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2013 Christmas Eve Activity: Rave Party

Christmas is coming! So where to enjoy this Christmas in Beijing? Plenty of parties and good spots are waiting for your adventure during 2013 Christmas. You can attend the Christmas Eve party in Wangfujing Church, then go sweeping bargains at each market, or go for a wild Christmas party in some of Beijing bars. To join a Christmas party by young artists in 798 Art District or go crazy in Happy Valley are also good choices. Too many places are waiting for your steps during 2013 Christmas in Beijing. In the following, let’s recommend some exciting events during this Christmas in Beijing. Continue reading


A Brief Introduction of Beijing BDSM

meh.ro3826BDSM, short for Bondage Domination Sadism and Masochism, covers a wide range of sexual preferences and activities, forms of interpersonal relationships, and distinct subcultures, from light restraints to full-on humiliation and physical punishment. Even though it is rarely seen in China, you still can find girls/men who offer BDSM in the capital of China, Beijing. Continue reading


Exciting Nightlife in Houhai Bar Street

Surrounded by Shichahai Lake and Beijing Hutong, Houhai Bar Street is where traditional Chinese and western culture clash can be seen. When the first bar began its business at a Siheyuan in 2000, there are only a dozen of bars in Houhai area. Now it has become a hot spot attracts local people and visitors from various countries. No matter walking along lakeside, shopping in market, riding tricycle in Hutong, or drinking in a stylish and lively bar, you will get excited in this street at night.
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Beijing Girl-friendly Hotels

In Beijing, it is a general fact that the policy of some hotels in Beijing stipulates that after 11pm, all visitors even if escorted by hotel guests, must register their name and provide ID and apparently 7am to 11pm is fine for people to visit without needing to register, so if you would like to stay in Beijing and plan to do some serious punter’s paradise type stuff, make sure to stay at a cheaper hotel or one that has loose security, in these girl friendly hotels, your girls will not need a room card to take the hotel elevator as there is no guard in it. Moreover, girl-friendly hotels will not check your rooms in the night. The following are some girl-friendly hotels just for your reference.

Swissotel Beijing 港澳中心瑞士酒店1381369975494_副本

The Swissotel Beijing is a 5 star hotel situated in the Central Business District, Diplomatic District and Lufthansa Commercial District. Opened in 1991 and renovated in 2004, the Swissotel Beijing houses 430 guestrooms, a suite and office tower. Each room is tastefully-designed and is equipped with modern amenities to accommodate the needs of guests. The restaurants serve authentic dishes, including Cantonese, Japanese and Continental delicacies. Guests can relax in the fitness & wellness center inside the 15-story facilities.

Massage/Spa place nearby: Amrita Spa

Bar/Club: The Flow Lounge and Bar 瑞士酒店馥澜吧

Address: 2 Chaoyangmen Beidajie Dongcheng District


Tel: 010-6553 2288

Beijing Marriott Hotel City Wall 北京万豪酒店1381288979989_副本

Beijing Marriott Hotel City Wall is a 5-star hotel situated near the Jianguomen Railway Station, enjoying a convenient access to various shopping malls. Housing 1,312 tastefully-decorated guestrooms with Ipod docking station, the hotel features 5 dining options. The spa inside the hotel offers massages, facial and body treatments. Guests can also relax in the Fitness centre. Meeting rooms and a pillar-less ballroom are available for meetings and events.

Massage/Spa place nearby: Beijing Marriott Hotel City Wall Spa 北京万豪酒店Spa

Bar/Club: Beijing Marriott Hotel City Wall Lobby Bar  万豪酒店大堂吧

Address: 7 Jianguomen South Avenue, Dongcheng District


Tel: 01058118888

Novotel Peace Hotel 诺富特和平宾馆1381217020786_副本

The Novotel Peace Hotel (Beijing Nuofute Heping Binguan) was opened in 1952 and renovated in 2010. Situated in the historic, cultural and shopping center in the city, the hotel is close to many attractions. The 4-star hotel houses 422 well-furnished guestrooms and suites, with well-equipped room amenities. As to dining options, the hotel restaurant serves traditional French cuisines. Recreational facilities here include swimming pool, gym, massage, sauna, spa, steam room, health club, fitness centre, karaoke, beauty salon and disco.

