Best Pizzas in Shnaghai

Deriving from Italy, pizza wins a huge love in the public. And Shanghai is such an international city, hundreds of Shanghai restaurants serve pizzas, but where to start if you want the best. In the following, I would like to list some restaurants sharing different features, all providing great pizzas.

High- quality pizzas

These places offer pizzas with fantastic flavors and the environment is excellent , the decorations are special. Eating these pizzas are a high level of enjoyment.

Casanova卡萨诺瓦意大利餐厅thumb (2)_副本

Address: NO.913, Julu Road(near Changshu Road), Jingan District


Tel: 021-54034528

Description: It is an Italian restaurant located in Julu Road. The building is an old- styled villa with wooden stairs. And the restaurant situated on 3F. It has a fantastic environment and warm arrangement. Pizzas served here are authentic Italian style with good states, neo-Neapolitan style pizza is available. The warm services, good environment and delicious pizza make it a wonderful place to have meals.

PIZZA MARZONA(Grand Gateway) 比萨马上诺(港汇广场店)

Address: 507B, 5F, Grand Getaway Hang Lung Plaza, NO.1, Hongqiao Road, Xuhui District

地址:徐汇区虹桥路1号港汇恒隆广场5楼507Bthumb (5)_副本

Tel: 021-64478880

Description: It is a famous Italian Pizza Store in UK, and it has three branches in Shanghai. This branch located in Grand Gateway. The decoration is full of western flavor and is based on concision, creating a romantic and sweet atmosphere, providing Italian –styled pizzas. The open kitchen makes customers see how pizzas come out. The innovative Peking Roast Duck Pizza is a combination of Chinese and Western elements, and the flavor is special and delicious. Besides, the employees are warm and kind.

The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo

Address: Room 402, Building D, NO. 2967, West Lujiazui Road(near Fenghe Road), Pudong District

地址:浦东新区陆家嘴西路2967号D座402室(近丰和路)thumb (1)_副本

Tel: 021-50541265 50541465

Description: This restaurant situated in a glasshouse behind the Oriental Pearl Tower, owning a beautiful view of Huangpu River. It has pain colored tables and chairs, and the whole environment is neat and clean. The open kitchen will show the process of doing pizza by traditional wood fire. And the pizzas are authentic and delicious with thick cheese. The tasty pizzas, fantastic environment and well-trained employees make it very attractive.


Address: 2F, Jiahe Hotel, NO.931, West Nanjing Road(near Taixin Road), Jingan District

地址:静安区南京西路931号家合酒店2楼(近泰兴路)thumb (3)_副本

Tel: 021-33024997

Description: This restaurant has the command of celebrity chief Salvatore Cuomo, featured in Italian country food. The decoration was paied specially attention on with old wood floor, brown solid wood table and personality decorations all over. In order to cook authentic Italian pizzas, they transported the oven from Naples by air, and the the materials are particularly selected. Spanish ham buffalo cheese pizza is recommendable as the thick cheese flavor .

Da Marco(Jinghua Branch)可意大利餐厅(京华店)

Address: 1F, Metropark Hotel, NO.103, Dongchu Anbang Road(near Zhenning Road), Changning Districtthumb (4)_副本


Tel: 021-62104495 62110088-5668

Description: It’s called the kitchen of consulate general of Italy, it has opened for over 20 years, which is one of the restaurants sharing a long history in Shanghai. Italian family atmosphere makes customers feel very cozy and friendly feelings. The pizzas here are authentic Italian flavor, and the wild boar sausages pizza is delicious and recommendable.

Reasonable price pizzas

These pizzas have high cost performances and the tastes are quite good , and it will be a good choice to eat these pizzas if you want to eat delicious pizzas with less money.

Magaroni Pizza Studio玛格萝妮比萨屋(黄浦店)

Address: NO.247, Beihai Road(near Yunnan Middle Road), Huangpu District

地址:黄浦区北海路247号(近云南中路)thumb (6)_副本

Tel: 021-63500950

Description:It is a branch of Magaroni Pizza Studio, locating in Beihai Road. The environment is quiet and you will feel very comfortable here. It also has a good location. It provides Italian meals. The pizzas here are delicious with thin crust and thick cheeses, the price is quite reasonable.

