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Erotic Massage at A Clinical Research Center in Beijing

In the disguise of professional therapy, a Clinical Research Center of TCM in Beijing recruit students via mass texting and online ads to offer pornographic services. It flaunted that it was legal and suitable for single& couples massage. On March 17 Mr. Li received a message called, the man on the phone claimed that he was working at Beijing Kangzhongle Traditional Chinese Clinical Research Institute which specialized in prostate healthcare massage. And they promise to give you the enjoyment of unexpected. Mr. Li decided to take a look as he was a little uncomfortable these days. It was located in Jiahuiyuan Apartment, Huao Center, covering an area of over hundreds of square meters. After stepping in, two female therapists wearing white coats showing him into a room with shower on the 2nd floor. And the directly let take off her clothes. The picture blow shows the two women claimed to be nurses introducing treatments and charges.


Then a female therapist led Mr.Li to the bath room and showered him. He was told to lie on the bed, and they started to massage him on his back and ass. “It was nothing special except naked touch, and seemed just like Spa.” Said Mr .Li. But he felt nervous in the following moment as those two therapists proceeded to touch his private parts. But they said it had great impacts to health with patented technique. And they continually seducing him that they could do further services which just needed Several hundred RMB for bonus. It costed him 1600RMB in total, and he believed it was a pornographic service without asking him what symptom he got.

This place had been investigated by the police last year, and now they established a working group decide to reinvestigate it.



Online Hotel Reservation

No matter you are travelling for business or vacation, you’ll be looking for a place to stay, and probably, it is unavoidable to stay at a hotel. In order to save some money, online hotel reservation is an ideal option for most people. This article will analyze some domestic and foreign online hotel booking sites.

The is a global hotel booking site which involves 19,392 hotels. There are many guests’ reviews and the price is cheap. But the 10% service fee is required in the total price, which makes it not that much cheap. So please notice this when comparing prices. Continue reading


Some Popular Forum Abbreviations on the Internet

Network words are some special language or words which are used on the Internet such as the forum abbreviations, they are accompanied by the birth and development of the Internet. Refers to the words with the naissance and development of the Internet, you can find a lot of network words or abbreviations in various page or Forum, the following are some popular forum abbreviations you may always see on the internet.

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Using Momo to Meet the Friendly Chinese Girl

Today in China, almost everyone knows Momo, One such app, Momo (陌陌) allows its users to locate, chat, and possibly hook up with people around them. Momo is also a free location-based services instant messaging application for smartphones for chatting up nearby strangers. Momo provides free text messaging services. In addition, users can also send each other images, location information, and audio media messages.

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Ski Resorts in Beijing

With the freezing winds and low temperatures, the ski season is coming. No matter you are a professional, amateur or non-skier, you can relax and entertain yourself by skiing, participating in snow activities, or sitting in a nice place to enjoy the view. Here are some ski resorts in Beijing for the reference.

Beijing Nanshan Ski Village
Located in the south of Miyun County, Nanshan Ski Village is the largest skiing resort in North China with the most sophisticated facilities. Nanshan now has 12 trails for skiers of different levels, and a NANSHAN MELLOW PARK equipped with a halfpipe, 5 kickers and 7 rails. There is also a trail for children. The shuttle bus (RMB 40 round trip) is available at Dongzhimen.

Address: Shengshuitou Village, Henanzhai Town, Miyun County, Beijing
Phone: 010-8909-1909
Opening Hour: 8.30am-5.30pm daily
Season: Dec – Mar.
Admission: RMB 20
Rental: RMB 100/2hr, RMB 150/2hr (weekend), RMB 160/2hr (holidays) Continue reading