Massage/Spa place nearby: He Ping Foot Massage 81 和平足疗健身

Bar/Club: Novotel Peace Hotel Lobby Bar 和平宾馆大堂吧 

Address: 7 Jianguomen South Avenue Dongcheng District


Tel: 01065128833

Poly Plaza Hotel 保利大厦酒店x1379988674842.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Y2wHjqOl8w_副本

The Poly Plaza Hotel (Baoli Dasha), situated in the most popular dining and entertainment districts in the city, was opened in 1992. Close to the Dongsishitiao Metro Station, the place enjoys convenient transportation. The 4-star hotel houses 289 guestrooms and suites, featuring standard room amenities. Guests can dine at the Chinese restaurant, western restaurant and bars. The recreational facilities such as swimming pool, gym, massage, sauna and others are ready for you.

Massage/Spa place nearby:  Sheng Bang Health Massage Center 胜邦保健按摩

Bar/Club: Trovatore Bar 游吟诗人酒吧

Address: 14, Dongzhimen Nandajie, Dongcheng District


Tel: 01065001188

Asia Hotel 亚洲大酒店1379656004571_副本

Asia Hotel (Beijing Yazhou Dajiudian) is a 5-star hotel located in the embassy area. Opened in 1990 and renovated in 2001, the 19-story hotel houses 293 guestrooms and suites with ultra-modern designs as well as the views of Beijing’s Forbidden City. There are 4 places available for dining. Guests can enjoy a relaxing massage at the club, or play a game of billiards.

Massage/Spa place nearby: Treasure Island Health Club 金银岛健身俱乐部

Bar/Club: Sunshine Lobby Lounge 阳光酒廊

Address: 8 Cinzhongxi Street, Gongti Beilu Dongcheng District


Tel: 010-65007788

China World Hotel 中国大饭店1379550910643_副本

The China World Hotel Beijing (Zhongguo Dafandian) was opened in 1990 and renovated in 2003. Run by the International Shangri-La, the 5-star property is located in the China World Trade Center complex. Featuring Western architecture style interior, the luxurious 5 star hotel houses 716 guestrooms and suites decorated with modern Asian art, soothing fabrics and glossy furnishings, as well as 5 finest dining venues. The 21-story property also boasts several recreational facilities for guests to unwind.

Massage/Spa place nearby: : Jing Chen Retreat 京臣保健

Bar/Club: Lobby Lounge at China World Hotel 中国大饭店大堂酒廊

Address: 1 Jianguomenwai Avenue, Chaoyang District


Tel: 010-65052266

Zhao Long Hotel 兆龙饭店1378866522625_副本

The Zhao Long Hotel (Beijing Zhaolong Jiudian), opened in 1985 and renovated in 2002, is also known as the Great Dragon Hotel. Located in the vibrant area in the city center, the 5-star hotel houses 257 guestrooms and suites equipped with complete facilities. The 19-story facilities also boost various facilities for guests to enjoy.

Massage/Spa place nearby: : Retreat Center 康乐中心

Bar/Club: Zhaolong Hotel Lobby Bar 兆龙饭店大堂吧

Address: 2 Workers’ Stadium North Road, Chaoyang District


Tel: 010-6597 2299

Hilton Beijing Hotel 北京希尔顿酒店 1379400451400_副本

Opened in 1994 and renovated in 2008, the Hilton Beijing Hotel (Beijing Xierdun Jiudian) is situated in the business and diplomatic area in Chaoyang district. The 25-story hotel houses 502 rooms and suites, equipped with high-speed Internet access, climate control, and other quality amenities.Dining options here include Western and Asian restaurants. Delicious pastries and refreshments are available at the café and bar. Guests can unwind at the hotel’s spa, massage center and gym. The conference facilities here will also meet your demands.

