Eating Hot Pot in winter days

Hot pot restaurants are very popular in winter days. Same to fondue cooking, hot pot is a big pot filled with broth, and diners cook the meats and vegetables they choose in it. Hot pot is the great place for family and friends gathering.
Here are a few recommendations of reputable hot pot restaurants for you.

Haidilao Hot Pot Restaurant
haidilaoWith more than 15 branches in Beijing, Haidilao provides authentic Sichuan hot pot. Guests can order dishes with both full and half portions, which is perfect for smaller groups. The most pleasant thing in Haidilao is its free services because it offers free ice water, fruit salad, melon seeds, tea, nail care, shoe-shining, internet-surfing and gaming while you are waiting for your seat. Haidilao also offers eye-glasses wipes, hot towels and aprons while you are dining. Remember to ask for the Lalamian which involves an energetic waiter pulling noodles.

Sanlitun Branch
Address: 2A Baijiazhuang Lu (next to No. 80 Middle School), Sanlitun, Chaoyang District
Opening Hour: Daily 10am-11pm
Tel: 6595 2982
Price per person: Y100-Y199

Koufuju hot pot restaurant
koufujuKoufuju is a typical Beijing hot pot restaurant with independent small pots for each diner. Opened in 1985, the restaurant has attracted lots of customers with its mutton, sugar garlic and seasoning. Koufuju is also known for its strong old Beijing flavor and various broths. Those who enjoy spicy flavor will definitely love this place.

Address: Universade Village Apartments, No.29 Zhichun Lu, Haidian District
Opening Hour: Daily 11:00am-10:30pm
Tel: 8235 5888
Price per person: Y100

Chongqing Kongliang Hot Pot
kongliangWith all the ingredients delivered from down south, Kongliang Hot Pot serves the most authentic Chongqing hot pot in the city. Their famous eel while tucking into a variety of fresh meats and vegetables is absolutely delicious, if you are more adventurous, you can try the pig brains. This place is definitely the paradise for spicy food lovers. Lots of spice-hungry crowds come here, especially on weekends.

Address: 218, Dongzhimen Neidajie, Chaoyang District
Opening Hour: Daily 10am-3.30am
Tel: 8404 4906
Price per person: Y100

Ningmeng Yezi (lemon leaves)
lemon leafOpened by Taiwan pop singer and TV star Wu Qilong, Ningmeng Yezi is a Thai style restaurant serving hot pot and fried dishes. The broths and the dippin’ sauce have different spicy and tangy Thai options. Among 6 broths, 3 are highly recommended, the curry broth, spicy and sour broth and the legendary Benz broth. With tasteful and modern designs, Ningmeng Yezi creates an unique and exotic experience for customers.

Address: No.15 Xiaoyunlu, Chaoyang District
Opening Hour: Daily 10am-11pm
Tel: 6462-5505
Price per person: Y100-Y199

Longshunyuan Spicy Pot 
longshunyuanHot pot at Longshunyuan is quite different from other places because it doesn’t have much broth as an ordinary hot pot. Diners can put the things they like into the drier pot to fry. You should definitely try the combination of bamboo shoots, luncheon meats, broad vermicelli and dried beancurd sticks, as well as their famous Doupi, Fuzhu and spicy crabs. There are 7 levels of spicy flavors for diners to choose.

Asian Games’ Village store location: east of Beichen Shopping Center
Tel: 010-64810510
Opening Hour: Daily 10am-11pm
Price per person: Y62

Airport store location: No.2, Capital Airport South Road, suburb of Beijing
Tel: 010-64573581
Opening Hour: Daily 10am-11pm
Price per person: Y62

Tomato hot pot restaurant
tomatoAs the name implies, the hotpot of the restaurant is all about the sweet flavor of tomatoes. The broths here are made from tomatoes and other ingredients, stewed together for 24 hours. With meat and vegetables complimenting the broth, there’s really no need for extra dipping sauce. There are private rooms available for parties and gatherings.

Chaoyang Branch
Address: 8 Xinyuanxili Zhongjie, Chaoyang District
Opening Hour: Daily 10am-11pm
Tel: 6461 2345
Price per person: Y60

Haidian Branch
Address: No.2 Dahuisilu, Haidian District
Tel: 010-62189567

Chansixian Shige (tempting gods restaurant)
chansixianLocated in the Chongwen district, this place is a little hard to find. The highlight of the restaurant is that the food is cooked in the porridge. The menu includes rabbit, turtle, frog and the highly recommended wild mountain chicken, and the signature dishes include smashed fish meat, smashed shrimp meat and smashed chicken.

Address: Building 907, Guanghelu exit, Dongerhuan, East side of Guanghe Lu, Chongwen district
Opening Hour: Daily 11am-11pm
Tel: 6770 2288

Taipo Tianfu Shanzhen Jiulou
taipo1Taipo Tianfu Shanzhen Jiulou is one the first few restaurants which sell mushroom hot pot. The broth here is a black- bone chicken soup with 32 different kinds of mushrooms. You can add more ingredients, such as lamb, beef, lotus root, spinach or more mushrooms, to make it better. Red bitter deer blood tea is available after the meal.

Address: Building Jia No.19, southern end of Erqi Juchanglu, Fuxingmenwai, Xicheng District
Opening Hour: Daily 11am-11am
Tel: 68019641
Price per person: Y120- Y140
Metro: Muxidi (112, exit B1)

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