Enjoying the Nightlife in Hong Kong

As an international metropolis, Hong Kong’s nightlife is varied, colorful and  renowned all over the world. During the daytime, Hong Kong is a busy city like other big cities, but when the night falls, it will turn into another world. To  experience the charm of Hong Kong’s nightlife, three things should not be missed, which are visiting Lan Kwai Fong, shopping, and enjoying night scene and delicious food.

1 1. Lan Kwai Fong (兰桂坊)

LAN kwai fong is almost synonymous with Hong Kong nightlife now. It possesses various kinds of restaurants and bars which make LAN kwai fong worthy of the name. Westerners prefer here than local people. Each time when it comes the western holidays, here will be swarming with people and bustling.

LAN kwai fong, a little path paved with cobblestone, lies between the Wyndham Street and D’Aguilar Street. Despite the narrow space,  LAN kwai fong is still celebrated. Attributing to the publicity made by Hong Kong Tourism Board, it has become a tour hotpot in Hong Kong. Not only the foreign beer lovers, but also a large amount of mainland tourists joined the line of visiting LAN kwai fong with the aim of viewing the charm of it.

2. Shopping in Hong Kong

2There is no doubt that Hong Kong is the paradise of shoppers. Various merchandise in the shops are full in eyes which make shoppers dazzling, disoriented and lost in the world of goods. If you are a shopping addict, you must be careful when shopping in Hong Kong. The abundant and charming goods will make you lose control of your mind and shop crazily regardless of the expensive prices which will lead to a dilemma in your later life.

In Hong Kong, the shopping areas mainly gather in Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. To be a qualified shopper, one should pay attention to the places to shop. Shops in the central area of Hong Kong supply the top-level merchandise which are not affordable for common citizen. Causeway Bay is a good place where goods are cheap and with good qualities. Windsor Plaza in the Causeway Bay is one of the stars’ favorite shopping places, so if you are lucky enough, you may meet your idols in Hong Kong.

33. Night scene and delicious food in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s night scene is like a huge pearl reflects the colorful light, blinking on the each window and tall building border the sea in the city. Extraordinary splendor of Christmas decorative pattern, a group of colorful pleasure-boat and the shining stars in the sky add the mysterious color to Hong Kong.

Viewing the beautiful night scene and enjoying the delicious food is one of the features of travelling in Hong Kong.

4Grilled Eel over Rice is highly recommended when you are searching for delicious food in Hong Kong. They are available in Tsim Sha Tsui and Mong Kok and only charges 56 HKD. Cart noodle is another delicious in the local area. It originates from the 1950′s on which Hong Kong’s economy was in its  tough time. Until now, it’s still popular among local people . If you want to taste cart noodle in Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui is a good place to go.


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One thought on “Enjoying the Nightlife in Hong Kong

  1. Fon

    Visiting bars, clubs, restaurants and perhaps theaters is my idea of a great night out. I find it unique that shopping is one of the trending night time activities in Hong Kong. I guess this is because of the colorful and vibrant night life of the city. It must be really cool to go shopping at nightfall in Hong Kong. Thanks for sharing this itinerary tip.


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