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Do You Know the Special Wonderful Sauna Service in Dubai?

In Dubai, there are more and more people like to go to a Sauna center to enjoy a special massage service, in this city, you may find it is not very difficult to find a sauna center, which offer the service you are looking for especially for the men, a massage service in a sauna center will be available between AED100 to AED800 for one hour, it based on what kind of service you choose,

girl-in-saunaSometimes you will read about some special service in a sauna center in Dubai, but you will not know what you have to expect when you book that, the following I will explain some of most popular massage services which you can find in a sauna center in Dubai:

1. Nuru Massage (Body Slight Massage)

The nuru massage comes from Japan, but comes popular all over the world over the last years. While you are on a air mattress,  the girl will use a gel called “nuru” (japanese for “slippery”) to rub your entire body with her sexy body. the gel is transparent, extremely slippery, don`t smell and also tasteless (made of a deep seaweed), so nothing will disturb you to enjoy the body to body feeling.

In Dubai, a Nuru massage is available for example in:

1. Zaitoon Wellness Spa(Sauna)

2. Kung Fu Relaxation Center

2. Red Rope (helicopter service)

imagesIf you get the red rope service in a Sauna, the girl will take some red bands (this is where the name come from) and fix them on the ceiling, than she first will take a seat inside, than turn around and hang over while she serve you with her mouth. most fun is, she will thrill in the band, than suck you and release the band, than turn around automatically, while she still keep in contact with you and same time you will have a great view to her body.

3. Full Service Massage

A “full service “is usually used for a call girl who can provide the escort service or erotic massage service, this kind of massage service is a combination of internal and external stimulation that aims to heighten senses and alertness, at the same time, intensifying one’s sexual arousal. The massage therapists will focus on stimulating your erogenous zones, Some of these zones include the ears, the head, the upper and lower back, the ankles, tummy, and thighs.

In Dubai, What kind of sauna center can more easily to attract people to visit?

1. Service Quality: this includes the quality of the service, attitude and comfort level of the massage technician and the attitude of the staff service.

2. Time: Totally 100 minutes will be the best time

3. Price: the cheaper, the better, this is the view of the most customer.

4. Appearance of the Girl: the more beautiful, the better, if the price is low, but the girl is very ugly, it will be a terrible experience, no man would like that. So the face and figure of the girl is very important.

5. Environment of the Place: it is a subordinate aspect, not many people like to care this, but, the clean and nice environment can more easily make people comfortable.


Something You Need to Know About Incall Massage Services in Dubai

The incall massage in Dubai means the people need to go to the massage lady’s private place to enjoy a special massage , the incall massage girls in Dubai can give you the most special services during your trip in Dubai, It is not hard to find an incall massage lady whom you can be with at any time of the day and any day of the week, but when you are planning to look for an incall massage girl, you may need to make sure that she can bring you comfort throughout the time together and make sure that she really have the special massage skills to make some of your fantasies can come true.

sg_health_beauty.121073.1Actually, it is not very easy to find a really nice incall massage girl in Dubai, if you have not enough experience, you’d better pay more money to choose a massage place, sauna center to enjoy some special services you like which can help you reduce your loss. However, if you still like to choose an incall massage girl during your trip in Dubai, I think the following items may help you a lot.

1. If the girl tells you that service first, payment second, then you can have a try, but, when you ask for getting a shower together and she tells you she has washed herself, then you can consider the facility of her service. If she rejects to take a shower together, what other services can you expect from her in the following period? And also, that shows she pays no attention to her hygiene, then, would you still have any other desires?

images2. If the massage lady tells you that she can provide many different kinds of special services, do not believe that. Most incall massage girls almost only can provide a normal massage service and then ML(make love).

3. The photos on the website are usually very beautiful and sexy, Most photos of these girls look like some famous actress or stars, do you believe that or can you believe that? Absolutely “No”, if you believe, you can go, then you will be stricken.

