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Considering a Thai Massage for Your Vacation in Dubai

Dubai is a well known cosmopolitan city in Middle East and is also a great spot for holidays, from past a few years, Dubai has witnessed huge changes in terms of rapid development of infrastructure, hospitality sector, tourism, and other commercial activities. Today Dubai has become a famous destination for tourists and businessmen, who come here to relax and enjoy themselves, actually, People usually go to holiday for unwind and split from their busy routine, so in Dubai, besides the malls and beautiful structures something is also well-know, massage in Dubai can be quite well-known.

indexIf you coming to Dubai, then you must go to some massage Spas or centers which offer various massage services, now in Dubai, massage have become very much popular among locals and the tourists. Among all kinds of massage services, Thai massage is more energizing and rigorous than other classic forms of massage.

How About the Thai Massage in Dubai?

In Dubai, Many people say Thai massage is like doing yoga without any work, because the massage lady will use her hands, knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches Muscle compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure are also used during treatment. Thai massage is a great way for stress relief and the way it eliminates tension helping them to feel completely relaxed. It is fast becoming the most popular massage technique offered in Dubai because of its lasting effects.

What Benefits Can You Get From a Thai Massage in Dubai?

During a Thai massage session, you will be fully closed, no oils, A typical Thai massage can be last about 60 minutes to 2 hours long. Many people find that Thai massage has the following benefits:

1. Thai massage can help you to relax yourself and can help you reduces stress.

2. Thai massage can improve circulation and increase energy.

3. Thai massage can increase flexibility and improve range of motion.

Where Can You Get a Thai Massage in Dubai?

indexq1. Body Sky Massage

Body Sky Massage can provide the massage services such as Aromatherapy Massage, Chinese massage, Four Hand Massage, Tuina Massage, Chinese Massage, Thai Massage, Foot Bath, Reflexology, Pedicure, Manicure and others, the Body Sky Massage is situated in the center of Jumeriah Lakes Towers. Featuring nice interior designs and professional therapists, the massage center will chase away your tiredness and stress. Home and hotel services are also available, if you come before 4pm, you can get a 5% discount.

2. Happy Valley (Al Barsha)

Happy Valley is located at The Iridium Building, Umm Suqeim Road – Al Barsha 1 – United Arab Emirates. As one of the branches in Dubai, it enjoys a reputation of great Thai massage in Dubai for its considerate service and the wonderful massage skills of its technicians. You need to make an appointment before you can enjoy the Thai massage.

3. A Massage Parlor in Al Barsha

It is conveniently located in the area of Al Barsha 1, offering both incall and outcall massage services. Thai massage, Korean massage, Japanese massage and other Asian massage are all available here. With one aim to ensure its clients’ satisfaction ,it has different masseuses working in different days all of them are beautiful and skilled in either traditional full body massage. If you want to know the exact address of this massage parlor, you need to call them on person.


Receiving the Sensual Energy by Dubai Tantra Massage

Tantric Massage in Dubai is a ritual of receiving sensual energy. Tantra mainly uses 5 senses along with meditation, breathing, visualizing, mantra and other sources to help people obtain the supreme spiritual liberation. In this massage session, you are given time to explore your body without goals. It is a form of healing touch that helps to circulate your sexual energy around your entire body and this will help you to achieve sustained whole body orgasms. It creates an environment that you can release stress and feel more alive in your body while staying fully present to your sexual energy.

image001 How About the Tantra Massage for the Man?

Tantra massage can take you on a journey, an adventure within you, it is suitable for the man who has:

1. Premature ejaculation and erectile issues.

2. Some inability to climax or going too long that is frustrating and painful to their partner.

Any physical discomfort.

3. Emotional frustration and sexual frustration.

4. Lack of sexual satisfaction and desire to feel connected.

lsIn General, Tantra massage can help the man access the pleasure or expanded orgasm that encompasses all your senses. It will help the man enter into the power of Suspended Orgasm, and let the entire body is fully immersed in Pleasures.

The Tantra Massage for the Woman?

