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TS Life and the Recommendation of Shemale Escort in Dubai

In Dubai, the transsexualism culture cannot be accepted by most of the local people. Shemale or ladyboy in Dubai are usually treated unfairly due to the Islamic culture. Jen Janice (shemale), a Program Manager for a multinational based in the Netherlands,  was held at the Dubai airport on her way back to the Netherlands on a business trip. Cases like this happened in Dubai each year. However, despite this serious situation, there are still a large group of Shemale or ladyboys for the high income in a short time. Most of them are escorts offering massage service and leave Dubai when they earn enough money. Continue reading


Dubai Guidance

You should probably read the guidance before traveling to Dubai since the UAE is a Muslim country. The weather, environment and modern facilities here might make you believe that the contemporary and posh city is more like the Miami in the Middle East, but please keep in mind that the inhabitants here are of religious beliefs.

When going to a new country, you have to know who are the inhabitants here and respect their culture. Different from Saudi, the UAE has chosen to loose its borderline, tolerating entertainment, leisure and products such as nightclub, sex, alcohol, and even pork. All these things are available in the country not because the inhabitants here are totally cool with them, they are not restricted because they make a greater stability and make the life of those expats who are not Muslims a little bit easier. As long as they are within a certain limit and do no bother the life of families and Muslims, those entertainments, leisure and products are available. Another reason is that the existence of these can prevent the development of the black market for alcohol, pork and others.

You might have read about people hanging out to have fun or seen some locals sitting in a bar and ordering alcohol, and think it is agreed by others. The truth is they are just a minority in the city. Most educated Muslims here really don’t appreciate or just hate people being drunk in the street, girls wearing revealing clothes and other behaviors. Do not try to challenge them by going to far, because some may tolerate your behaviors while some may not. Make a dramatic scene and you could end up in jail. Once a man was drunk and he was rude to the taxi driver. Guess what, the driver drove him directly to the police station. Most of the locals here have a tendency of tolerating many behaviors, but don’t mistaken the kindness as weakness.

Following are some tips for you to keep in mind.

1. Stay discreet while hanging out. If you are in a wrong place at a wrong time talking badly to a wrong person, it could end up pretty bad.

2. Do not get drunk!

3. Do not criticize Islam, Allah or the Sheikh.

If you follow these tips and have respect for the place you are in, you will have a wonderful causal day.

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