Do You Know the Special Wonderful Sauna Service in Dubai?

In Dubai, there are more and more people like to go to a Sauna center to enjoy a special massage service, in this city, you may find it is not very difficult to find a sauna center, which offer the service you are looking for especially for the men, a massage service in a sauna center will be available between AED100 to AED800 for one hour, it based on what kind of service you choose,

girl-in-saunaSometimes you will read about some special service in a sauna center in Dubai, but you will not know what you have to expect when you book that, the following I will explain some of most popular massage services which you can find in a sauna center in Dubai:

1. Nuru Massage (Body Slight Massage)

The nuru massage comes from Japan, but comes popular all over the world over the last years. While you are on a air mattress,  the girl will use a gel called “nuru” (japanese for “slippery”) to rub your entire body with her sexy body. the gel is transparent, extremely slippery, don`t smell and also tasteless (made of a deep seaweed), so nothing will disturb you to enjoy the body to body feeling.

In Dubai, a Nuru massage is available for example in:

1. Zaitoon Wellness Spa(Sauna)

2. Kung Fu Relaxation Center

2. Red Rope (helicopter service)

imagesIf you get the red rope service in a Sauna, the girl will take some red bands (this is where the name come from) and fix them on the ceiling, than she first will take a seat inside, than turn around and hang over while she serve you with her mouth. most fun is, she will thrill in the band, than suck you and release the band, than turn around automatically, while she still keep in contact with you and same time you will have a great view to her body.

3. Full Service Massage

A “full service “is usually used for a call girl who can provide the escort service or erotic massage service, this kind of massage service is a combination of internal and external stimulation that aims to heighten senses and alertness, at the same time, intensifying one’s sexual arousal. The massage therapists will focus on stimulating your erogenous zones, Some of these zones include the ears, the head, the upper and lower back, the ankles, tummy, and thighs.

In Dubai, What kind of sauna center can more easily to attract people to visit?

1. Service Quality: this includes the quality of the service, attitude and comfort level of the massage technician and the attitude of the staff service.

2. Time: Totally 100 minutes will be the best time

3. Price: the cheaper, the better, this is the view of the most customer.

4. Appearance of the Girl: the more beautiful, the better, if the price is low, but the girl is very ugly, it will be a terrible experience, no man would like that. So the face and figure of the girl is very important.

5. Environment of the Place: it is a subordinate aspect, not many people like to care this, but, the clean and nice environment can more easily make people comfortable.

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