Conn job at Mong Kok through Wechat

A sucker’s born each day and today, I’m that sucker.

Ok, here goes: I was recently bored and used Wechat to add friends. This one was ‘shaken’ and a rather lovely girl popped up. As we chatted, she lamented that she wasn’t getting enough business and asked me to engage her services. She was really attractive but I was suckered once too often having being the victim of ‘bait and switch’ once too often. Anyway, a few days passed and each day she pestered me to engage her. Today I had a really rough day at work and coupled with a nasty quarrel with my gf. So I needed to find some company to soothe the bruised ego. I contacted her.

The meeting was at MK exit A2. When I arrived, she was no where to be seen. I waited for about 30 mins and started to leave. I told her that I’m leaving. I was only steps from the MTR when she texted me repeatedly. Firstly, she asked me to buy a Mycard 2000 from a convenience store. The reason was that for first time transactions, she said that she will not accept cash for fear that I’m a cop and would deem the transaction illegal. Well… I didn’t like that arrangement because I didn’t know what it was so I refused. I told her it’s too troublesome and forget it. She pestered. Saying that since I’m there and since she is already nearby, buy the Mycard 2000 (HK$530) and upon completing the ‘service’, I’ll pay her with that. She kept saying that doing so would ‘protect’ both parties. I crumbled. So I bought the ticket from Circle K at the MTR station. Next, she asked me to take a photo and text her the picture of the receipt. I did but I regret not blocking the pin or part of the numbers. She said that she’s a few minutes away and asked me what I wore. At this time, she asked for my telephone number. I didn’t want to give but she said how then can she find me. I told her a spot that I would wait for her but I didn’t stand there. She kept asking for the number and finally I gave. She called. She said that she’s just moments away. Soon after, a man called. He was polite. Spoke Mandarin. He said that recently a lot of police were catching these girls. So now to protect them and myself, I should first provide a ‘deposit’ and when the girl ascertain that I’m not a police, she’ll return the amount in cash. Immediately, I woke up.  I told him enough, this is not necessary. I’m a tourist and can easily show him my passport to verify that I’m not a police. Then he started to turn nasty. He said, “look pal, the man beside you is my man. If you don’t deposit the money, that proves that you are a police and I’ll have him break your arm”. To this I replied, “go ahead”. He then said, “hey, if you are really out to play, don’t make things ugly. I can trace your telephone number and make things difficult for your family!” I replied,” go ahead, this is a prepaid card. I’m alone here in HK, I have no friends nor family”. I hung up. He called again. I answered out of fun. He said, “my men will follow you to your home and tomorrow I will make hell for you”. I simply hung up.  Of course I checked around for people who were following me and took a detour, but I’m used to these threats from past experiences.

The thing that irks me is why was I so dumb to fall into this scam. Actually there were a few tell tale signs that this is a scam or something wasn’t right.

1) Too pretty. A girl like her would have no problems getting customers if she had simply advertised here. Even asking her for a photo was useless (I did).

2) She seems undeterred by the duration here (Mainlanders can only come here 7 days)

3) Too cheap. $1000 for 2hrs. With her looks, she can easily do the hotel walk in for 900 per hr

4) method of payment. The Mycard 2000 thing should have been the obvious one but I still fell for it

So, punters be aware of this. I’m obviously not local and do not know what they can do with this Mycard 2000. I will find out how this amount can be used but the damage wasn’t much, HK$500, a couple of hours of my time and another bruised ego.


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