Massage/Spa place nearby: : DRAGONFLY 悠庭保健会所

Bar/Club: Zeta Bar 颐达吧

Address: 1 Dong Fang Road, North Dongsanhuan Road, Chaoyang District


Tel: 010-5865 5000

Grand Hyatt Beijing 东方君悦大酒店thumb (3)_副本

Situating in the center of Oriental Plaza, Grand Hyatt Beijing shares a good location, just near the historical The wangfujing walking street, reataurants and shopping centers are everywhere. Tian An Men and The Imperial Palace are within walking distance. It provides various luxurious rooms which have basic equippents. Senior waitors will give you high-class services. A 2847 feet squareinterspace can be used to hold meetings and banquets. Restaurants and well-equipped indoor swimming pool will give you a fresh enjoyment.

Massage/Spa place nearby:  Ruo Shi Foot Massage(Guangqumen) 若石足道(广渠门店)

Bar/Club: Lobby Bar in Grand Hyatt Beijing东方君悦大酒店大堂吧

Address: Oriental Plaza, NO.1, East Changan Street, Dongcheng District


Tel: 010-85181234

Beijing International Hotel北京国际饭店thumb (6)_副本

Beijing International Hotel is a 5-star hotel situated in Changan Street, airport buses and Beijing west railway station express cars can reach here directly. It was formed by a 29-floor main building and a annex. It has many elegant suits with different styles, combining luxury and simplicity, elegance and glory together. The rooms are equipped with central air-conditioning, advanced sound system, CCTV, mini bar and so on. Restaurants and entertainment facilities are available.

Massage/Spa place nearby: TianTian Professional Massage 天天专业按摩

Bar/Club: Chill Café & Bar

Address: NO.9, Inner St, Jianguomen, Dongcheng District(near Henderson Center)


Tel: 010-65126688


Famous Gay Bars in Beijing

Address: No.7 Gongtixilu Road
Address in Chinese: 朝阳区工体西路7号
Tel: 010 6552 8180
Opening hour: Sun-Thu: 8pm-2am; Fri-Sat: 8pm-late
Per capital consumption: RMB71

Destination is situated near the famous Sanlitun Bar Street area. There are a few gay-friendly restaurants around. As the most popular gay bar anf dance club in the city, the places houses some different bar areas and a dancing floor. Featuring stylish interior decorations, the Destination also own some cute staffs who speak English. ‘Bear Hunting’ is available on every 3rd Friday. Continue reading


OKT guide on this board-Beijing

not like Changping, ChangAn, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shanghai, even Danshui and a lot of other cities of China, there’s shortage of sauna scene, KTV/nightclub scene, even BBS/MP scene, etc in Beijing. – in my opinion, that’s why OKT industry’s booming here.

now the problem is how to choose, as there are so many OKTs,Beijing independent girls, sensual massage providers, old and new, and plenty of FRs, honest or fake on this board. appearently, for you bros who are not familar with all(or perhaps any) of them, it’s becoming more and more difficult to choose one(or some) to your liking in a more efficient and economical way.

so i felt obliged to spend some time making a belief guide after having tried all these OKTs down here. i think it can save your time and money in finding talent of your type. somebody maybe questions me why i know all these OKTs well. because i’ve been using them frequently treating different kinds of ‘friends’. 

of course, if you have plenty of time and do not mind paying more cab fares, just ignore this posting, because the simplest way is to call up them one by one, talent will be sent to your room back and forth, until you find the right one, just like i ever did before… Continue reading


