Enjoy Foot Fetish Service in Dubai

What is Foot Fetish?

Foot fetish, also named as foot partialism, foot worship, and podophilia, is a sexual interest in feet, it is the most common form of sexual fetishism, the participants will get mutual satisfaction from this. It can be separated into two parts, the sexual one, and non-sexual one. The sexual fetish will achieve sexual arousal even seeing or touching the feet, and the non-sexual one is the pure appreciation for foot, just like how you feel when seeing other attractive parts of a body.

How to Enjoy Foot Fetish?

Foot fetish is the most common way of sexual crush, and there are five ways for you to play out.

1. Foot Massage

Giving or receiving a foot massage is an obvious reminder that he or she is foot fetish friendly. Foot massage can awaken the most sensitive parts of you by touching your toes and spreading he toes simultaneously with four fingers can be quite exciting.

2. Toe Sucking, aka Shrimping

Toe sucking is actually wildely adopted in for foot fetishist by sucking on toes to get sexual satisfaction. Most of them like well-pedicured toes, clean and beautiful, but be careful not to bite too hard or scrape off any toe nail polish.

3. Trampling

Trampling gives people a chance to enjoy being walked all over, they like imaging laying at gorgeous feet pretending to be a doormat. They might want to be a little bug under strong powerful feet, able to smash and smoosh them into the floor. This can play out with fruit, foods or other small breakable items crushed against the floor or body.


Tickling is an important part of foot fetish whether you are ticklish or not, you can all enjoy a lot from this. The deepest desires may be aroused and one or two spots that make you jump will be found, which is a quite interesting way.

5. Dirty Feet

Someone are extremely crazy about sweaty or stinky feet which have the intense aroma, and this aroma is a great stimulation for some foot fetish, they will be excited and reach a full satisfaction, but others are not keen on it.

Who can Provide you with foot Fetish Service in Dubai?


Tel:971 509537725

Hello, guys, I am Olivia, a 26-year-old sexy polish girl in Dubai to give you erotic services. I am a foot fetish friendly lady, domination is available too. I can also pamper you to melt away your tiredness.I am skillful and will lead you to a new world of sexual intimate full of satisfaction, if you are a foot worship guy, I am your perfect girl, ensuring to meet all your demands, call me soon, let’s start the party!

mistress-victoria-lash-escort-in-doha-45324_originalMistress Victoria


youtube vedio

I am Victoria Lash, a Dubai Mistress with beautiful feet to die for. I am a real Mistress who knows how to please you, trust me, foot is fetish is my speciality and I won’t disappoint you. I am wild, naughty and adventurous, knowing all the secret games to light you up, you don’t need to fee shy, i can give you the real enjoyment of foot fetish.

Mistress Anita573a5ae2011f084b84464a8ed865ebd3_副本-225x300

E-mail: misstress-antina@hotmail.com

youtube vedio

I am Mistress Anita in Dubai, I am a 28-year-old young lady originated from Belgium. I can provide you with the most beautiful feet that you can imagine. Once you tried, I am without a shadow of a doubt the most gorgeous Mistress you have ever seen ! I am a true professional with a sharp, creative mind and aim to bring out your deepest desires.



Tel: 97156 789 13 82

Hello sweeties, my name is Crystal, a sexy hot German girl. I am feminine , curvy and natural busty. I can provide unrushed and open-minded incall services with lots of fun in Dubai.I have the biggest collection of erotic toys in dubai and love to use them for your 100 % pleasure. My legs are long and beautiful, waiting for your worship. Please do not loose your chance to have the ultimate experience with me. I will be in Dubai FROM 10 JANUARY 2014.

Sexy Mistress NakitaAAB 2

Tel: 971567862420

Hello, I am a sexy Mistress in Dubai, my name is Nakita who loves to expressing happiness and joy to all my clients, my favorite part is to show the real satisfaction to you. I specialize in body&foot fetish, sensual erotic domination with a collection of sex toys. I am a energetic lady, and likes taking new challenges, hoping to let you experience the real erotic world, call me for more information.

capture_副本Elite Mistress Camilla

E-mail: mistress-camilla@hotmail.com

Hello, everyone, welcome to my world of female domination. I am a mistress born in Italy, I am open-minded and is always ready for adventures and i love to lead to explore it. I have the gift to awaken your deepest desires, willing to show you new and exciting things. foot fetish is my speciality, if you have a crush on it, I can totally satisfy you.


Milf Monika1387258754787_副本

Tel: 971 502043003

Hello babes, My name is Monika. I am a milf from Turkey. I am 29 years old and have experience of all kinds of sex. I promise you only need to try me once and then you will not choose other types. I am lovely and sexy, and all my pics here are real. I do full sex services (any sex in your mind), just tell me in phone what do you like and please don’t shame. I have beautiful long legs which will definitely make your fantasies come true, once you try my superb foot fetish service, you will totally love me.

1387427895960Dominatrix Dinah

Tel: 31 621274947/971505177251

youtube vedio

I am Dinah, an exquisite lady with years of experience as  a Mistress and is able to give you a fantastic session, which will definitely drive you crazy and take you to heaven. I am open-minded, eager to play many wild games with you, including humiliation, role play, bondage, breath control, body worship and so on. I adore my job and consider myself as an artist of dominatrix, if you are seeking some BDSM services, just ring me.




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