Enjoying the Luxury Sauna with Cheap Price through Group Purchasing

Now, you get the chance to spend 108 RMB  and enjoy a luxury sauna which is worth 238 RMB. Big Wave Spa & Massage Lounge (Huaming Road) is now offering this Promotion Activity in Guangzhou. You only need to group buying on the Internet and then enjoy the luxury sauna in Big Wave.


What you can enjoy in Big Waves:

1. 24-hour net sauna (steaming + luxury bathing pool)

2. 24-hour luxury buffet (Exquisite dessert + various stir-fries, Japanese and Korean cuisine + nutrition pot, etc.)

3. Gorgeous resting area equipped with HD LCD TVs, HD Movie Theater

4. Free drinks and seasonal fruits

5. Free Wifi

6. Disposable toilet requisites and underwear

7.10% discount off for service fee

PS: the group buying tickets can not be used on Holidays and Festivals.

Buying the ticket on the Internet here: http://t.dianping.com/deal/5250418

Group Purchasing Notification:

1. Period of validity: 2014-02-25 to 2014-04-24

2. No need to make an appointment

3. Usage of ticket: Each ticket only can be used by one person for one time. Showing the ticket to the front desk before you can get into the sauna.

4. Warm Prompt: Consulting available for one day in advance; Parking fee is not included in the ticket.  The ticket only can be used from Monday to Thursday; The ticket is valid for 24 hours after you verified it, if over the time, extra fee is needed.

5. Breakfast time: 7:00-10:00 , lunch time:11:30-13:30,  supper time: 18:30-24:00. Other times: noodles are available.

6. Group Buying ticket can not be used with other coupons at the same time.

Products Pictures:

24-hour luxury buffet

1. seasonal fruits, noodles, vegetables

thumb (1)


thumb (2)

2. Sea Food

thumb (3)


3. Japanese Food

thumb (4)


4. Chinese Cate

thumb (5)


Luxury Equipment

1. Net Sauna



2. Luxury Resting Area

thumb (1)

3. HD Movie Theater

thumb (2)

4. VIP Area

thumb (3)



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