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Quanjincheng GOSAND

应用中心截屏_2013-05-31T05-40-23.303ZGOSAND international Health Parlor is a leisure place specialized in Thai-style high-end business club. It is also the flagship store of QuanJinCheng. Every branch of GOSAND features Thai-style decorations, services and treatments, including bathing and massage treatments. In order to make Southeast Asia style the spotlight of the place, every branch is decorated luxuriously. Featuring exquisite accessories and colorful costumes imported Thailand, the GOSAND provide you with royal services and warm Thai greetings, giving you a chance to enjoy the greatest services ever.

Here are some of the most popular branches of GOSAND in Beijing.

Quanjincheng GOSAND(Mudanyuan)
he ticket price is about RMB 128 / person, there is the rest hall which is opened for 18 hours a day, in the evening you can see the different kind of entertainment, there are four times of buffet in a day, 48 yuan back rubs, aloe salt bath is 68 yuan, flint bath is 88 yuan, foot massage is 88 yuan/hour, and there are also sands supreme” 298 yuan/hour, Taiji Qiangshen which is 298 RMB/ 60 minutes, royal health is 798 yuan for 120 minutes.

Quanjincheng GOSAND(Shunyi)
The Quanjincheng GOSAND Shunyi branch is located near the Tongshun Road. Featuring advanced facilities, nice environment and professional therapists, the place is a integration of bathing, leisure, accommodation and dining. The buffet includes a variety of dishes, such as sushi, sashimi, Fin Rice and others. Services provided here include foot massage, sauna and others. Per capital consumption is about 153RMB.

Quanjincheng GOSAND(Shijingshan)
The Quanjincheng GOSAND Shijingshan branch features nice environment and professional therapists. With private rooms, the bathing and massage areas are located on the third floor. The buffet is available at noon and evening. Services provided here include foot massage, sauna and others. Accommodation is available. Per capital consumption is about 103RMB.

Quanjincheng GOSAND(Chaoyang)
Located at the northwest part of the Yaojiayuan Park, the Quanjincheng GOSAND Chaoyang branch features nice environment and professional therapists. The bathing area is located in the basement. There is a steam room and a sauna room. Buffet is also available. The buffet area and the resting area are both on the second floor. Services provided here include foot massage, sauna and others. Parking space is spacious. Per capital consumption is about 141RMB.

Quanjincheng GOSAND(Changyang)
The Quanjincheng GOSAND Changyang branch is a nice place for leisure. The entrance fee is about 128RMB per person. Apart from the massage and sauna service, the place also provides performances at night. The staffs are very attentive and the buffet is very delicious. Per capital consumption is about 200RMB.


Liangzi Massage

thumb_91_1323824105Liangzi Massage, with its skilled and advanced management mode, has ranked in the leading place in China’s healthcare business. With the family’s motto of “warm hearted family members using good herbs and skilful technology to provide top quality service and earn conscience profit”, the Liangzi Massage has famous professional experts in this field training the employees frequently with skill and courtesy.
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Huaxia Liangzi

20081110173822970_2Founded in 1997, the Huaxia Liangzi, as a famous brand in healthcare services, has become the leader in China’s healthcare industry. The main business of the Huaxia Liangzi includes traditional therapeutic treatments and spa treatments.

Owning thousands of employees and more than 300 chain stores all over the world, including London, Berlin, Helsinki and Hague, the Huaxia Liangzi presents excellent and healthy services to all the customers.

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First Thai Spa in Beijing–The I Spa

i spa
If you are expecting some real Thai spa experience in Beijing, the I Spa is definitely the place to go. Featuring Thai-style decoration, atmosphere and Thai therapists, the I Spa brings the traditional Thai concepts of harmony and balance to your life. With 7 branch stores in Beijing, the I Spa creates a chance for you to discover a sanctum of tranquility and slip into the calm of the city. Feel the exotic sights, relaxing sounds, and rich scents, and enjoy your life.
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A Famous Place in Beijing-Wangjing New City

The Introduction of Wangjing New city

Wangjing New City is located in Chaoyang District, north-east, close to the airport highway, the arrival of peace in West Railway Line, Nan Lin Fourth Ring Road, North River north, is the overall planning of Beijing Jiuxianqiao marginal groups in part. It covers an area of 860 hectares with a total construction area of 8.6 million square meters, of which 4.2 million square meters of residential and supporting the building 800,000 square meters, large and medium-sized public building 2.6 million square meters, and other building 1 million square meters; Now the the total number in Wangjing New city is about 70,000.

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Top 10 Massage and Spa Parlors in Beijing

Stress has now become a more serious problem in our daily life. To deal with the problem, having a massage therapy might be a great ideal. They are great places to relax your body and mind, offering you the balance that you need. Those soothing touches will help you reach deep relaxation. Here are the top 10 massage and spa places you can go in Beijing. Continue reading