Brothels Converted From Toilets Raided by Hong Kong Police

1Recently, Hong Kong Police raided several brothel in an unused shopping mall in Yuen Long area. These brothels were converted from public toilets. In this action which lasted for two days, Hong Kong police arrested 84 people, including 33 men and 51 women. Among the 51 women, 37 are from the mainland China aging from 17 to 72 years old and live in this unused shopping mall. 

Though prostitution in Hong Kong  is legal, soliciting and living off a prostitute’s earnings is not.  It’s reported that the brothels in this shopping mall were controlled by the gangdom. According the Hong Kong Police, the shopping mall was located in the sparsely populated area and had many spare rooms which were perfectly for criminals to do prostitution in it.

3This criminal group took each step cautiously. They only allow prostitutes to make deals with their frequent whoremasters. In additional, these whoremasters have ciphers between them and the prostitutes like “one, three, five, seven etc.”. It is estimated by the police, each prostitute had to “treat” 15 to 20 clients each day. The service rate each time is 250 RMB among which 100 RMB had to be handed to the criminal group.  Each month, the gangdom could get  30 thousand Hong Kong dollars from the prostitutes.

2In this unused shopping mall, there were only southern Asian several restaurants where some Indian and Pakistan businessmen gathered. The interior environment of the shopping mall was terrible according to the statement of Hong Kong Police.


According to a report of Hong Kong local newspaper, from January to October in 2013,  there were 1629 criminal cases related to the gangdom and this was the first time that Hong Kong police found prostitution in the toilets. Moreover, the investigation is still on, and there is a possibility that more people would be arrested and get the punishment of law.

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