Tantra Massage can help the woman connect the world within, so if the woman wants to:

1. Discover deeper level of her being and know her life purpose.

2. Improve relationship with themselves, it is beyond mind and heart.

3. Reduce the fatigue aches and pain within their body.

4. Regain her femininity and desire

5. Discover what they are unaware of within their bodies and emotions..

6. Spiritual connection.

7. Solve the sexual difficulties or victims of physical or emotional abuse.

8. Their partner no longer finds them desirable.

The Tantra Massage will be the best choice, In Dubai, Tantra Massage can awaken the woman hormones & spiritual and emotional well-being.Her greatest need is to bring all the fractured parts of her body mind spirit and soul together, Tantra Massage for women heals birthing trauma whether her own of that of her children.

6295152666_a38067c499_bThe Benefits of a Tantra Massage in Dubai

1. Tantric Massage can calm your mind, celebrates your lingam, relaxes your spirituality.

2. The Dubai Tantric Massage is considered to have the healing touch which helps in the circulation of sexual energy to the entire as a result you are benefitted with whole body orgasms.

3. Tantric massage can help you get the balance on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Where to Enjoy a Tantra Massage in Dubai?

1. Genuine Tantra Massage

imagesWe can provide the best gorgeous original sensual awakening massages, Ultra tantra kundalini massages, in Dubai massage by our Genuine Tantra Massage therapists, we will use karma sutra love techniques to provide the service and all massage technician are authentically trained, you can also enjoy the amazing body to body massages which you can discover beautiful bliss sublime pleasure in an incredible massage, we have many happy VIP regular clients, we think that everyone is special and we will use the suitable massage to treat the clients like a King which will make them unforgettable.

2. Dubai happy massage center

Massage is the use of massage healer, in the appropriate parts of the body to stimulate the information operations exert influence on the human body neurohumoral adjustment through reflective way, so as to eliminate fatigue, regulate body of information, enhance physical fitness, bodybuilding and senility , and prolong life. Many massage treatments techniques, such as the commonly used surface massage, kneading tank neck Act, cotton friction law, the law back waist, tapping method, pumping limbs shaking method, it gentle movements, the use of flexible, easy to operate, wide range, regardless of gender and age, physical strength, with or without symptoms, may adopt different tactics treatments performed massage.


Some Tips For Choosing the most Suitable Massage Spa in Dubai

Spa-Interior-DesignWith a large number of massage spas coming up in Dubai recent years, many people in Dubai who were never try a body massage are also like to experience this kind of luxury service, Although spa massage treatments are excellent for both body and mind, it still a bit nerve-wrecking for someone who has never tried a spa before, so if it is also your first time to get a spa massage treatment in Dubai, here are some top tips for you, by using these tips, you can easily locate the perfect spa to cater to your pampering needs.

1. What Kind of Services and Treatments Offered in This Spa?

indeaxIt is the most important thing that you need to consider, you need to know which kind of the treatments and services you would like, you can go to their website and look through the services they provide, if you do this step, it will help you save a lot of time, instead of going to the spa and finding out they do not provide the massage service that you like.

2. You Need to Know the Prices of the Service, Do Not Beyond your Budget

In Dubai, there are actually not every spa has the same price, so it’s important that you check out their prices when you are planning to try one, if you do this, it can help you to figure out one which can fit into your budget. You must never deal with a spa which you find costly, so you need to search for a spa that you can afford.

3. Where is the Spa Located?

indexWhen you choose a Spa, you may need to know how near a specific spa is to your location. When you make sure that there is the type of services and treatments you like, then you can also consider the convenience of going to the spa, it can help you to save a lot of time.

4. Find Out Some Reviews of the Spa You Would Like to Go

If you want to make sure that you have found the best spa in Dubai that can be suitable for you, then you need to find out some reviews that other people have written about it, through this, it is possible for you to find either positive or negative feedback which other individuals have left, then make the final decision by depending on the unsolicited reviews that you have read.

Enjoy a Spa massage can help you to rejuvenate your mind and body after a busy day, I think people can go for a massage once every month, sometimes it is not just a beauty treatment, it also improve blood circulation and have added health benefits.


Having a Indonesia Javanese Massage in a Luxury Dubai Spa

What is a Javanese Massage Provided in Dubai?

