Exploring Lorong 24 Road in Geylang in Singapore

Geylang is the most colorful region in Singapore, you can enjoy the delicious meals, sex, history and vintage charm in this place. Delightful and varied nosh is usually identified right here at unassuming rates. There is also a well-known Road in Geylang called Lorong 24 Street. It is a road with quirky charm and old-world calm amidst the remainder of Geylang, it truly is an spot usually associated with red-light activities.

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In contrast to the adjacent streets, Lorong 24 Road has never had a history of red-light action before. It’s as a substitute household to an eclectic myriad of old and new smaller business, ranging from a standard Chinese medicine store to some nice Café and Bars. This road also homes a variety of outdated Chinese clan associations with vintage signage, as well as a Buddhist library.


Now, Lorong 24 road will be a perfect location for bonk. You’ll be able to find out many Vietnamese, Thai and Indian prostitutes along the lorong 24 road and if you want to get the service from them, they normally charge the price at 25 SGD to 40 SGD. The ladies at the this road are meant to offer you a speedy release, so don’t anticipate any wonderful services. You’ll be lucky to have the gill that will not rush you to finish off. Nonetheless it is actually still doable to have the occasionally gem among the trash if you don’t care sharing the same girl who might have already been bedded by some other peopel earlier.


If you would like to enjoy the high quality service at here, you can choose Vietnamese women for serving for you. In case that you are ready to walk in the street, you are able to find the rare number of the girls with perfect look and model figure. You should know tha the majority of the Vietnamese girls can not perform blowjobs service and a few may not even strip bare citing motive that their outfit is difficult to remove.

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If you’d like to explore Lorong 24 more deeply, you are able to attempt getting into in the main Geylang road. Actually, you could also come across some Thai ladyboys in the junction of Jalan Suka, then flip into it and examine ahead of coming out and continue down Geylang lor 24. Whenever you reach the junction of Jalan molek, usually do not flip at first but rather look into the Vietnamese babes more down the Lorong. Then you definitely turn back and walk down Jalan Molek. Any time you attain the finish of Jalan molek, you are going to recognized that there is a dirty unlit back lane that prospects to Guillemard Road. There will far more ladies to suit your needs to check out.


How to Get There:

Nearest Bus Stop

Bus 2, 13, 21, 26, 40, 51, 67, 853# and NR7

Walking 3 mins from bus stop B81029

Nearest MRT station

It has a five-minute walk away from Aljunied MRT and a ten minute drive to the Central Business District.

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