Best Spas in Shenzhen

As we all know, living in a bustling city where pressures are everywhere, it is necessary to manage a way to unwind oneself. You can definitely go to bars or karaoke with your friends, but why not try something that is calmer and relaxer. A spa treatment will be an amazing and unforgettable experience. Enjoying the water flow while you are relaxing your body and mind, the spa is a true bliss.

Shenzhen, as one of the earliest developed city in China, has a variety of leisure locations, including the Spas. They are located in almost every corner of the city. But, it is known to all that the best services only exist in best spa. The following is some of the best spas you can try in the city.

Zense SPA(昇逸水疗)
Zense SPA is a full-service SPA paradise with an area of about 15,000 sq. meters, providing “facial & body treatment, healthcare therapy, relaxation and recreation” services to enlighten your soul and ease your tension both physically and psychologically via genuine and unique Spa experience while enjoying delicious cuisine and recreation in this fashionable SPA world. Remember that the best time to go there is before 7pm as there is a 30% discount for you. Recommended treatments are traditional Chinese massage, hot volcanic stone therapy, signature massage and beauty spa treatment. Per capital consumption is about 300RMB.

Languifang Spa(兰桂芳SPA水疗会所)
Languifang is a multi award-winning day spa featuring three Central locations. The 5-story flagship spa in Lan Kwai Fong, with its rooftop lounge, was awarded the Best Sparty venue by HK Magazine in 2010, and two boutique spas including the original Sense of Touch at Hollywood Road and the popular Arbuthnot Road spa. Recommended treatments are traditional Chinese massage, foot massage and beauty spa treatment. Per capital consumption is about 120RMB.

Quan Spa(泉)
Shenzhen is historically related to water as this is an area crisscrossed with rivers and where there were once deep drains in paddy fields. The Quan Spa is a reflection of the city literally. Offering a spa experience based on water therapies, it helps move you towards relaxation, balance and vitality. Quan is your source of rejuvenation. Recommended treatments are signature massage, foot massage, facials treatments and specific body treatments.

Decleor Spa(思研丽)
Each of Decleor Spa’s holistic treatments begins with a unique back diagnostic massage. Combining the relaxing strokes of conventional massage with Eastern acupressure techniques, this exclusive treatment helps the therapist select the ideal course of treatments for ultimate skincare results. From face and body, suncare and pregnancy to men’s treatments and pure relaxation, all therapies choose 100% pure, natural and preservative-free Essential Oil blends. Products used in each treatment also contain highly targeted and concentrated active ingredients, all with proven skincare properties, to meet the needs of even the most demanding skins and clientele. Recommended treatments are beauty spa treatment, signature massage and skin care. Per capital consumption is about 200RMB.

Gold Coast Spa(黄金海岸水疗会所)
Gold coast spa is an integration of entertainment, leisure and business. The high-grade club, which has the amorous feelings of South American, is located in the Shenzhen Luohu District. The transportation is convenient. Decorated in Miami Beach scenery culture, the tropical greeneries are everywhere. Various rural style oil painting decorations bring a person the sense of happiness. Gentle soothing music makes people feel relaxed. Recommended treatments are beauty spa treatment, signature massage, sauna and Honkong style massage. Per capital consumption is about 248RMB.

Avana Spa(阿芙娜水疗馆)
Avana Spa, featuring South East Asian tropical passion, provides international standard SPA service for the wealthy and successful residents in Shekou and around. The operation team of the SPA comes from different countries like Thailand, the Philippines and China. Located in Meillen Club, Avana Spa is one of the most welcomed destinations of leisure in Shekou. The SPA emphasizes the human experience like the temperature, smell, music, touch, attitude, visual, taste and tries to satisfy every need of the customers. Recommended treatments are body massage, body scrub, body treatment, facial, waxing and well-being.

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