Javanese Massage therapy draws the inspiration from the century-old massage tradition among the Javanese Royalties, which has been the main treatment for maintaining their health and well-being, This kind of massage will use a rougher massage technique that can cause the patient to feel pain, it focuses on a certain area of the body that has muscle or joint pain, In most cases, herbal oils are used during a Javanese massage, which enhances the massage therapy.

How About the Javanese Massage Technique Provided in Dubai?

1313054843307The Javanese massage technique in Dubai is used for relieving pain rather than relaxing the patient, the technique requires the use of the whole hand, including knuckles, to give a patient the full Javanese massage experience, it also requires the use of deep thumb pressure to help relieve muscle and joint pain, and it is considered a rougher massage that can be painful. However, Javanese massages are meant to relieve pain, so pain can occur during the massage to help appease the pain, in general, for people who want to relieve more serious body pains, a Javanese massage is really the best choice for yourself.

The Massage Spas Where You can Have to Chance to Try a Javanese Massage

imagesThere are many high end massage Spas in Dubai can offer authentic Javanese Massage for the whole family, executives, sportsmen, young and elderly, in these Saps, there are generally many skillful and experienced male and female massage therapists whom have attended intensive training to offer you a Blissful Javanese Massage that will melt away your stress, fatigue, aches and pains under their practiced hands, the Spa will also provide a various choice of Massage Lotion Cream and Traditional Herbal Ointment for your individual need.

1. Armani/SPA

Armani/SPA provides personalized services to every customers, creating a sensory experience to meet the different needs of individuals. Guests can discuss their needs with Armani Lifestyle Manager. Featuring modern interior decorations and comforting objects, the Armani/SPA offers services such as facial rejuvenation, body warp, deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, and other deep relaxing services. Appointments are required.

2. Spa at the Jebel Ali Golf Resort

The Spa at the Jebel Ali Golf Resort is luxurious featuring first-class wellness facility. Our experienced spa therapists offer a menu of more than 40 innovative facial and body treatments which are designed to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. There are 10 treatment rooms, a specialized Hammam scrub room, spacious changing facilities, a ladies majlis, relaxation lounge, spa boutique and an extensive wet area with a jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and invigorating showers in our Spa.

3. Awazen Spa

Awazen Spa is an innovative spa that helps you reconnect with your mind, body and soul. Providing services such as Shaitsu Massage, Oriental Thai Massage, Reflexology, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massaage, Lymphatic Drainage, Neck And Shoulder Massage, Cellulite Treatment, Body Slimming Treatment, De-Stress Massage, Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy, Mommy Treatments, facial treatments and others, the place is aim at giving you glowing skin, happiness and halos. Come to the serene place and enjoy a better lifestyle.


Enjoy a Satisfying Sensual Massage-Lingam Massage in Dubai

Currently in Dubai, there are many massage centers or agencies offering sensual massage services to provide a fulfilling and memorable adult massage experience for their clients. Generally, the sensual massage is the expertise of the massage girls in those top massage centers in Dubai, they can definitely give you more than what you ask for it, in Dubai, the Lingam massage is widely accepted as one of the most satisfying sensual massage techniques, many people may not know that the Sanskrit word for the male sexual organ is Lingam and is freely translated as the “Wall of Light.”

The Purpose of the Lingam Massage Provided in Dubai

4. Lingam Massage by tantra-mandala.deThe purpose of the Lingam massage is to allow the person to relax and enjoy expanded pleasure. It can be an excellent way for a couple to build trust and intimacy and can help men emotionally heal from negative sexual conditioning and trauma. The massage focuses on the Lingam, testicles, perineum and sacred spot and it is very sensual, in general, the massage ladies who can provide the Lingam massage are usually escort girls whose main job duty is to provide pleasure and entertainment to male clients. Giving you a satisfying massage is just one of the many things that they can do for you. A Lingam massage is the ultimate surrender as men can feel more pleasure in one session than in their whole lives.

How to Provide the Lingam Massage in Dubai?

01. At first, this kind of sensual massage should be given in a nicely warm massage rooms with some light music.

2. Before starting the massage, you may need to have a shower with the massage girl, then take your position on a massage bed or couch.

3. The massage girl will start the massage on the client’s back, head and hips, then slowly move down exciting every inch of the body including the neck, chest, nipples, stomach, legs thighs and eventually, the Lingam.

