Compensated Fraud via Wechat

Three men were deceived via Wechat, two middle school students were included. Compensated1_副本 dating was used as a bait, the swindling group find their prey by sending beautiful girls’ pictures to attract men’s attention. Those two students was enticed to send them 100rmb and 650HK dollars, but failed to meet the girl. Another victim was a middle-aged bachelor who send 1000rmb via alipay, he did not perceive until the requirement for extra 3000rmb came. Two of the victims publicized this fraud to stop men getting tricked again.

The involved student, surnamed Zheng, realized he was tricked and he decided to disguise himself as a whoremaster to draw her out. They made a bargain in 600HKD, but she never showed up. Zheng threatened to call the police, but she saied she was forced and then disappeared again.

0224-00176-022p4g4_副本The other victim surnamed Chen, after the payment of 1000rmb, he asked directly for a sex trade, but she didn’t showed up, and ask for another 3000rmb for cash deposit, when he found out it was a trap, he went to alipay for help.

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