Exciting Nightlife in Houhai Bar Street

Surrounded by Shichahai Lake and Beijing Hutong, Houhai Bar Street is where traditional Chinese and western culture clash can be seen. When the first bar began its business at a Siheyuan in 2000, there are only a dozen of bars in Houhai area. Now it has become a hot spot attracts local people and visitors from various countries. No matter walking along lakeside, shopping in market, riding tricycle in Hutong, or drinking in a stylish and lively bar, you will get excited in this street at night.

1, Houhai 5 Hao后海5

1Houhai 5 Hao is an elegant courtyard renovated from a typical Siheyuan with decoration of traditional Chinese elements. Covering an area of 400 square meters, Houhai 5 Hao can totally contain 200 people to have party together. The bar is a great place to hold a private party or a big company party. The bar offers various wines and buffet food of China, European, Thai cuisines. Nanyang spicy chicken packages, Pear walnut, Green Tea Chicken are recommended. Live music performances of different bands are available in the big courtyard at night. A romantic atmosphere, great cocktails and wines make you enjoy a relaxing night in Houhai 5 Hao.

Address: 5 Houhai beiyan, Shichahai Lake, Xicheng District


Phone: 010-64061900/64061993    电话: 010-64061900/64061993

2, Garret Bar阁楼

2As the name suggests, Garret Bar is a stylish bar with a garret floor. Light is warm and ambiguous. Vintage decoration shows owner’s special design on this bar. The bar is equipped with table football, pool and darts. Seats on the garret floor are more quite and sweet. Garret Bar is a typical musical bar which has a very popular girl band called Xiya with the local crowd. Bar owner is very handsome and he will also sing his heart out on the stage sometimes. The cocktails and beer are fairly priced. It’s a good place to listen to live music while playing billiard games with friends.

Address: 20 Houhainanyan, Shichahai Lake, Xicheng District


Phone: 010-6613 6209    电话: 010-6613 6209

3, Jiadingfang Bar甲丁坊

3Located on the west band of Shichahai Lake, Jiadingfang Bar started its business in a spacious, comfortable space open to the lake. The bar enjoys beautiful natural scenery. With traditional Chinese decoration, the bar shows a cultural fusion of China and western countries. The bar offers an abundant menu of various western and Chinese dishes. Beijing Roast Duck Pizza mixing Italian Pizza and Beijing Roast Duck is the most popular pizza here. A large selection of champagnes and wines, along with mixed drinks are also available here. Large TVs are set indoor and outdoor for sports fans to enjoy games. Besides, great bands host live music shows at night in Jiadingfang Bar.

Address: 9 Lotus Market, 51 West Di’anmen Street, Xicheng District


Phone: 010-83289898    电话: 010-83289898

4, Zoom Club足舞

4Zoom Club is a football theme sports bar as its owner is a big fan of football. If you love football, here is the right place. At Zoom Club, various TV screens broadcast almost all championship games of all sports on the wall. You can enjoy watching games with your friend and enjoy a chat with other football fans. Unique football culture brings reputation to Zoom Club among those bars in Houhai. A beautiful balcony gives a view of wonderful Houhai scenery. Pizza and drinks are reasonable priced, beers for RMB10, cocktails for RMB20.

Address: 2 Qianhai Nanyan, Xicheng District (Near the Post office at Di’anmen Gate), Xicheng District


Phone: 010-64009906    电话: 010-64009906

5, Lotus Blue蓝莲花俱乐部

5Opened in 2003, Lotus Blue was one of the first bars in Houahi Bar Street. Located on the area of Shichahai Lake, Lotus Blue covers an area of three floors. The first floor is right by the lakeside with outdoor seats and indoor stylish decoration. The second floor is resting area with sofas and private rooms. The third floor is an open terrace where is best for enjoying stunning view of Houhai Lake. Lotus Blue is a musical bar and restaurant. You can find international bands playing live music at night. You can find a creative menu of Thai cuisine. You can also taste special cocktails in Lotus Blue. The bar is a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee or beer after a walk along lakeside.

Address: No.1, Xihaidongyan, Xicheng District


Phone: 010-64000168/84020655    电话: 010-64000168/84020655

6, Amber Bar琥珀酒吧

6Amber Bar is next to Silver-Ingot Bridge providing an amazing view of Houhai Lake. As the sun goes down, you can sit near a window to see inverted reflection in water while tasting a cocktail or beer. It is where you can find drinks you want. Though small perfectly formed. Good bands play live music here every night. Design of the bar is oriental style with a ceiling that imitates the famous Dunhuang Grottos. The bar is a small bar in Houhai Bar Street, but its special decoration and good location still attract many young people.

Address: 18, Houhai Nanyan, Xicheng District


Phone: 010-66130844    电话: 010-66130844

7, Zone Bar

7Zone Bar is located on the east side of Houhai area. Its original name is Z-one, but people always misunderstood it as Zone, so later the owner change its name to Zone. Design of the bar is a mixing of classic and stylish, stonewashed yellow sofas, antique furniture, and inlayed stone floor. Ambiance is cozy and tranquil. Since set in Houhaixiyan, it is much quieter than Silver-Ingot Bridge area. If you want to find a bar to have a chat with friends and enjoy the lake night, be sure to make a visit.

Address: 12, Houhai Xiyan, Xicheng District


Phone: 010-84031419    电话: 010-84031419

8, Sex and Da City欲望都市

8Sex and Da City is a typical dance club in Houhai. A dance floor, a widescreen TV, upstairs seating, hip-pop music draw a lively crowd to this lakeside gathering place. Sex and Da City is a good place to enjoy well mixed cocktails, taste fusion tapas and also dance to hit music. You will find an abundant menu of drinks and pub foods. Cocktails here are famous and popular, beautiful color under blue and pink lights. The bar has a patio which is an ideal spot for a cup of Mojito while overlooking Houhai Lake.

Address: 51-5 West Di’anmen Street, Xicheng District


Phone: 010-8322 5096    电话: 010-8322 5096

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