing


There are many barber shops in Beijing you can find, some of them are normal where you can get your hair cut in it, but most of them are not, they provide the happy ending massage and “extras” special services. when you step into these barber shop, you may see plenty of girls sitting around dressed in short skirts, at some of shops, the girls are standing in the doorway of the shop trying to get customers to come in, there are some back room where the massage will be performed, the price ranges around RMB 300 to RMB 400, the massage girls in the barbershop are available for take out if you need, There are different kind of girls that are completely dedicated to the special sex service, but you may pay attention to the price, whether there is an extra money or not, it can help you save much money.

Find Some Independent Escort Girls Through Websites For Sex Service


The sex in Beijing is flourishing, you can see the sex trades everywhere in this city, there are many websites which are aimed at white tourists/transients to provide the sex services, you can easily find a number of independent escort girls or massage girls on these websites who can provide the sex service in your hotel room or their places, For example, Beijing Escort Find: It provides the newest escort in Beijing and you can also read the reviews of girls or share your experiences with girls here. So if you want to find the some sex service from the beautiful independent escort girls in Beijing, you can search this website.

Looking for the KTV Girls for Sex


In Beijing, if you are in a Chinese KTV, you may need to pay RMB200/RMB300 or for the companionship of the lady, If you are in some international KTV, a night out would cost a minimum of RMB3000., now, some KTVs allow negotiations to be made between you and your lady privately, You may first to ask the manager whether it’s possible for you to take the girl home and then she will tell you which girls can be taken. The price are usually around RMB 6,00 to RMB1000.

Casual Sex with Attractive Women in Beijing


Casual sex with attractive women can be pretty exciting, there are many men are good at picking up women, you can pick these kind of woman in the bar, the gym, or wherever you can pick up chicks, when the Alpha females are attracted to alpha males, something special will be produced, then you can make a hot conversation with the these prettiest woman and you will attract more attention to yourself, after that, the girl will also pay more attention to you and then, you may get the results you like, but, there is also something important, don’t try the married women or a woman in a serious relationship, that’s not good for you.

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