Enjoy the Relaxing Massage Service at Ganzhi Blindman Massage via Group Purchasing

Massage Parlor: Ganzhi Blindman Massage (click here and you will get the contact information and detailed address)

Ganzhi Blindman Massage is a famous massage chain with branches locating in business centers. It has been offering healthcare massage services with caring, warm and professional attitudes. Now, it has developed into a multifunctional leisure club with massage, Tuina, foot bath, beauty spa and sauna. It aims to provide job opportunities for blind person, hoping to lead them experience the true meaning of making work pay.


Here is the Group Purchasing Link: http://t.dianping.com/deal/2252945

Now, the special healthcare massage package only cost 49.9RM(the original price is 246RMB), it offers you a chance to experience the professional massage sessions, A-level service and is definitely a place to get you rejuvenated.

Group Purchasing Details:
Either-or Packages
A(60mins): Aromatherapy Milk Foot Bath(40mins)+ Special Cervical Vertebra Massage(20mins)
B(60mins): Full Body Massage(30mins)+ Cervical Vertebra Massage(10mins)+ Shoulder Massage(10mins)+ Head Massage(10mins)

Useful Informations:
Service Time: From 2014-0402 to 2014-07-31 and you should come before 16:00.
Booking Time:At least 4hours in advance
Usage Rules: It should be used by one person, and is not allowed to be used with other coupons. If you need the coupon invoice, please raise it up.

Service Informations:

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