In most countries, incall service is the most concealed prostitution, so in Dubai, if you aren’t in the position to receive someone and willing to be safer, you can go to a massage center or just try an outcall massage which you can ask the massage girl to come to your place, actually, it will be safer for the traveler, in Dubai, most massage club are registered and probably officially licensed, instead, an incall location is not registered, So actually you just don’t know what you are dealing with, hope you can have a nice experience!



Enjoy a Chinese Massage During Your Trip in Dubai

If you are planning to spend some time alone with peace and luxury, no doubt Dubai is the best destination you can have a try. In this city you will find every fantasy to cheer and gives you all pleasures and relaxation you have been looking for. In Dubai, enjoying a massage will be an essential event for both man and woman. If you are feeling the pressures of stress and are looking for a safe and effective way to relieve it, try a Chinese massage for stress relief. While a Chinese massage is always relaxing and can provide lasting stress relief, rather than just temporary relaxation.

What is Called Chinese Massage?

indexChinese massage Chinese massage is the name for a family of massage therapies practiced within traditional Chinese medicine, it is closely related to acupuncture in its use of the meridian system and is considered to be effective for a similar range of health problems. It is an effective and comprehensive massage therapy and is one of the fundamental arts of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

What are the Benefits of Chinese Massage?

1. Chinese massage therapy provides pain relief from sore and injured muscles.

2. The massage techniques also help produce a calm and relaxing mood. It is a great way for people to rejuvenate and soothe themselves psychologically from stress.

tuina13. It can boost immunity and prevent the body from developing degenerative diseases.

4. Chinese massage therapy can enhance muscle repair and recovery. People who are suffering from problems like hypertension, diabetes, muscular diseases and infection can also speed recovery through Chinese massage techniques.

5. This kind of massage is also beneficial for lung problems and heart conditions.


Try a Chinese Massage in Some Massage Spas in Dubai

1. Nihao Health Club and Spa

Nihao Health Club and Spa is a healthcare center located near the Clock Tower in Deira. Offering services such as full body massage, oil massage, aromatherapy, foot massage, back massage and other services. Our well designed treatment rooms will make you feel cozy and comfortable. Our beautiful girls from Chinese and Philipines are professionals in therapeutic massage. Offering good services, we expect feedbacks from you.

2. Kung Fu Relaxation Center

Located in the Al Barsha Business Centre, Kung Fu Relaxation Center is opposite the Centro Hotel. Kung Fu Relaxation Center can be a gift for yourself, your spouse, co-workers, friends and family! Prior Appointment is required at least 24 hours in advance. Kung Fu Relaxation Centre promises you with the perfect treat for your body and mind. A wide variety of luxurious treatments are available for men and women. Service rate: 160 AED for 60 mins. When it’s on discount, One Hour Massage only charges 69 AED.



Enjoy a Unforgettable Gay Massage Experience in Dubai

In Dubai, there are many places where you can enjoy a massage with a male masseur if you are a gentlemen, it is the so-called gay massage ( “massage for men by men”), In Dubai Most gay massage shops have a range of massage boys available who are straight, cute, sexy, muscular, handsome, younger or older to cater for every taste, they will assist and guide you along the way to an unforgettable experience during your trip in Dubai.

462488_130509093654_stdThe Massage Service Provided in a Dubai Gay Massage Spa

The gay massage Spa in Dubai can provide the highest standards in hygiene and customer service with a wide array of treatments and packages geared towards body treatment that are specific to male customer’s needs. Most gay massage boy in Dubai can provide Chinese massage treatment, warm or cool body scrubs with shower service, sports massage, ear candling, eyebrow embroidery, hot stone massage, body waxing and even their specialty manhood therapy, they can provide impeccable service to those who value luxury and privacy in a relaxed, stylish atmosphere, if you have any inconvenience for going to a gay massage Spa, most of them can also provide outcall service to your home or hotel.

Seeking a trained gay masseur in Dubai will be safer, Most trained gay masseur in Dubai can promise that your appointment are safe guarded and your anonymity is 100% completely guaranteed.