New Bere Italian Restaurant新贝乐意式休闲餐厅(杨浦店)

Address: NO,1501, Xuchang Road(near Kongjiang Road), Yangpu Districtthumb (6)_副本


Tel: 021-65795822

Description: It is an affordable Italian restaurant located in Xuchang Road, proposing healthy diet. It has European decoration, droplight and bead curtains are used to create a sweet and romantic atmosphere. It serves many kinds of food, including Southeast Asian flavor and Italian food. And the pizzas served here have a high cost performance, of course, the pizzas are very delicious.

AURA(Jiaozhou Road)

Address: NO.171, Jiaozhou Road(near West Beijing Road), Jingan Districtthumb (7)_副本

地址: 静安区胶州路171号(近北京西路)

Description: This restaurant located in a foreign-styled house, featuring an entrance almost identical to URBN hotel just up the street, as well as a small outdoor terrace. The environment is quite good and the food served here are very delicious. They offer 17 pizzas in 10- and 14-inch sizes. While the margherita (45/55RMB) isn’t mind-blowing – no basil and so crispy that it can be hard to cut – the parma ham pizza (70/88RMB) is a gem, piled high with lots of quality ham, fresh rocket, gherkins, olives and shavings of parmesan cheese.


Address: Room106, Building4, NO.653, Waima Road, Huangpu District


Tel: 021-33768308

Description: It provides authentic New York Style pizzas, and the tastes are quite good. The bottom of the pizza is thin and crisp with thick cheeses on it, creating a strong flavor. Besides, buying a piece of pizza is available, so you can taste many flavors one time. The reasonable price, good tastes and great environment make it a good place to come.

Take-out pizzas

Fast, cheap, and seriously greasy, delivery pizza is a good choice for a party, for a late night snack, or just because the idea of actually getting up and going anywhere is too much to bear

Domino’s(Mengzi Branch) 达美乐比萨(蒙自店)

Address: NO.169, Mengzi Road(near Liyuan Road), Luwan Districtthumb_副本


Tel: 021-53089887 4008825252

Description: This branch located in Mengzi Road, providing many kinds of pizzas with delivery services. You can order easily on phone, and English services is available. The employees are super cheerful too, which makes the whole experience even nicer. They are the only pizza delivery company I know that offers a “delivery in 30 minutes or your next pizza’s free” guarantee, delicious pizzas. Besides, the pizzas are quite delicious.

PLAZA PIZZA(Huashan Road)

Addres: NO.325-1, Huashan Road(Changshu Road Crossing), Jingan District


Tel: 021-62489121 4001001116

Description: This place provides convenient order of pizzas, you can order on the phone, QQ and MSN. The pizzas served here are tasty with thin crust and thick cheeses. And the quantity is enough, a 22inch is sufficient for 8 persons. The price is quite reasonable too.

The Yellow Submarine黄色潜水艇

Address: NO.1634, West Beijing Road, Jingan District(near Jiaozhou Road)

地址; 静安区北京西路1634号(近胶州路)l

Tel: 64151666

Description: This venue conveniently delivers custom-made, piping hot pizzas to your doorstep 24 hours a day. Choose from 10 or 12-inch pizzas with your choice of unlimited toppings: pepperoni, sausage, onion, mushrooms, tomato, green pepper, garlic, chili pepper and more. The pizzas are delicious and with reasonable price, and the delivery services are convenient.

Wallaby Pizza Street 沃乐比披萨

Address: Store103, NO. 477, Aomeng Road, Putuo Districtthumb_副本



Description: It is super easy whether ordering from the phone or the website. The guy answering the phone is usually the Australian owner, so English service is not a problem. The website is extremely straightforward and accessible. Orders are accurate and fairly prompt and the pizzas are delicious.


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