4. Before the Lingam can be massaged, the legs should be apart allowing the Lingam to be clearly visible, the shaft is gently massaged with alternating hands, pressure and speeds, the area around the Lingam is simultaneously and randomly massaged.

5. At last, a small indentation between the testicles and the anus can be massaged. A small push is given to relax and please the area.

The Lingam Massage Provided by the Escort Massage Girls in Dubai

1. Miss Mitchell

1390803215288Hello, everyone, I’m a very tall and sexy blond massage escort lady in Dubai, I will be your lover, top masseuse, I’m very beautiful and looks very young, I’m able to do all round services for the gentlemen. I ‘m also a Specialist for the Tantra Massage which is amazing and erotic, I can provide my special service at romantic candlelight atmosphere, there is wellness-spa music surrounded. You will be amazed with my massage Skills for lingam, prostate and I can also provide Russian massage. So if you are interested in what I can provide, just give me a call now.

2. Elisa Venus

1425735949768Welcome to my world at where I would like to invite only decisive gentlemen to enjoy my pictures and info about me. My name is Elisa from Italy. I’ll be available in Dubai for in or outcall, One hour of heaven with me costs no much. If you decide to meet me, I can congratulate you the perfect choice. Appointment is necessary for all gentlemen.


Enjoy the Most Popular Body Treatment in Dubai–Body Scrub Massage

The body scrub massage in Dubai is a very popular body treatment, there are many local resident like to enjoy this kind of body enjoyment, they think that it is an invigorating treatment, it exfoliates and hydrates your skin, leaving it smooth and soft. Actually a body scrub massage service is related to our skin based treatment the skin is rubbed briskly with home based option are used salt to produce indulge themselves, it is as important to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate the skin on your body.

626-01367384How to Provide the Body Scrub Massage in Dubai?

In Dubai, as one of the most popular body treatment, it usually takes place in a wet room, which has a tile floor and a drain, the body scrub massage is an exfoliating treatment that takes place on a massage table covered with a sheet and a large, thin piece of plastic. This kind of massage treatment is done with an abrasive material like salt, sugar, coffee grounds, rice bran and even usually mixed with some kind of massage oil and an aromatic essential oil.

imagesDuring the session, the massage therapist rubs a mixture of sea salt, oil, and aromatics like lemon into your skin. They will gently rubbing the exfoliant on your back, the backs of your arms, and the backs of your legs and feet. This exfoliates the skin and leaves it feeling velvety soft. Once every part of your body is scrubbed, wait about ten or fifteen minutes, you shower it all off without soap, the therapist will put clean sheets on the treatment table while you’re showering and step into the room again. You dry off and lie face-down on the treatment table underneath a sheet or towel. Then the therapist will leave a nice coating of oil on your body, actually, it’s really a good idea to get your scrub before a full body massage.

The Benefits of the Body Scrub Massage in Dubai

index1. The Body Scrub Massage can remove dead skin and properly flow of blood cells improving skin and clarity.

2. This kind of treatment stimulates the functions every part of the skin.

3. It also stimulates circulation in the proper time and detoxifies.

4. It can help to increase the better fitness allowing the skin to breathe better.

5. It can make skin softer and smoother.

Where you can enjoy the Body Scrub Massage in Dubai?

Some Dubai spas will offer the body scrub massage services and they designed and consider it as their signature massage treatment. It is a full body exfoliation treatment that is gentle enough for sensitive skin and won leave the skin dry.

1. Dreamworks Spa

x1384744586349.jpg.pagespeed.ic.AS2gwypZTvThis beauty spa is located in Marina cascades in Dubai, , when you step into the Spa, you can leave your daily tensions behind, release stress by activating your body’s natural relaxation response through the distressing Balinese massage. The massage therapists in this Spa are highly trained, the service attitude is really very nice and professional, the massage skill is also very professional and makes people feel very comfortable.