518The Process of a Gay Massage Session in Dubai

1. At first, you will be able to shower before your massage appointment.

2. Then you will be led to the bed or table where both you and your masseur will be naked

3. There will be some soft vanilla candles in your room and some essential oils can be used during the massage session, you and your masseur will form a unique connection that we as humans rarely experience.

4. Then, you will experience a full body massage, with pressure tailored to your liking.

5. Once you are relaxed, he will begin a body to body massage or tantric massage or even a sexual massage, each inch of your body will be cared for, no area of your body will be un-touched, after that, you will slowly feel all the stresses and tensions of the day melting away.

6. You will feel very connected to your masseur and totally in his hands, he will place his body on top of yours, gliding from side to side using his muscles to make you feel love and peace and intense pleasure.

viewimage_classified.phpThe Average Price of a Gay Massage in Dubai

Average prices for a gay massage in some massage shops typically start at around 150AED for one hour. In addition, customers are also expected to give a “tip” directly to their masseur. Typically it will depend on what kind of massage service the masseur provided and how satisfactorily the services were provided.

The Independent Gay Massage Boy for Gentlemen in Dubai

The following is a list of the massage boy who specifically offering “massage for men by men” services for gay customers.

1. Van

If you are searching for a soothing, relaxing, erotic, and sexy experience in Dubai, look no further. I am Ven, 26 years old from the Philippines who will help you realize your sensual massage dreams! Interested in happy ending experience rather than just pampering? Please contact me on +971507296492 or send me an email at If you are interested in my services, please get back to me to book an appointment. I am on a day off on Saturdays so feel free to let me know at your convenience. I look forward to helping you get relaxed, energized, and happy.

2. Handsome Boy

Hello everybody. My massage services are provided for Expats and Business Travelers, if you are planning a business trip to Dubai. I can provide a personal and sensual massage experience for my clients. We can start out with a massage and have a casual conversation. I will work hard to ensure your enjoyment and discretion. I’m the most comprehensive massage boy. I will offer the higher level of attention that is possible in order to meet your individual requests. Call me:0508438136


Just Try the Splendid Dubai Massage for Your Holiday Time

Dubai is a well known city in Middle East. During your visit in Dubai, When it comes to feeling as relaxed and happy as possible, there are a few things that you can do in order to get to be that way. images4Actually, there are more and more guys like to enjoy their wonderful vacation along beach side with a lovely sexy girl and enjoy her massage service after a dinner, in Dubai, you can enjoy a wide range of massages that will allow you to let go of all of your worries, there are many reasons why you should make a booking for a Dubai relaxing massage by some lovely massage girls.

indexWith a number of different massage Spas appeared in Dubai, there are some people who become perplexed when looking for the most ideal spa for them, most people like to go to a spa where they can get their money worth out of the services they’ve indulged in, actually, it is not very difficult, In Dubai, you can easily get the massage Spas for your delight, the massage girls in these Spa are so sensuous that make you feel the best pleasure you have been looking for yet.

imagesYou can get various types of massage from the Dubai massage Spa if you choose the right one, like Swedish massage, Indian massage, Thai massage, Chinese massage, full body massage and so on, if you also choose a right massage girl, your nightlife in Dubai will be very attractive, the massage girl will be sure to cheer your with utmost pleasure at every step. It is sure you won’t be disappointed.

images3It is a known fact that Dubai massage service is going to make your vacation in this city splendid in more ways than one. The truth is that you can enjoy a massage that can be done at a massage spa, one that can be done at home by an independent out call massage girls, It is your choice. Just have a nice day!




Getting the Best Outcall Massage By a Terrific Massage Girl in Dubai

Are you interested in outcall massage in Dubai? I think your answer must be “yes”, in general, the best thing about that Dubai outcall massage service is the way your sensual parts of the body are aroused and you feel quite strong and comfortable, so, if you find yourself in this part of the world you are closer than ever to having the fun you have been dreaming of. imagesIn Dubai, getting a full relaxation will not be a dream, so when you are visiting in this nice city, you will find that a growing number of people are interested in getting an outcall massage for their enjoyment.

