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The Prostitution in Dubai

Dubai, a city only covers an area of 1500 square miles and sits 52 feet above sea level, is the gateway to Asia, also described as the Las Vegas of the Middle East. In this city, you can find skyscrapers, beautiful natural scene, advanced technologies and the prostitutes. If you have no idea of the prostitution in Dubai, never mind, let’s come into the world of prostitutes in Dubai together.  Continue reading


A Brief Explanation of Dubai Massage 050 Ads

Many people are confused about the phone number of massage ads in Dubai starting with 050, such as “dubai massage full body massage 050-6398319″, “pretty girl. massage 050 5359943 I will give very reasonable rates” and “Massage In Dubai 050 2829611 - Dubai” etc. They do not know what need to be put in front of the number to call it. Here, we are going to make a brief introduction of Dubai phone number.

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TS Life and the Recommendation of Shemale Escort in Dubai

In Dubai, the transsexualism culture cannot be accepted by most of the local people. Shemale or ladyboy in Dubai are usually treated unfairly due to the Islamic culture. Jen Janice (shemale), a Program Manager for a multinational based in the Netherlands,  was held at the Dubai airport on her way back to the Netherlands on a business trip. Cases like this happened in Dubai each year. However, despite this serious situation, there are still a large group of Shemale or ladyboys for the high income in a short time. Most of them are escorts offering massage service and leave Dubai when they earn enough money. Continue reading