2. Magic Touch

1384843841875This Spa is located in Deira, the environment od this Spa is very nice, comfortable and clean, you can find many massage service provided in this Spa such as Aroma massage, Sport massage, medical massage, Body Scrub Massage and so on, the massage is both available for men and women, the massage session is about 60 minutes,You can experience a relaxing massage from professionally trained and exotic female Moroccan,

3. Mist Spa(Jumeira Branch)

1390540915903Well-versed in the muscle-mending methods and ache-averting approaches through a gamut of techniques, the expert soothers of Mist Spa will gladly provide clients needed relief and escape from stress and tension bequeathed by the daily grind. Offering a variety of treatments and massage services designed to comfort and relieve muscle, nerve and body tension, this high-end villa spa is an ideal refuge for worn out.


Experience an Awesome Foot Massage Session in Dubai

Dubai is just one of the most popular tourists’ locations all over the world, The modern city always offers an awesome life style for its people, during your holiday time in Dubai, you will definitely love this city, it will give you an unforgettable experience, you can enjoy its striking seashores, endless deserts, excellent shopping centers and there are also a considerable amount of pleasurable things you can do such as water snowboarding, Bungee jumping and enjoy a wonderful massage. This is why an overpowering variety of people from all over the world coming to Dubai for enjoyment.

imagesLooking for a Splendid Foot Massage in Dubai Massage Center or Spas

Nowadays, there are many alternative ways available that can help the visitors enjoy themselves, in Dubai, there are quite a few spas or massage centers out there that can give you a soothing and splendid foot massage, getting a foot massage in Dubai could be a luxury, but you can also find some natural efficient foot massage places which can be a nice idea you need to consider trying.

images2How Does It Work and What is It Good For?

The Dubai foot massage is one form of massage that comes from an very old Chinese method and is based on the concept that there are nerve endings on the bottom of the feet that communicate to all of the organs of the body such as the liver, kidney or spleen, a professional foot massage is the remedy for tired and aching feet, so when you finished a foot massage session, you will feel fully relaxed, Professional foot massages can provide good equilibrium, comfortable feet, stronger back, and lack of tension, if you are willing to get a professional foot massage in Dubai, you may need to find a professional massage at first because a professional massage therapists will know how to provide you the most effective foot massage.

How about the Benefits of a Foot Massage in Dubai?

images1Here are some reasons why you must indulge in a good foot massage during your trip in Dubai:

1. A foot massage can help you to prevent foot and ankle injuries during your holiday time in Dubai, massaging the feet can help with joint pain and aid recovery after an injury, as well as reduce muscle soreness, a short foot massage session will ensure that you minimize the risk of injury, a strengthened and flexible ankle and foot ensures that we can avoid unpleasant injuries.

2. A foot massage can help to improved blood circulation and cleansing, the blood that circulates through the body is responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrition to the body’s cells. The blood also cleanses waste and toxins from the body. Because blood flow becomes limited when stress is present, foot massage can be beneficial as it decreases stress and allows the circulation of blood to flow unimpeded.

3. A good foot massage in Dubai can also improve your mental and emotional state. Most of those who seek out a foot massage are looking for relaxation and stress relief. With less stress in your life, your chance of heart disease drops considerably.

images54. I n Dubai, a foot massage can also help you to protect nail and toe, it is a great way to avoid painful foot, toe and nail problems. Using a moisturizing massage cream can prevent dry, cracked, painful heels that can lead to fissures and infections, it can also help avoid the onset of thick, yellow or calloused skin and nail problems.

Above all, when you are visiting in Dubai, trying a foot massage in advance will be an nice suggestion, A foot massage enhances lubrication and circulation, and helps draw toxins to the surface for release. Not just this, a foot massage can also help to keep our feet strong and provide more flexibility.




Enjoy a Relaxing & Rejuvenating Massage at Garden Green Therapy Center Through Group Purchasing

The Garden Green Therapy Center which is located in Al Barsha is a famous TCM Therapy Center, it provides both male and female clients an optimum Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments. There are many massage treatments provided in this massage therapy center such as Acupuncture Treatments, cupping and Hejama, Hopi-ear candling and so on, you can enjoy all of these various treatment in this centre. Most massage therapists in this center are from China and the Philippines and they are all very professional at their own service field.


Why Do We Choose Garden Green Therapy Center?

1. There are convenient location & warm ambiance.

2. There are fully trained & professional massage therapists.

3. The massage can revitalize the body and relieve stress, increase blood circulation & reduce chronic pain.

4. There is Free parking place.


Group Buying Options:

1. 1 hour Swedish Massage or Hot Oil Massage for 69 AED.

