Eight Tips for Purchasing a House in Suzhou

With the wave of rising prices, buying a house in Suzhou has become a problem which needs cautious consideration. Even if a little bit of negligence will distress hidden dangers in your later life. Then, what should buyers pay attention to when considering to purchase a house? There are eight suggestions for those house purchasers.

1. Insisting on  accumulating richly and breaking forth vastly  

76For example, if you have the financial resources to buy a house with three rooms now, you’d better buy one with two rooms. A house with three rooms is more suitable for you if you have the finance to purchase four rooms.  The reason lies in that current house market not only is in a state of high price, but also has some unpredictable risks, such as the increasing interest. Perhaps that you have a perfect plan about the incomes and outcomes of each month when buying a house. However, you will feel stressed when the house loan increases. In addition, possessing some spare money can assist you to solve the household spending problems more effectively.

2. Paying attention to the surrounding living environment

77 If there is a park near your house, you can breathe in the fresh air every day and exercise in the park every morning, evening or weekends. A family with old people or children is more likely to need such living environment. Generally speaking, a house with a park nearby usually costs more than a common one. Therefore, whether you choose the park property or not should take your personal financial abilities into consideration.

783. Paying attention to the surrounding living groups

Now it is quite popular way of buying a house to check who your neighbors are which are also called the social circles by the developers. Selecting good neighbors, you need to have a general idea about their incomes and personalities. If your neighbors are rich and have much leisure time, you will feel no sense of achievement. If your neighbors do not have the financial abilities to pay the house loans, you may  hear endless quarrels of them for their financial problems. Hence, it is significant to learn about your neighbors before you purchase a new house in Suzhou.

794. Checking the pre-sale license

According to the relevant provisions of the “sales of commercial property management approach”, sellers must comply with the relevant conditions and possess the pre-sale license if they want to sell the commercial houses. House purchasers must check the sellers’ pre-sale licenses to ensure the legitimacy of their houses.


5. Being prudent to pay the deposit

80In general, most sales brochures have the lists of items which the owners have to pay. However, the purchasers had better to ask the developers or sales agent for a  written list of what they need to pay. Reading the written list carefully and considering the rationality of each charge before you pay a deposit. If there are some items should not be paid and you have paid the deposit, you can try to complain to the consumer association.


6. Checking the house carefully 

81After receiving the notice of checking the house, proprietors should check whether the developers can show them approval qualifications. The most basic qualifications includes firefighting acceptance, completed quality records and planning acceptance. The departments which are responsible for these three items are firefighting department, quality supervision department and planning department. If the purchasers have any questions, they can consult these departments.


7. The property service is very significant

74In a residential area with poor property management, the property and personal safety have no guarantee. Moreover, there are many phenomena of various arbitrary charges, occupying the owners’ public facilities. The owners can learn about these poor residential areas from newspapers, televisions and other mass media. All the poor residential areas which have been exposed by the media should be ruled out when purchasing a house.


8. Trying to avoid the investing zone

75The residential areas where investors gather together usually have relatively large foam economy or overdraft. Besides, this kind of residential areas usually have a low rate of residing which results in poor equipment and property. Living there is quite inconvenient and lonely.  Therefore, purchasers ought to learn more to avoid this kind of problems.


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