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Beijing Family-style Silk Foot Clubhouse

In Beijing, you may find there are many silk foot clubhouse ads without exact location. These are the family-style silk foot clubhouses. If you want to know their detail location, you need to make a phone call or e-mail them etc. Before you go there, you have to make an appointment.

You may ask why don’t  they leave an exact address? Do they forget? Of course not. The reason is simple, most of these family-style silk foot clubhouses offer not only massage but also special services. If they leave their exact address, there is a high probability they will be raided by the police and charged with prostitution which is illegal in China. If you are interested in these family-style silk foot clubhouses in Beijing, we’d like to make the recommendation.  Continue reading


A Brief Introduction of Beijing BDSM

meh.ro3826BDSM, short for Bondage Domination Sadism and Masochism, covers a wide range of sexual preferences and activities, forms of interpersonal relationships, and distinct subcultures, from light restraints to full-on humiliation and physical punishment. Even though it is rarely seen in China, you still can find girls/men who offer BDSM in the capital of China, Beijing. Continue reading


Fun Time in DIY Shops

玛雅西点DIY店Maya Bakery DIY(玛雅西点DIY店)
Address: R.610, Olga International Apartment, 26 Dongzhimenwai Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Address in Chinese: 北京市东城区东直门外大街26号奥加国际公寓610室
Tel: 010-87725737
Opening hour: 10am-5pm
Per capital consumption: RMB179

The Maya Bakery DIY is close to the New East Road in Dongcheng District. Located in a fancy apartment, the place features warm environment, which is very homey. If you don’t know the way after getting off the elevator, just follow the smell. The owner will teach you step by step patiently. People in the house, friends or strangers, get along very well, creating a very harmonious atmosphere. With refined choice of materials as well as personal choice of ingredients, no wonder the cake is delicious. Definitely worth the dime. Reservation is recommended. No credit card is available. Continue reading


Farmhouses in Beijing’s Suburb

Going to the suburbs can be a lot of fun. There you can take a deep breath of the fresh air, feel the beauty of nature and enjoy the farmhouse meals. Mostly situated in the area of the Great Wall of China, those farmhouses provide organic home-grown products and rural recipes which is very delicious. Here are some recommendations for you.

Hubin Nongjia Villa (Lakeside Farmhouse Villa)
bengSituated by the Miyun Reservoir, the Hubin Nongjia Villa offers delicious and affordable local food. It was the appointed restaurant for “King Fish Food Festival” for two consecutive years. Recommended dishes here are Mussels stewed with tofu and Chestnuts and peas wotou.

Address: Xiweng village, Miyun County, Beijing
Tel: 010-61021032
Transportation: Public bus No. 980 is available at Dongzhimen. Get off at Miyun, take bus No.12 and get off at Yunhu Resort. Continue reading