The Best KTVs in Beijing

The KTV is very popular among the people in China. Especially for the young people, The youth often come to KTV when they have a get-together. Most of the KTV places in Beijing are open around the clock, which makes it important for a lively nightlife. You can find thousands of KTVs in Beijing such as Tango, Tongyishouge and Qiangui are the most popular ones. There is never any trouble to find a KTV for party in Beijing, and it can never be a problem for paying the bills because most of these hot venues charge little. In some large KTVs in Beijing, buffet, drink or snacks are offered for free. With an excellent acoustic system and attentive service, KTV has been winning an increasing attendance, if you are first time traveling in Beijing and can hardly speak a Chinese word or sing a Chinese song, you can still go for it because most venues offer large selections of old and new songs for other languages. The following are some best KTVs in Beijing for your reference.

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Some Famous Pickup Bars in Beijing

Are you having a trip to Beijing? Are you worrying about where to relax yourselves in Beijing during a long long night, undoubtedly, bars will be the best place to start your exploration of Beijing’s nightlife. You’ll find that there are many right places for after-hours fun, whether you’re going with a group or flying solo, for example, you can go to some famous Pickup Bars which is patronized especially by unmarried men and women and serves as a meeting place for unmarried people, esp. young ones in search of social, often specif. sexual, relationships, this kind of bars caters to a clientele composed chiefly of single men and women, especially those seeking a lover or spouse, so it also called dating bar.

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Lakeside Nightlife in Houhai Bar Area

后海Houhai, also known as the Back Lakes, is one of the most famous attractions in Beijing. The lake was dug out in the Yuan Dynasty in 14th century. Gathering many bars, restaurants and shops, Houhai has now become an entertainment in Xicheng District. Compared with Sanlitun Bar district, the nightlife in Houhai is classier. Here are some recommended bars for you. Continue reading


Sanlitun in Beijing

100211154558kjap9kfh79ehSanlitun, also known as the Sanlitun Embassy Area, Sanlitun Entertainment Areas or the Sanlitun Bar Street, is located in the eastern area of Chaoyang District in Beijing. It used to be a small street with a few bars. Right now, bars, restaurants and shops can be seen everywhere in this place. Sanlitun has gained a reputation among foreigners, visitors and trendy locals. The bars and restaurants here offer you a cozy environment to hide away.

The area can be simply divided into 4 parts. Sanlitun northern area, also known as the The Liangma River and The Liangma River Road area, offers classy restaurants. Sanlitun West Area is also known as Worker’s Stadium. Sanlitun South Area, which is in the Sanlitun South Road, houses many lower-key bars. Sanlitun Central Area is in the heart of this area. The prices here are a little bit higher than you expect. With minimum charge, most of the bars here close late. Here are some recommendations for you.

Sanlitun North Area
The entrance here is at the Sanlitun Lu. The shops in this area are in line. There are The Tree, Boys & Girls bar, Poacher’s serving great drinks, Public Space offering great coffee in a classy and calm environment, Swing 58 providing tasty food and great entertainment, The Bookworm with a variety of English books and great coffee, The Handsome Café serving excellent Italian food, and The Golden Elephant serves unexpensive Indian and Thai cuisines.

Sanlitun West Area
The bars here includes Mix providing large space and hot dancers, Vics playing great disco music, the Outback Steakhouse offering excellent steaks, and the Havana Café with a live band performing. The entrance is at the north of The Worker’s Stadium. There are also many other on-site bars, restaurants and shops.

Sanlitun South Area
The bars here are low-key and smaller. Recommended ones are Q Bar offering innovative cocktails, the Cross Club providing nostalgic atmosphere, the Face Bar serving Thai, Indian and Chinese cuisines, the Tree Bar offering great beers and pizzas, and the Pavilion Bar, a great place for sports fans to hang out.

Sanlitun Central Area
Apart from the hotels and shopping stores in this business district, there are also numerous bars. Offering the greatest disco music in the city, the Rock & Roll is behind the Comfort Inn. The Den decorated with western designs is close to the City Hotel. The Power House bar here features a live band performance and the Success is located in an interesting building.