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Top and Best thing and place in Beijing

10 Best Massage Parlors in Beijing

Living in Beijing, the fast-paced lifestyle usually make people tired. To relax your body and mind, massage is a good choice. There are uncountable massage parlors in Beijing, large or small. According to “dianping”( a famous review website in China), 10 massage parlors are recognized as the best in Beijing. Now, let’s have a look together. Continue reading


Top 10 Incall Escort Girls in Beijing

Recently, terrorist attack in Yunan Province and the vice clampdown
all across china has led to daily checks on all hotels and entertainment outlets all across China. Hotels are not safe, the police is literally checking every hotel room in China. Beside catching sex workers they are also after the Xinjiang people who carried out the attack at Yunan train station. Hence, incall escort service will be safer than outcall for the time being. It is better for all to go to the girl’s rented rooms or apartment for overnight in Beijing.

Incall Escort Girl is named as Lou Feng(楼凤) in Chinese. It refers to the prostitutes who offer sex service in their own living place as well as gentlewomen who make deals of body with men. Lou Feng usually are local citizens and have their own lodgings. The reasons for them to choose to be incall escort girls varies from each other, but with one in common, a unfortunate marriage. They do not have professional skill and live alone. They are either young and beautiful, or mature and charming. Hence, these incall escort girls are jokingly named as Lou Feng(楼凤) by local people.

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The Best KTVs in Beijing

The KTV is very popular among the people in China. Especially for the young people, The youth often come to KTV when they have a get-together. Most of the KTV places in Beijing are open around the clock, which makes it important for a lively nightlife. You can find thousands of KTVs in Beijing such as Tango, Tongyishouge and Qiangui are the most popular ones. There is never any trouble to find a KTV for party in Beijing, and it can never be a problem for paying the bills because most of these hot venues charge little. In some large KTVs in Beijing, buffet, drink or snacks are offered for free. With an excellent acoustic system and attentive service, KTV has been winning an increasing attendance, if you are first time traveling in Beijing and can hardly speak a Chinese word or sing a Chinese song, you can still go for it because most venues offer large selections of old and new songs for other languages. The following are some best KTVs in Beijing for your reference.

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Top 10 Massage and Spa Parlors in Beijing

Stress has now become a more serious problem in our daily life. To deal with the problem, having a massage therapy might be a great ideal. They are great places to relax your body and mind, offering you the balance that you need. Those soothing touches will help you reach deep relaxation. Here are the top 10 massage and spa places you can go in Beijing. Continue reading


Top 10 shopping malls in Beijing

Here are 10 shopping malls you don’t want to miss when you visit Beijing.

Shin Kong Place
pic1With 938 international class brands, Taiwan-based department store owns the largest Gucci flagship store in Asia. Opened in 2007, Shin Kong Place sells mid-range to high-end clothing and goods. The restaurants here offer delicious food.

Address: 87 Jianguo Lu (beside China Central Place), Chaoyang District
Tel: 6530-5888
Opening Hours: 10am-10pm daily
Subway: Line 1, 2, Batong and get off at Dawan Lu Continue reading


5 Featured restaurants in Beijing

The Dark Restaurant: Whale Inside

pitch-black-restaurantThe Whale Inside, known to all as the “Dark Restaurant”, is probably the most interesting restaurant in Beijing. Most of the restaurants focus on food, but this one offers the experience of eating without seeing. The dining area is set in complete darkness, there’s no way you can see your plate or the people you’re dining with. The waiters here are equipped with night-vision goggles. Objects like cigarettes, cell phones and cameras are not allowed to take in the dinning area.

Address: No. 1037, 3rd floor, Jianwai SOHO West, 39 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Tel: 010-58694235, 59000434, 59000343
Cuisine: Chinese
Service quality: good
Food quality: good
Price per person (RMB): 100-200
Environment: good
Feature dish: Australian soft ribs, shark fin soup Continue reading