Couple recent tidbits / price checks from Jinqiao and Pudong


Jinqiao BBSs

Went to check out some Jinqiao BBSs lately to see if things have changed. I haven’t gone much since my two regulars moved away from Yinshan Lu.

The four BBs on Yinshan Lu (between Yunshan Lu and Zaozhuang Lu) have not really changed much. The girls there are a bit older overall but recently there are a couple fresher girls who are passable. Banged one of them and will try to be a repeat customer of hers since her attitude is good. Overall the girls on this street are not as good looking as a few blocks over on Yintai Lu (Yintai Lu & Yunshan Lu) , but I still find their attitude and willingness to please much better. A couple of the older girls on this street do anal, but you need to get to know them first, and price is 300rmb with the anal (can prob haggle 200rmb if you pushed it after you get to know them).

Over on Jintai Lu, the girls in the three or four BBSs are on average much younger and prettier that the Yinshan Lu ones. However, I tested out two shops over the last couple weeks and it is much more ‘business’ over on this street. On Yinshan I still feel it’s easier to get a GFE, which I enjoy. Also, one of the girls on Jintai would only do covered BJ – I prefer uncovered. Again, YMMV with each particular girl, but that has been my experience.

Asking prices on both streets are 150FS. 200 FS+BJ (some girls on Jintai may only do covered).

Eshan Lu BBSs

Hopped over to Eshan Lu to take a look and tried out the BBS toward the west end of the street behind the small tree grove. A few of the girls were not bad, but they are price gouging now as far as I can tell. The girl wouldn’t budge on FS for 200rmb and FS with BJ for 300rmb. I do bargain hard and often get my way or just walk, but I think it was clear that I wanted to fuck her (she’s my type) so I do what I usually advocate against and caved. My second mistake was not asking about the BJ, because she would only do covered. Ugg. Then, after the covered BJ, she switched out a new wrapper for the FS – wow. So at least she is waaaaaay more safety conscious then most of the other BBS girls I’ve met the past couple of years. Anyone else with more recent experience on this street? I have a feeling the whole street is opening at 300rmb now if you are not an old customer. Sorry I got weak and didn’t go through on my threat to walk out and find if they will budge to 200 at threat of losing a sale for everyone.

Legit Japanese Onsen / Bathhouse in Jinqiao

Ok, so this isn’t a hanky panky and is legit (co-ed and families) , but it’s a gem so wanted to share with you fellas.

A new Japanese-managed onsen / bathhouse has opened in Jinqiao: Here’s a recent article about it – it’s the first one called Gokurakuyu: (nope I’m not affiliated)…ing-bathhouses

It’s super clean the service staff are really friendly. They opened in February so it’s very clean (just about Japan standard (hey we in CN, so not fair to compare). As in the article you go in, and there is a bath area (separated between men and women) with various hot spring pools and sauna rooms. After you are done with the hot spring area, you change into the issued robes / shorts and then you can go to the common rest area. The rest area has a café, restaurant, more hot rock sauna rooms, a big rest area like Macau saunas, and a spa.

This place is super relaxing and my new routine when I have time is to hit up one of the nearby BBSs (Yinshan Lu and Jintai Lu are withint 5 minutes driving) and then go over to the bathhouse and just relax – clean up, shower, shave, etc. They have a good foot massage service (haven’t tried the full body) and in the men’s hot spring area, you can also get a full body scrub down and salt scrub. Unfortunately it’s not like a Macau sauna where a busty viet girl does it, but it’s a Chinese guy who will do it if you are ok with that. I highly highly highly recommend this place. Entrance is 128 for full day use, and anything extra (food, drinks, massages, scrubs) is charged to your wristband where you pay on the way out. I love this place and got their VIP card.

Pudong HE Massage Places

Here’s some recent places I’ve tried:

AVOID: My Spa (Jinqiao – Corner of Mingyue Lu & Baihua Lu)

So the only reason I first started going to this place was because a girl who I was a regular of transferred to work there. Got the VIP card and all. Unfortunately she left, so the times I’ve been back was to use up the remainder of the VIP card. In fairness I will say the place is very clean, the manager helpful (I left my phone once and they held it for me) , and the girls are overall young and cute. Another bonus is you can bone some of the girls in shop, but you would need to get to know them and it will cost you an arm and a leg.

The big turnoff of this place is the sales pressure the girls put on to sell you a VIP card and also their expectation for tips. Both times I went back after my girl left, (different girls) pulled long faces when I told them all they would get would be a 200 & 300 rmb tip (respectively due to length of massage and pops). Both girls pulled sob stories about normally getting 500-600 rmb tips (bullshit unless there are some real dumb fckers out there) and basically asking me why I was so cheap and I should be more generous. They also halfway through their massage began their high pressure VIP card sales pitch, straight away asking to charge 5000rmb to the VIP card for them. Again, I don’t have a problem telling these type girls to go stick it, but it’s still unpleasant and kills my mood. With one girl, I almost couldn’t even get hard with my face between her tits, hand rubbing her through her panties and she fondling me, because of how much her sales pitch annoyed me. I have like over 1500 rmb left on the VIP card there and I’m basically like, fckit, sunk cost, don’t even want to deal with it anymore – not worth going back for.

The girls here are money hungry diggers and I would really recommend mongers to avoid this place, unless you are rolling in dough and like to needlessly throw it around.

Lotus Massage – 15 Pujian Road, #13 (Corner of Pujian Lu & Pudong Ave)

The complex where this massage place is is in the southeast corner of the Pujian Road & Pudong Ave intersection. It’s across the street from the Four Points Sheraton. The complex has a KFC, MT Club, and two or three massage places. It’s next to a massage shop called Soft Massage (didn’t try it).

Pretty standard service and price here. Massage and HE. My girl does BBBJ in the routine, but I have known her from a previous shop so YMMV. I usually give my girl 200rmb for 90 minutes / two pops) or 300rmb if I get an extra long session. Place is not that big, but overall clean and friendly – they don’t gouge here (have had a couple of the other girls) , but they do try to upsell the VIP card – though not so forceful as to piss you off.

Another bonus of this place is that you can arrange outcall massage with the girls. The charge is 500rmb for one hour massage at your hotel – you can call the shop or the girl directly if you already know her. Anything else in the room (FS and price) is arranged between you and the girl.

Varied mix of girls here, some are cute, some are not to my taste.

Zhangjiang Town Massage Places

If you are ever way out in the sticks in the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, there are a ton of HE massage places in the Zhangjiang Town center – I counted 8-10. These are lined along Zhangjiang Road (south off of Longdong Ave) around Ziwei Road, and some off the side streets. These places are pretty local so you can get away with 100-200rmb tips for HE, and the massage prices are somewhat lower as well. Saw some cute girls here and there in the shops. Surprisingly there are no BBSs in Zhangjiang Town that I know of, but further into the park at the Shanghai Legend retail plaza at the Zhangjiang Metro Station there is a small sauna on the 3rd floor in the back humorously enough. If anyone knows of any BBSs in Zhangjiang, would love to hear about them for when business brings me out that way.

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