Enjoying the Home Service Massage in Dubai

It is a good news that there are many massage agencies in Dubai which offer a  wide range of massage home service. Imaging that you just need to make a phone call and technicians will knock on your door later, and the only thing you need to do then is inviting them in and beginning to enjoy their excellent service, that would be the best time of your day.

However, massage agencies in Dubai can be classified  into two categories, certified massage agencies and shady massage agencies which can be dangerous. Hence, how much do you know about the home massage services in Dubai? We are going to talk about it.

Present situation

3321131541If you live in Dubai, each morning you may find there are many massage center cards on your doorstep or car windshields. Most of them contain offensive images of scantily-clad women. Are these massage centers real? Of course not. If you call the numbers on the cards, these “massage centers” would tell you they can conveniently provide home massage service to you.

“Massage centers do not promote themselves by using pictures of barely-dressed women, because if a person wants to get a massage they look for a qualified masseuse, not an attractive one.” A resident in Greens said.

Besides, the address of real massage centers usually contains a great local turn of phrase in describing its location. The working time usually can’t be till be 3 a.m as that was the time for sleeping instead of massage.

UAE law on the promoting of such home services

3182981841According to Colonel Jamal Al Jallaf, Deputy Director of the General Department of Criminal Investigation at Dubai Police, UAE law regards ads that contain nude pictures of women and their telephone numbers are illegal. Police in Dubai coordinates with the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) combat such activities, especially since the DED is aware of exactly which are licensed massage centers.

The danger and influence of these home service or named as “massage centers”

crime_2612009The massage centers offering outcall or home service can be dangerous. Inviting them to your home may lead to a crime in the end such as theft and even murder.

Colonel Jamal Al Jallaf gave the example of a Yemeni businessman who was murdered by somebody who visited him in his home for giving massage service.

Additionally, these cards have seriously influenced the normal life of Dubai citizens. When the parents send their children to school, it is difficult for them to explain to kids about these cards with pornography.

Penalty of these illegal “centers”/home service

The penalty imposed on those centers found violating the norms of the trade and caught indulging in illegal activities will be fined Dh 2,000 for the first time and forced to shut down for a week. If being caught the second time, the fine is increased to Dh 5,000 and the “center” will be forced to close down for two weeks.

How to treat illegal massage home service providers?

Al Jallaf suggested that victims of such crimes and others receiving offers for similar services should inform the police immediately because the police officials deal with these reports very seriously.

If you received these services, you break the law as well for pursuing such activities is a crime as the distribution of cards with nude images is a crime as well.

Police have advised citizens to call Dubai Police on 901 to report these activities, or contact Al Ameen Service on 4004888 or through email at  alameen@eim.ae

Recommendation of Massage Agencies/ Home  Massage Service

Regular Massage Agency

If you do want to relax your fatigue body after a busy day at home, you’d better check the agencies carefully before inviting someone you unknown to your room.  Happyblog is glad here to recommend you some good regular massage agencies in Dubai.

1. Massage Center: Orange Beauty Saloon & Spa

b1This Spa is located in Tecom, a massage center providing professional and high class home service in Dubai. The price is very good and staff are well trained and professional. you will enjoy their full menu services such as massage, facial, waxing and more. This spa aim is to offer excellent service with highly skilled hand- picked therapist along with fantastic prices.  Outcall of this spa is also available. The technicians will bring their own massage bed and tools to your home. It’s super convenient and it’s great value.

Outcall Phone Number: 97144357307

2. Enjoying the Wonderful Home Service from Home Spa Dubai

1383616177697Home Spa Dubai has been aimed to develop a service which combines effect, luxury and quality of treatments in the convenience of client’s own home. Regular massage can bring various benefits. Massage will help you reduce muscle tension, relieve from body pain and improve the whole body wellness. Home Spa Dubai is a professional massage agency in Dubai offering your good massages.

Outcall Phone Number: 9714-4520001

3. Dubai Dream Massage Offering Japanese Massage Home Service

1381816690563Dubai Dream Massage houses professional masseuses from Japan. Featuring well-experienced skills and techniques, the therapists here will bring you to a unique world of relaxation. Offering services such as Japanese oil massage, Japanese loose bone massage, Royal Experience Massage, double massage, prostate massage and others, the Dubai Dream Massage will fulfill your dream.

Outcall Phone Number:97150 7380810

Special Massage Agency

If regular massage agency’s service can not meet your needs, you can try the following massage agencies. The girls of agencies can offer you massage with extras, but this kind of home massage services in Dubai usually charge you more. However, please be careful when these agencies offer special services in your room.

1. VIP Companion— Dubai Male Massage Home Service

1381297490838The agency is about 3 mins’ driving away from the Dubai Grand Hotel. They offer great massage home service with beautiful girls. They houses beautiful escorts and models from Iran, Turkey and Russia. Massage girls are young and experienced. They can offer you services such as full service massage, sensual massage and male massage home service in Dubai except anal. They are available for both incall and outcall services.  You are promised to be satisfied with their service.

Outcall Phone Number: +919680477407

2. High class Filipino Massage Dubai Home Services

1381196417687High-class Filipino massage girls and escort services are now in Dubai available for out-call services only, available anytime, any day! Our Filipino escort devoted to delivering the best massage and escort services to your test. Our escorts are selected on strict criteria, And you will be delighted to know that all our escorts are sexy, charming, lovely, nice, friendly, and are sure to give you the elusive girlfriend experience.

Outcall Phone Number: 971527236428

3. Dubai Thai and Chinese Massage Home Service Online

1380328149847Dubai Massage Online is a professional massage agency that offers 24-hour massage home services in Dubai. Performed by Asian girls, the massage services here include Thai massage, North European massage, Chinese massage, Japan massage, relaxation massage and other services if you have specific requirements. The masseuses here are skilled, professional and beautiful. They can come to your hotel or apartment to ensure you a wonderful time.

Outcall Phone Number: 971 1501549048

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