China Folk Culture Village

56Situated in the beautiful city in south China, Shenzhen, China Folk Culture Village covers an area of more than 200 thousand square meters. With the collection of national folk art, folk customs and residential buildings, it is the first large-scale cultural tourism scenic spot, which contains 25 villages of 22 ethnic groups that constructed according to the ratio of 1:1. By ethnic style performances, folk arts and crafts exhibition and organizing big folk activities regularly, such as Chinese nation big temple fair, water-sprinkling festival, torch festival, Xishuangbanna customs months, Inner Mongolia customs week .etc, China folk Culture Village shows  our various authentic and colorful ethnic customs and folk culture to us, allowing visitors to fully experience the nation’s soul and charm. China Folk Culture Village win the good reputation of ” Chinese Folk Museum” in the world for the rich implication of “twenty-five villages, fifty-six ethnic customs”.

Folk Culture

1. Chinese Dragon Dance:  Performance caused 100 million yuan, 16-year accumulation of artistic 57performance capabilities,cohesion of hundreds of artists whimsy, will integrate into sound, light, electricity, water and other means of modern stage, so dance, acrobatics, magic are available.  A heroic professional stage, more than 500 actors, more than 1200 sets of clothing, 55-minute show, all of these let you enjoy the splendor of Chinese culture grace.

2.Ancient Whispering Gallery: Concentrated using sound, light, 60electricity, water and other means of modern stage, fully demonstrated the historical process of ancestors in harmony with nature and overcome prehistoric world after dawn of time. Magical stage effects: real beast, real animal, real birds and real live performances; brilliance, blend of fire and water fantasy scenes created by large man-made waterfall.

3.Orient Seduction: A large national costumes dance poem with the integration of national costumes, dance, music and choreography is launched by Splendid China national art trouple. She 58followed the division of Chinese regions—east, south, west, north, subtly melt into the poetic of “wind, flowers, snow, moon”demonstrated China’s ethnic clothing culture and customs through the performance practices of romantic poetry, exquisite costumes, innovative choreography means, distinctive artistic characteristics.

4. Armored Dynasty:  War horse performance venue is located in the coast of China Folk Culture Village, covering an area of nearly 20,000 square meters and cost more than 10 million yuan. In order to faithfully reproduce the history, it invites professional actors from Innner Mongolia. Hundreds of professional actors and hundreds of horses,  with the cooperation of fireworks, sound, choreography and other special means, it shows the audience a thrilling, realistic and magnificent war scenes.

Featured Program

1. Large-scale national costumes dance” Oriental Seduction”  , show time: 17:00.

The program has visited aboard on behalf of the state for several times and has performed in Hongkong, Taiwan. Wherever he went, the audience all like it.

2. Large original historical live-action drama “Armored dynasty”, show time: 14:00; 16:10.

300 equestrain stunt fierce duel, hundreds of horse, it shows you the history of generation of dignity Nurhachu. True interpretation of the Chinese equestrain stunts, it is called the masterpiece of horse martial arts.

3. the people’s party—large China Variety epic” Chinese Dragon Dance”, show time: 19:30.

With the culmination of creation, highly concentratd in the content of five thousand years of Chinese traditional folk essence of art, it is a large innovation on the performing arts.

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