Enjoy a Relaxed Massage in Shanghai Hao Di Fang Massage

Haodifang Massage is a professional chained massage shops in Shanghai which provide the leisure and professional foot bath, massage health care and so on. The environment of this massage shop is very good and the service is also very professional. The Chinese Name of this Massage Shop Chain is called 好地方, the English translation would be “good place”. And this is also what we think about it. They also have different shops all over Shanghai and offer a wide range of service, but like all of this Shanghai Happy Ending Massage Parlors, you can never be 100% sure what you get, because every special service only depends on the girl. But at least a oil massage happy ending is included in the RMB 218 Service.

The different massage technicians in this shop will give the people different feeling, because in the execution service, they will have very big difference, but they can all let a person feel unforgettable, they will according to the historical data compiled some outstanding massage technicians for your reference (especially when you met unsatisfied technicians).

The Price of Hao Di Fang Massage Shop:

1. 48 RMB legit 60 minutes food massage.

2. 118 RMB for a 60 min professional body Massage 

3. 148 RMB for a 60 min Massage with stockings and costumes

4. 188 RMB for a 80 min Massage with ???

5. 218 RMB for a 90 min Massage with handjob happy ending

The Main Service in Hao Di Fang Massage

1. Classic projects—Foot Massage/ 48rmb/60 minutes

Full package: Chinese medicine bubble foot, foot massage, body health care.

2. Valued Service– general hydraulic / 118 RMB/60 minutes

Feeling: professional, exquisite, skilled and fully beyond imagination

3. Characteristic project–figured stepped back 148RMB/ 60 minutes

Special experience: a variety of uniforms, sexy stockings, their skirts foot care

4. Exclusive service–imperial bucket bath/218rmb/ 218 minutes

Large buckets: warm-up, decompression, relax! Professional technicians provide you all the services.

The following are some branches of Hao Di Fang Massage:

1. Hao Di Fang Massage(Changyang Road Road)

Location: Yang Pu District, Chang Yang Road No. 1665

Phone: 021-65199991

2. Hao Di Fang Massage (Heng Feng Road)

Location: Zha Bei District, Heng Feng Road No. 100

Phone: 021-61234777

3. Hao Di Fang Massage (Bao Ding Road)

Location: Hong Kou District, Bao Ding Road No. 257

Phone: 021-61533337

4. Hao Di Fang Massage (Shui Dian Road)

Location: Hong Kou District, Shui Dian Road No. 180

Phone: 021-61533567

5. Hao Di Fang Massage (Gong Kang Road)

Location: Bao Shan District, Gong Kang Road No. 555, 4th floor

Phone: 021-61559567

6. Hao Di Fang Massage (Pu Dian Road)

Location: Pu Dong District, Xin Qu Pu Dian Road No. 57, 4th floor

Phone: 021-60516251

7. Hao Di Fang Massage (Zhang Yang Road)

Location: Pu Dong District, Zhang Yang Road No. 628, 2th floor

Phone: 021-61536163

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