2. 45 minutes (Swedish Massage or Hot Oil Massage) + 30 minutes (foot Reflexology or Cupping massage) for 79 AED.

3. 1 hour Swedish Massage or Hot Oil Massage for 2 persons for 130 AED.

4. 45 minutes (Swedish Massage or Hot Oil Massage) + 30 minutes (foot Reflexology or Cupping massage) for 2 persons for 150 AED.


All Treatments in Garden Green Therapy Center:

1. Head, Shoulder & Back Traditional Chinese Therapy

2. Sports Therapy/Deep Tissue Therapy

3. Cupping & Hejama

4. Korean Therapy

5. Hot Oil Therapy

6. Hot Stone Therapy

7. Swedish Therapy

8. Thai Therapy

9. Hot Ginger Therapy

10. Essential Oil Treatment

11. Foot reflexology

12. Acupuncture Treatments

13. Hopi-Ear Candling

14. 4 Hand Massage Therapy

Buying Conditions

1. Valid for Men & Women.

2. Not valid with any other offer.

3. Valid for all Holidays.

4. Valid For: Saturday-Thursday 10:00am – 8:00pm.

5. 24 hours advanced booking required.

6. Booking is subject to availability.

7. 24 hour cancellation requirement before the booked session, otherwise the Coupon will be considered as used.

8. Printed voucher must be presented.


5 Payment Methods:

1. Credit/Debit Card

2. PayPal.

3. Cash On Delivery (COD)

4. Bank Deposit and Cash Deposit

5. Pay at home


Buying the ticket on the Internet here:



Getting the Comfortable Moroccan Bath & Massage at Gallery Beauty Salon and Spa Through Group Purchasing

Gallery Salon is dedicated to provide quality beauty, health massage and well-being. the Staffs in this shop are fully trained in the new techniques and latest products. The Salon is specializing for Professionals Facial, colouring and cutting the hair of western guest, local’s residents including work with both film & television personalities and The Royal Highness’ family. you can also enjoy both full body massage service and Moroccan Bath at here.


Why Do We Choose Gallery Beauty Salon and Spa?

1. There is convenient location & warm ambiance.

2. There are fully trained & professional massage therapists.

3. The massage services can revitalize the body and relieve stress, increase blood circulation & reduce chronic pain.

4. There is large free parkingplace.


Buying Conditions

1. Valid for Men & Women.

2. Not valid with any other offer.

3. Valid for all Holidays.

4. Valid For: Every day Saturday-Thursday 10:00am – 9:00pm. Friday 4:00pm – 9:00pm.

5. 24 hours advanced booking required.

Natural Skincare Products

6. Booking is subject to availability.

7. 24 hour cancellation requirement before the booked session, otherwise the Coupon will be considered as used.

8. Buy unlimited vouchers for yourself, friends and family.

9. Printed voucher must be presented.


Group Buying Options:

Option 1: Moroccan Bath + Loofah Scrub + Facial Scrub + Hair Treatment + Blow dry for women or Gel application for men for 119 AED.

Option 2: 1 hour Body Massage + Moroccan Bath + Loofah Scrub + Facial Scrub + Hair Treatment + Blow dry for women or Gel application for men for 179 AED.


5 Different Payment Methods:

1. Credit/Debit Card. (C.C.)

2. PayPal.

3. Cash On Delivery (COD)

4. Bank Deposit and Cash Deposit

5. Pay-At-Home


Buying the ticket on the Internet here:



Some Relaxing Health and Beauty Spa Shops in and around The Dubai Mall

Located in the heart of Downtown Dubai, The Dubai Mall, also known as the home of the Dubai shopping festival, is one of the world’s largest shopping malls in UAE. With a total internal area of 5.9 million square feet, The Dubai Mall has 3.77 million square feet of gross leasable space and over 1200 shops, including Galeries Lafayette and Bloomingdale’s and over 200 food and beverage outlets. Here provides an array of exciting leisure activities and the most advanced shopping experience. A range of adventure sports are waiting for your participation. Besides shopping and activities, The Dubai Mall is also a good relaxing place with a variety of health and beauty shops. Here is a list of some good spa shops in and around the Dubai Mall. Continue reading