Outcall massage in Dubai has become an essential part of existence to keep your body and mind in perfect balance, there are many massage agencies in Dubai are known for providing their VIP clients all what they need and this is one of the leading of their success. Finding outcall massage girl from a massage agency in a foreign city may not be a very difficult proposition especially in Dubai, maybe you do not know the language, culture, and traditions of this country. images1But, you do not have to worry about such things, the Dubai massage agencies have many well-qualified massage girls to help you and guide you through any delicate or sensitive massage session.

Actually, the best way to find these outcall massage agencies is with the help of internet, you know, it will be also the easiest way to find an ideal massage girl who may be very sexy and beautiful, through the websites, you can even have a look on their profile when you hire them online. Their services are best that you will not be disappointed when you see them, you will be allowed to enjoy any kinds of massage services when they come to your place, following are some outcall massage you can enjoy provided by some Dubai massage agency, just for your reference!

1. Filipina Pinay Girls Massage

x1384844344108.jpg.pagespeed.ic.vr76nqlXQqHello, gentlemen, If you are truly interested in a quality massage from someone who are pretty, passionate, out-going and professional, you can choose us, we can provide the Filipina Pinay girls who are willing to provide you the real special outcall massage, so if you are looking for good and unmatched services when you are visiting in Dubai, you can call MS. LENY at the phone, we would be very pleased to receive your call and you will not be disappointed when you see us, Give me a call and let’s see how much fun we can have together.

2. Sexy Girls Provide Sandwich Massage

Hello, gentlemen, we can offer very special Sandwich Massage by two playful, free spirited and very sensual girls, you can tell them what you like, they will try their best to serve for you, they are willing to play with you and much more, so if you are interested in this special service, just give us a contact.

x1384937787381.jpg.pagespeed.ic.aGUKh-fxZY3. Arab Escort Massage Dubai

Arab Escort Dubai are truly dedicated in their service and never leave their customers unsatisfied, it is known for the wellness and escort massage services, if you would like to enjoy a massage escort girl from Dubai, you can choose us, we can provide you very glamorous and sexy ladies. It is quite obvious that you want to get accompanies by a genuine and sexy female, we can easily understand your feeling and read your mind which is why we can deliver you the best kind of service in Dubai. Get fully excited and have the feeling of utmost fun.





Just Enjoy Your Happy Time in Dubai

Dubai is beautiful and rich capital city blessed by abundant places of interest and a vibrant urban atmosphere, it is really a great place to live or to visit. So, whether your stay in Dubai for a business trip or a fantastic vacation, just try some interesting things which may bring you an unforgettable experience.

u=2045321971,1106651701&fm=23&gp=0If you haven’t tried the massage during your trip in Dubai yet, I have to say, you are missing so much. You can forget about other interesting things and just focus your sights to Dubai massage services, you will surely find those massage girls seductive enough to give you whatever your heart desires, Massage in Dubai is provided by an abundant number of independent massage girls, massage shops, and an ever increasing number of Day Spas, so when you are looking for a special massage service in a street, you may find it is really not very difficult to find a suitable one.

There are many massage places in Dubai can offer happy ending massage these days.  Elite massage girls in Dubai are exceptional in terms of beauty, sensuality, sexiness, and the level of service that they are willing to provide. When choosing these massage girls as a date or partner, they can be sure yourself of a great experience.

indexaaaToady, many people are high on happy ending massage during their trip in Dubai, Why is Happy ending massage so popular in Dubai? During a happy ending massage session, touches need to be intimate, warm and sensual to build up to a crescendo within the individual’s body and bring about utter peace and ultimate relaxation from the session. When concentrating on the person’s sexual points, it is advisable to keep the tempo going and steady at a plateau of feelings before letting them experience the high of the ultimate arousal.Pag

Receiving a massage in Dubai is an experience that people from all walks of life find enjoyable and something they want to repeat over and over again. Whether your goal is to relax and relieve stress with a slow, soothing massage or experience the high of the ultimate arousal with a happy ending massage, those beautiful and sexy girls in Dubai can help you achieve your goals, just try it, you will not disappointed!


