Dance Clubs inside Fuxing Park

The historical changes of Fuxing Park show the history of Shanghai. Its original name was Gujiazhai Park when a Gu family opened it over 100 years ago. It was renamed the French park when the French bought it to station its army in 1900. After WW II, Japanese took over the French concession; the park’s name became Daxing Park. Its name was finally changed to Fuxing Park after Chinese won the Anti-Japanese War in 1945.

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Fuxing Park is the only French style park in Shanghai. Its fine design and various different trees provide a shelter from the sun to local residents in the hottest months of a year. So it is also called carpet garden. There are some sculptures of Marx and Engels which were completed on the 90th anniversary of Engels’ death. One of the finest thing is the bar and restaurant in Fuxing Park, such as park 97, Richy, I Club. Why not to taste some great cocktails behind dense trees while rambling in the park and appreciating Marx and Engels.

Muse at Park 97

1Muse at Park 97 is a sophisticated nightclub and bar situated in Fuxing Park. This small two storey bar is the most leisure one of the Muse group. From Muse, M2 to Muse at park 97, the concept of Muse club from Los Angeles has infused in to this prosperous city. Muse at Park 97 once was a gather spot of stars and trendsetters. When night falls, it suddenly transformed to one of the hottest bars in Shanghai. A dance floor is available for young people who stagger on late into the night. It is a great place for party. Live bands and DJs play exciting music adding to the fun.

Address: Fuxing Park, NO.2, Gaolan Road, Huangpu District


Phone: 021-54810421/53828326    电话: 021-54810421/53828326

Average Price: CNY220    人均: 220


2Richy is Babyface’s new brand, but its crowd and overall atmosphere is similar to that of Babyface. Shinning decoration is its biggest feature. Its light are bright, its façade is glaring. DJ stars play big electronic music. A dance floor offers space for those who like rocking through the night. It is definitely one of Shanghai’s most famous nightclubs. With enough lounge space and private tables, you can sit back and enjoy the lights, glass, smoke and dancing performance which never ends until twilight. Richy as well as baby face provides exciting spots for energetic people in Shanghai.

Address: Fuxin Park, NO.2, Gaolan Road (close to Sinan Road), Huangpu District


Phone: 021-62209898    电话: 021-62209898

Average Price: CNY358    人均: 358

I Club

3A big bright new club has opened its veil in Fuxing Park. With an opening night featured Deadmau5, I Club began its business in the site where Guangdi used to reside. The club has a butterfly theme, a small dance floor surrounded by a lounge area. Design of the club is much like Richy, shinning and dynamic. Having a drink at the bar’s proximity to the door is a good taste, but once you get inside, the price would not be bearable for all people. I Club is a good dance bar in Fuxing park, but it seems Richy and Muse would be more popular.

Address: Fuxin Park, NO.2, Gaolan Road (close to Sinan Road), Huangpu District


Phone: 021-55968888    电话: 021-55968888

Average Price: CNY400    人均: 400


4Since opened in 2002, Guandii, this Hong Kong club, has been popular among Taiwanese, Hong Kongers, Overseas Chinese and locals. It is one of Shanghai’s hip pop landmarks. Guandii was closed for a while but now it has been reopened. Elegant design, hip pop music, good snacks and smiles on staff’s face are their keys of success. The new Guandii has more feeling through fine decoration. This two storey club has brand new red, blue, pink and purple sofas. The fresh menu also attracts customers including a large selection of wines (50-80 RMB), 30 kinds of champagne and various beers.

Address: Inside Fuxing Park, 2 Gaolan Lu, near Sinan Lu, Huangpu District

地址:皋兰路2号, 复兴公园内,近思南路

Phone: 5383 6020    电话: 5383 6020

Average Price: CNY158    人均: 158

California Club

5Red high chair, red sofa, red back cushion, red light and gaudily dressed men and women bring a mysterious and ambiguous ambiance to California Club. Park 97 has become a synonym of bars in Shanghai. It has also become a symbol of feature and taste of bars. California Club is a part of park 97 where two different restaurants stand outside. If you get to the club early, you can find a sofa, get a drink, chat with friends, or just enjoy gloomy voice of Louis Amstrong. Around 11pm, guests gather gradually, foreigners in majority. Loving dancing and music become the same reason to visit there. House DJ is Daiya Kobayashi, playing Hip-hop usually.

Address: Fuxin Park, NO.2, Gaolan Road (close to Sinan Road), Huangpu District


Phone: 021-53832328    电话: 021-53832328

Average Price: CNY100-199    人均: 100-199

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