Escape –Rock Club in Wanchai, Hong Kong

Now, there are various brand new office buildings and hotels, discos and bars in Wan Chai, but the most popular is always those “olds”, so, Welcome to Escape in Wan Chai. All night and every nights waiting for you in Escape

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Escape is one of the largest bar and disco in Wan Chai with 7,050 sq ft, there are impressive 9 meter long island bar and the glow of the unique, state-of-the-art LED stage back drop display aptly which is called ‘The LED Wall’, the sophisticated and modern design of Escape is the setting for some of the very best in service, entertainment and atmosphere in the area. This will be the best place to be at if you have no company. The place offers live music and friendly local crowd. The ambience is decent with a lively bar in the center of the club. you will see that local women are quite open and are fun to be with in this Bar.

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Entering this Bar, the beautiful girls or handsome boy will entertain you with the live music bands and 10 LCD screens in the bar showing live sporting events and music videos or sit back and relax with ladies and gentlemen, the Bar is also famous for its delicious Thai & Filipino cuisine. The Dj playing house and rock music when the band takes a break . The beer was for about 50 dollards compared to the 90 dollars. The women just try seducing you to enter them but “NEVER ENTER” it is too expensive.

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Nightclubs in Hong Kong are not up to American standards. Some clubs feature top names from the British and Australian nightclub circuits. There are “For Members Only” after hours clubs, but membership is easy to get. The women in Escape who are not necessarily prostitutes but are looking for a transaction of sorts. They will be awfully interested in your conversation mainly because they receive commission on the overpriced drinks that they convince you to buy them in exchange for some chit-chat. Escape has the big male bouncers at the door and thumping techno beats in their underground caverns, customers who venture forth find themselves suddenly the focus of much feminine attention.

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Contact Information:


East Town Building, 64 Jaffe Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.

Chinese Address:



Tel: 2143 6030

Hours: From 6:00 pm and 6:00 am

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