How to open blocked sites in UAE(Dubai, Abu Dhabi)

Internet censorship is common in UAE filtering heavily in political area and selectively in security area. Examined by the TRA, also called Telecom Regulatory Authority who decides what is allowed and what is not in UAE. However, the censorship is less strict than China and Iran, and is mostly focusing on pornography, dating, gambling or things that against the moral values of the UAE, and all Israeli domains are banned as well. Nowadays, the censorship policy has been broadened, Twitter and Facebook were claimed out of the control on 07 June, 2012.

Nevertheless, quite a good deal of websites are blocked such as Wikipedia, skype and many other VOIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) websites, there still has a way to make it work via a VPN, which can simply access your private over Internet and just need a local IP. The following part of the article will introduce some great VPNS in details to help you surf the Internet on mobile devices.


Free VPNs:


Though entering into the market not for long, TorVPN greatly outstands itself for the avoidance of Internet fliters, anonymous on the Internet and high security of online security.

2. VPNBook

VPNBook was designed  latest technologies  to help bypass government censorship with quite good speeds, striving to offer you free and secure PPTP and OpenVPN service.

Paid VPNs:


Run its own data centers, VyprVPN offers you excellent speed between 160-bit to 256-bit without usage logs. Connect up to 2 devices at once is really amazing! And it will cost you $6.67 per month.


StrongVPN has been providing services for 19 years, and its huge success attributes to the good software and great speed, it charges you $7 per month and will not log any data.


PureVPN was founded a few years ago based in HK, it has excellent software and offers addresses in almost all countries. The price is 7.95 per month and is quite reasonable.

As Mentioned above, the TRA strictly crack down the Internet information involving sex, racism, hate crimes and terrorism, especially the escort websites, and after they realized that those sites will be directly accessible to the public, they blocked them. Once you want to view a sexual site in Dubai, the filtering software will start working and keep you free from this kind of information.


However, escorts are not completely disappear in Dubai as those agencies and girls have moved their business to Twitter and Facebook. Most girls skipped working in streets and just join the social networks to continue and expand their business.  But if there have any crimes involved in Facebook, the Electronic Crimes will get into investigation.  And content that is pornographic or contains nudity are forbidden in Facebook. But Twitter haven’t take any action to control the content.


The Situation of Local Girls in Dubai

Dubai, a city in UAE(united Arab Emirates), is now a global city in the Middle East, even in the world. The city has become symbolic for its skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, such as the world’s tallest Burj Khalifa, in addition to ambitious development projects including man-made islands, hotels, and some of the largest shopping malls.

Until 2005, 17% of the population of the emirate was made up of Arab UAE nationals, with the 下载rest comprising expatriates. The population of the emirate was 1,771,000 as of 2009, which included 1,370,000 males and 401,000 females.

It’s fair to say that despite the massive modern advancements that Dubai embodies, Emiratis are very traditional people. Local Dubai girls shares the dead gorgeous Arabic beauty with tall and straight nose, deep-set eyes, most of them are tall and curvy, throwing off the special amorous feelings.

It has served to show us that Dubai is a Muslim state, it is strict in its moral and ethical code, it has very different laws, especially for women. Dubai is a conservative Arabic country and there are many rules which women should observe, and once you broke the rules, you will get severely punishment.


For local Arabic women, when they are staying outside, they must cover most of the body, whichimages means from head to toe, The traditional black overgarment ( abaya) is ankle length with long sleeves and a high neckline, and the hair is covered. This aims to protect them from unwanted attention and potential attack. The police will stop those who has her head uncovered and direct her to cover her hair immediately.

While a home, if they are not going to have any guests, most women in Dubai prefer western dress, particularly younger women.

Rape Victim

In Dubai, women are still belong to amblyopia groups, if she reports being raped, she will be sentenced to over a year in prison for the reason “engaging in extramarital relations.”, the society consider it her fault for “seducing” a man. And till now, there is no legal provision to protect women from this.

Women’s Rights

The role of women in Dubai has advanced greatly in recent years, and the women’s rights in UAE has been the leader in Arabic world.

A growing number of women are in the public and private sector workforce and women are also allowed to serve in the Dubai military. In Dubai women are eligible to vote and hold public office,下载 (1) with the government setting aside certain seats for female representation.They can also have social connections with men and do not need permission from a male guardian for anything.


Though they haven’t own a higher social status in Dubai, it doesn’t obstruct them from gaining a good education, and most of them are well-educated. According to Dubai Women’s College, 50-60% of its 2,300 students proceed to seek employment upon graduation.


The marriage in Dubai has been wreathed in mystery for a long time,  premarital sex is not allowed and once they get married, woman almost become the private property and other men are not permitted to see her face. She should be faithful to her husband and pay much attention to the contact with other men. And if a woman married a foreigner, she won’t enjoy the welfare anymore.



A Guidance for BDSM Service in Dubai

What is BDSMimages_副本

BDSM is the most original and crazy sexual games ever by using kinds of sex toys to create the situations like dominance and submission, role play, restraint and other mutual dynamics. It will bring extreme happiness and satisfaction to participants if you are totally engaged in. It is the deepest desire of human beings for a total different sex experience.

The Types of Relationships in BDSM Service

1.Play: BDSM practitioners sometimes regard the practice of BDSM in their sex life as role playing and so often use the terms “Play” and “Playing” to describe activities where in their roles, and is often called a “session”.images (1)

2. Professional services: A professional dominatrix or professional dominant, offers services encompassing the range of bondage, discipline, and dominance in exchange for money. Such professional services might not include sexual intercourse, and may or may not include masturbation or ejaculation of semen by other means.

You must enjoy BDSM safely

Though some people are crazy for the excitement BDSM brings them, it is actually danger to a certain extent, so you must be very careful about it. You must talk to your partner before you start and get the common view about how hard and rough you are going through. And the most important part is, don’t take it too seriously, you should always remember that it is a game, not reality, so once you find something wrong, stop it timely.

Where to enjoy BDSM Service in Dubai

In Dubai, such a  free country, there are many Dubai escort offer BDSM service, if you want to have a wild and extreme exciting experience there, I’d like to introduce some of them to you.

2013-01-17-13-58-31-2Black Mistress Madame Caramel

Tel: 971 556795335

I am a mature lady with a fanaticism about BDSM and fetishism. My special services concludes a full game of S&M, bondage, discipline, domination and submission. I will lead this wild game for you, don’t be shy, I know how to light you up very well. I am a wild, sexy and sensual lady who is ready to bring you to an intimate world, kinds of sex toys are here waiting for you. If you long to give up control to another then, call me, your professional mistress is horny for you.

Panama Mistress Ivian

Tel: 971553797203pg_2049421752

Don’t imagine it anymore, your sexy real MISTRESS Ivian is gonna make all your fantasies come true. I am well-trained to provide you with the ultimate domination satisfaction, specializing in both light and hard, just tell me what you want and how you feel, I will try to please you. I am real, and only give you the real enjoyment, not those on dreams. What are you waiting for, call me for the wildest games.

mistress-jessica-in-dubai-escort-in-dubai-17917_listingBDSM Dominarix Jessica

Tel: 971567714905

I am a hot mistress who is willing to offer you domination and I enjoy it a lot. I am also a well-manned, delicate and entertaining lady, in a word, I have a dual personality and can easily change the mood.  I love wearing kinds of costumes to give you an extremely exciting experience, body worship and mild domination are my specialities, but I also love to explore unusual fetishes and strange cravings. I respect your sexual fantasies and hope to make them come true, hoping to hearing from you soon. I will be in Dubai in March or May,2014.

Mistress Silkegerman-mistress-silke-german-escort-in-dubai-44368_listing

Tel: 971507809058

Hello, gentlemen, Miss Silke is here and ready to dominate your world. I am a German escort in Dubai now, mature, experienced, well-educated and discreet. Foot fetish & Domination & Golden Shower & Scat and more, and I am able to take you to the edge and rock your world totally. I like using PVC,Leather, Rubber outfits, Boots, Heels and lot of toys to create more excitement for us. I am well equipped to indulge in most fantasies.

capture_副本Dominatrix Dinah

Tel: 31 621274947/971505177251

I am Dinah, an exquisite lady with years of experience as  a Mistress and is able to give you a fantastic session, which will definitely drive you crazy and take you to heaven. I am open-minded, eager to play many wild games with you, including humiliation, role play, bondage, breath control, body worship and so on. I adore my job and consider myself as an artist of dominatrix, if you are seeking some BDSM services, just ring me.

Mistress Stefaniestefanie1_副本_副本

Tel: 971557504609

I am an international Mistress in Dubai, sensual and strong, owning the natural talent to please you and lead you to a new world. Can you imagine how wild I am, combing beauty and power together, love combination and keen on it. let me live out your desires and release your  inner self. I am busy and able to travel around Europe, USA, and Middle East, call me if you are interested.

300851_291165000899453_669504056_nMistress Victoria Lash Slave


Hello, gentlemen, I am Mistress Victoria Lash Slave, I love travelling and now I am in Dubai to give you the REAL mistress experience. I believe I was born to be worship, knowing who I am and what I want. Having years of dancing experience, my legs are beautiful like you see from my photos. I have open mind in BDSM games, and you will definitely exerience the most sensual and exciting moments here, domination, fetish, golden showers, nipple torture, breath control and other games are available.

Dubai Mistress Anita573a5ae2011f084b84464a8ed865ebd3_副本


I am Mistress Anita in Dubai, I am a 28-year-old young lady originated from Belgium. I can provide you with the most beautiful feet that you can imagine. Once you tried, I am without a shadow of a doubt the most gorgeous Mistress you have ever seen ! I am a true professional with a sharp, creative mind and aim to bring out your deepest desires.

936178_138837226301876_1837429232_nMalaysian Mistress Miya

I am Mistress Miya who owns dungeon and only dungeon in Dubai, I can provide the most professional and exciting BDSM sessions in Dubai, I am so glad to lead you to my world of domination and submission. I am open-minded and easy-going, welcome both male and female beginners or professional slaves to join these wild games with me.

Dubai Mistress Reaa__33__副本

Tel: 97156 769 77 13

Welcome to my crazy world of BDSM. I am a dubai mistress Rea, able to offer you kinds of sex games. My place is well-equipped with all toys to create to domination atmosphere for you, I will treat you the way you wish and release you away from the stressful daily life. I am a blonde beauty with a charming face and killing figure. I adore adult games and is trying to give you the real BDSM service all the time.


4_副本Mistress Eva Marie

Tel: 971 567542391

I am an English Mistress Eva Marie visiting Dubai now. I adore role play and BDSM games, able to fulfill all your fantasies. I am glad to wear uniforms like denial secretary, or sexy police woman, just feel free to tell me what you want. If you have a desire about BDSM, I will make them come true, I am not such a strict Mistress, I am the embodiment of beauty with sweet face and dead sexy body, you can enjoy the real satisfaction from me.


Mistress Kiana4_副本

Tel: 0529422612

I am an ebony Mistress Kiana, I am a seductive and erotic pricess who adores BDSM games and hope you can enjoy it with me. I want to lead a journey which is full of adventures and excitement, exploring your deepest desires and fantasies are always my goal. If you can take time with me, I will bring you into the cruel but sweet world of domination. I am an athletic lady with physique body and likes doing sports, trust me, I can be your guide to the erotic dominate world.